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One Step BT Sensor

Betalactam+Tetracycline Combo Test Kit
Beta lactamase Tetracyclines Test Kit

One Step BT Sensor

For Milk, Milk Powder, Pasteurized Milk

Specs:96T / box
Testing Time:7-10 mins
Regulation: CN / EU / RU / US

One Step BT Sensor 
Only insert the strip into the milk sample, just waiting 7 minutes to get reliable results

The operation guideline for ONE STEP BT Sensor download

TwoSensor Kit, rapid to detect two types antibiotics residues in milk and dairy product by using colloidal gold immunochromatography technology. As soon as 7 minutes to results.

For raw milk, whole milk powder, Pasteurized milk.

Not cross-react with macrolides, trimethoprim, sulfonamides drugs, etc.

Limit of Detection
Refer to instruction.

Storage & Shelf-Life
At 2~8℃ out of sunlight, 12 months

Compolents (96T / box)
Instruction 1
Tube 12

Equipments (Option)
Mini Pipette(200μL)
Tips for mini pipette

1. Take 200 μL milk specimen, add drop into micro well.
2. Directly insert strips into the wells
3. Incubate 7 minutes
5. Take out strips and read results by eye or reader.

Visual inspection
1. If C line visible, interpret according to the instruction. T line compare with C line to interpret positive or negative.
2. If C & T are invisible, it’s invalid detection, repeat testing again.

Reader Interpretation
Refer to the instruction

Results Illustration

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