Salmonella Count Plate

For various food to detect pathogen bacterias

Storage: room temperature
Shipment: no need to cool
Results: easy to distinguish and count
Easy to use, accurate and easy to calculate

Total number of colonies can be estimated in 16 hours

24 hours to confirm the total number of colonies

Application for industries: dairy products, beverages, baking, bottled water, confectionery, eggs, fruits, vegetables, edible oil, flour, meat, health food, feed, canned food, aquatic products, cosmetics, etc.

1. Save detection time
Unique chromogenic substrate and growth factor, short incubation time, the entire detection process saves 30% – 70% time compared to the traditional method.

2. Eliminating cumbersome processing steps
No need steps of prepare media, weight sample, sterilization, tempered, etc.

3. Reliable results
Over 6 years research, more than 10,000 times evaluation, colonies counting easy, accuracy.

4. Cost effective
High quality with affable price, reduce detection cost, save labor, time and materials fee.

5. Friendly to use, high efficiency
Directly add specimen to the culture layer, easy to operation, no special train.

6. Easy to distinguish the target colonies
Special design, results stable and stay for long storage.

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