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Founded in 2007, BALLYA is a life sciences enterprise who dedicate to researching biotechnology and development rapid diagnostic tests across multiple industries. BALLYA manufacture lateral flow assay test kit for food safety, animal disease, pet disease and in vitro diagnostic test kit. In 2020, BALLYA fight against SARS-CoV- 2 epidemic and manufacture covid 19 rapid test kit.

History and Milestone

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Company Structure

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R & D Centre

● Standard Laboratory
● 10+ Years’ Experience in Colloidal Gold
● Independent Research Team Of dairy, Toxin, Aquatic and Honey
● 20 + New Projects per Year
● 30 + IVD new products per year
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Production System


Formula Preparation

● Standard laboratory
● Specified Research Teams
● Customers Tracking System

Batch Production

● IS09001
● Dust-free workshop
● Automatic Machines
● Strict Working Instruction
● Production capability million test per month

Quality Control

● Spot Checks
● Accelerated aging test
● Retention sample from    each lot

Sales Network

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●BALLYA Distributors and OEM Partners
●Spread Across 50+ Counties
●80% Regular Customers


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Enterprise Culture

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milk brands
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Certificate Of Honour

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About Product

IVD Test Kit


Food Safety & Animal/Pet Disease Test Kit


Core Technology

Combining with the years’study of colloidal gold immunochromatography technique, and all-round product evaluation, we apply the Micro Well Solution in our flagship products to ensure the product consistency and sensitivity.
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Dairy Antibiotic Rapid Test

Focusing on dairy antibiotic detection and multiple-test kit, Ballya’s strict quality control cover 100 kinds of substances from 10 categories
√ High Efficiency
 √ Perfect Compatible
  √ Excellent Sensitivity
 √ User-friendly
√ Easy Interpretation
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Food Pathogen Testing

food pathogen testing

Mycotoxin Rapid Test Kit

This series is apply for toxin detection in grain, feed raw material and finished feed. And the advantage of high sensitivity, stability, and strong anti-interference ability can ensure the safety of grain and feed.
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● Simple pre-processing
● Get the result within 5mins
● Comply with EU, CN MRL regulations
● Single test on each target sample
● Applicable for laboratory and on-site

Pesticide Residues Rapid Test

Only 10mins, you can detect the pesticide residues in vegetables, fruit, milk and honey to ensure the food safety.
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Egg Antibiotic Rapid Test

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Depending on colloidal gold technique, the egg antibiotic rapid test has the advantage of high sensitivity, high stability, and strong anti-interference ability.

Adulteration Rapid Test


Adulteration rapid test kit is based on colloidal gold technique to detect the adulteration goat milk and milk powder.
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Honey Rapid Test Kit

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Depending on colloidal gold technique, the honey rapid test kit can detect the antibiotic include Furans (4) through one sample pre-processing.

Metabolite Rapid Test Kit


Metabolite rapid test kit can detect the metabolite residues in fish, shrimp, shelffish, chicken, duck, pork, beef meat, goat, etc. allows a simultaneous detection of the Furans and CAP by one sample pre-processing.

Pet Disease & Animal Epidemic

This kit has high sensitivity in detecting the FMD, Brucellosis, Virus Diarrhea of cat, dog, pig and cattle through blood or serum sample.
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