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Water Quality

Water is the source of life, and the quality of drinking water is closely related to human health. The water quality requirements of the food production process are more stringent, monitoring from the source and eliminating pollution.

BALLYA – Water Test suitable for varied water: Drinking water, secondary water supply, well water, groundwater, natural mineral water, domestic sewage, industrial water.

Ready-to-use Culture Medium For Water
Coliform & Thermotolerant Coliforms
E. Coli Culture Medium
Streptococcus Faecium Culture Medium
P. Aeruginosa Culture Medium

Ready-to-use, results as soon as 24 ± 2hours
Easy-to-use and provide accurate, efficient, reliable results
Eliminating cumbsome steps of prepare media, sterilization, tempered

Health industry
Countryside drinking water
Municipal tap water (water treatment, water source, secondary water supply)
Swimming Pool and SPA
Decentralized water supply and inspection

Environmental protection industry
Environmental water bodies (surface water, groundwater, seawater, aquaculture, landscape water, river water)
Sewage discharge (domestic sewage, electroplating sewage)

Industrial Application
Industrial water treatment (boiler water, cooling circulating water, desalinated desalinated water, microbiological testing)

Beverage (natural mineral water, bottled purified water, iron and manganese controlled water, water source water research, dairy product testing)

Food (food processing water, fruit and vegetable cleaning water)

Farming and slaughtering plants
Soil fertility
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