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With the improvement of living standards today, the beverage industry is developing rapidly around the world. A variety of beverages, including milk, yogurt, juice, beer, ready-to-drink tea, carbonated drinks, plant drinks, bottled water, etc, and other types. We should pay more attention to the safety of beverages and ensure the health of consumers. BALLYA – Introduces a variety of microbiological test strips and ready-to-use medium as quality indicator to a wide range of manufacturers.

BALLYA – The count plates, widely use in dairy, beverage, meat processing, water industries. Comparing with Agar method, it’s very simple to use, no need to operate the complex procedures, short the detection time, cost effective, save labor cost.
Aerobic Count Plate
E. Coli Count Plate
Coliform Count Plate
Salmonella Count Plate

Ready-to-use Culture Medium
Ready-to-use, results as soon as 24 ± 2hours
Easy-to-use and provide accurate, efficient, reliable results
Eliminating cumbsome steps of prepare media, sterilization, tempered

Aerobic Culture Medium (PCA)
Coliform Culture Medium (VRBA)
E. Coli Culture Medium (VRBA-MUG)
Yeast & Mold Culture Medium (Rose Bengal)
Yeast & Mold Culture Medium (PDA)
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