Portable Reader

For antibiotics tests and mycotoxin tests
Results reader11

For Antibiotics Tests and Mycotoxin Tests

Testing Time:5 sec
CV: < 5%
Multiple Languages:English(Russia, France cooming soon)

Results reader3
Results reader7
Results reader6
Results reader5
The Portable Reader

The portable reader is special designed for antibiotics & mycotoxin tests series. It's simple to use, small size, suitable for qualitative and semi-qualitative detection. Widely used for dairy company, supermarket, government department, manufacturer, Customs, etc.

1. 5.5in touch screen, 1280*720
2. Qualitative & Semi-qualitative detection
3. Support multiple T lines dections
4. On-site detection, Vedio recording support
5. WIFI, bluetooth, 4G, RJ45 support
6. GPS available
7. 8G - 16G RAM, and SD card support
8. Data management, remote control, datas upload to cloud
9. Mini printer intergrated
10. Power: 3.7V/10000mAH Lithium Battery
11. Double Camera
12. Sound recroding support
13. CV < 5%
14. Accuracy: 0.5%
15. Multiple languages: English, (Russia & France comming soon)
16. Android System
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