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What is BALLYA Food and Medicine Test?

BALLYA feed test include 3 types detection methods: Colloidal gold immunochromatography, Immunofluorescence chromatography and ELISA. There are quantitative and qualitative format rapid test, easy to operate, shortern assay time, reliable detection result. The BALLYA feed test frequently use in enterprise, food precessing plant, food supply chain, meat processing factory, food transportation, custom, etc.
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BALLYA Food and Medicine Test for mycotoxin:

MycoSpeed Test Series include:

BALLYA Food and Medicine Test for animal medicine residues:

AniFast Test Series include:

BALLYA Feed Food and Medicine for pesticide residues:

PestQuick Test Series include:

BALLYA Food and Medicine Test for hormone:

HormoCheck Test Series include:

BALLYA Food and Medicine Test for sedative:

SedaCheck Test Series include:

BALLYA Food and MedicineTest for Quality index:

QuaSpeed Test Series include:

BALLYA Feed Test for microorganism assay:

MicroRapid  Test Series include:

BALLYA Feed Test for illegally added:

AdulFast Test Series include:

Why need BALLYA Food and Medicine Test?

The importance of food safety

Food safety is not only related to the health and life safety of thousands of households, but also related to the national economy, people's livelihood and social stability, and is an important measure of people's quality of life and social management level. General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that we should adhere to the strictest standards, the strictest supervision, the strictest punishment, and most serious accountability, strengthen the uniformity and professionalism of food safety supervision, and effectively improve the level and ability of food safety supervision. The report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China pointed out that the implementation of a food safety strategy will allow the people to eat at ease.

The importance of Medicines safety

Medicines are directly related to the health and life safety of the people of Bai, and ensuring the safety of medicines is the greatest livelihood of the people. Drugs are used to prevent, treat, and diagnose human diseases, purposely regulate human physiological functions, and stipulate substances with indications or functions, usage and dosage as a special commodity. The quality and safety of drugs are directly related to people's Health and life.

Main factors affecting food and medicine hygiene and safety

Food and drug safety, in terms of its essential attributes, should include two aspects: natural attributes and social attributes. Natural attributes are the inherent scientific and technological requirements of food and drugs, physical factors, commodity factors, and internal factors. Social attributes are the impact of external human factors of food and drugs on their quality and safety, human factors, external factors, and decisive factors. For a long time, our supervision work has mainly focused on the natural attributes of food and drug safety, and has done a lot of work from the perspective of the government's performance of market supervision around its internal factors such as quality standards and technical specifications. In contrast, from the perspective of the government's implementation of social management, we have not done in-depth research on the social attributes of food and drug safety, and there are not many supervision methods and the effect is not obvious.

Safe food and drugs are produced, and they are inseparable from the high degree of self-discipline of the producers and operators. Supervision can play a certain protective role, but it is more of a supervision and auxiliary role. At this stage, there are many factors that affect my country's food and drug safety, but the human factor is the first. From the analysis of the social attributes of food and drug safety, there are mainly several aspects: first, the professional quality of industry employees is uneven; second, the lack of social integrity of enterprises and employees; third, the mechanism of social governance and sharing has not been established.

The uneven professional quality of employees is an important bottleneck restricting my country's food and drug safety. The status quo of multiple, small, scattered, and low levels of the food and pharmaceutical industry will not change in the short term, and the professional standards, entry barriers, and vocational training of employees lack standardization and management.

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Food and Medicine Test

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    Significance of BALLYA Food and Medicine Test

    As an important technical support for food and medicine test, it works plays a very important role in accurately judging food and drug quality and effectively preventing food and drug quality risks, and is an important technical means to ensure food and drug safety. Strengthening the construction of food and drug test, and comprehensively improving food and drug test capabilities, is of great significance to ensuring food and drug safety.
    The construction of the food and drug test must be based on a comprehensive understanding of the current status of the national food and drug test system, strengthen the top-level design, clarify the function positioning, improve the system, strengthen capacity building, and strive to establish a unified, authoritative and efficient inspection and testing technology support system.


    Food and Medicine test is a very important method for food and medicine manufacturers to monitor the quality of raw materials and finished products. BALLYA Food and Medicine Test provide 8 series rapid test for detection the harmful materials residues in food and medicine.

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