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Pet Healthcare

As a companion animal for human life, pets are an important source of happiness and happy life. In many cases, pets can make people’s lives healthier and better. Communicating with pets is extremely beneficial to the human heart, and it can also alleviate people’s psychological stress. For lonely old people, keeping pets adds a bit of color to their lives and is a good companion for their lives. For children, keeping pets can foster children’s sense of responsibility and love and enhance their social skills. For families Pets can not only protect the family as a guard, but also promote family harmony.

The most common pets are cats and dogs. A survey of people who have kept dogs and cats in life, they also have a relatively good health condition, gradually reduced to see a doctor. It can be seen that keeping pets is very helpful to human health. While paying attention to the health and well-being of human life, the health of pets is also important. The existence of pets today is quite common, and the health of pets is closely related to people’s lives and health.

BALLYA – Provide pets diseases detection kit

For canine disease quantitative test kit
CRP Quantitative Test Kit
CPV Ag Quantitative Test Kit
CPV Ab Quantitative Test Kit
CDV Ag Quantitative Test Kit
CDV Ab Quantitative Test Kit

For cat disease quantitative test kit
fSAA Quantitative Test Kit
FPV Ag Quantitative Test Kit

Pregnancy Series
Canine Pregnancy Test Kit
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