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Handheld Tissue Grinder

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Handheld tissue grinder

Suitable for grinding and crushing of various small samples.

DC battery power supply: 3.7v lithium battery
Rechargeable battery life: 10HR
Dimensions: 155MM*25MM
Body weight: 0.2KG
salmonella plate
E. Coli Count Plate
aerobic count plate
tetracycline plate
Product description:
The hand-held tissue grinder is a small tissue grinder equipped with a rechargeable battery driven by a motor-driven grinding head. It can grind tissue samples in 1.5ml centrifuge tubes to achieve the effect of grinding and mixing, and effectively reduce the loss of samples during the operation. The grinder is small, handheld design, and low power consumption.

Product features:
It can be used with DNA and RNA extraction kits that are common in the market. As small and light as a pipette, it can effectively reduce sample loss. The sample lysate can grind a small amount of protein and tissue particles in a 1.5ml centrifuge tube to achieve the effect of grinding and mixing. Standard plastic grinding pestle, stainless steel grinding pestle can also be purchased separately, the product comes standard with two 3.7V rechargeable batteries, each battery can work continuously for more than 10 hours.

Function Description:
1. Suitable for grinding and crushing of various plant tissues including roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruits, seeds and other samples;
2. Suitable for grinding and crushing of various animal tissues including brain, heart, lung, stomach, liver, thymus, kidney, intestine, lymph node, muscle, bone and other samples;
3. Suitable for grinding and crushing of fungi, bacteria and other samples;
4. It is suitable for grinding and crushing of food and pharmaceutical ingredients;

Technical parameter:
DC battery power supply: 3.7v lithium battery
No-load speed:
MY-10: 8000RPM (small torque), suitable for animals, bacteria, yeast and other tissues;
MY-20: 1800RPM (large torque), suitable for animal, plant and other tissues
Rechargeable battery life: 10HR
Dimensions: 155MM*25MM
Body weight: 0.2KG

Product composition:
Grinder host: 1 piece
Rechargeable battery: 2 pieces
Charging base: 1 piece
Disposable plastic grinding head: 10

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    Trivia questions : Grinder

    What is grinders?

    Grinder function

    A grinder is a device that grinds things. It can grind materials into powder or granules. There are a wide variety of types. They are used in food, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries. It is common equipment.

    Grinder types

    The grinder is a Grinder that grinds the surface of the workpiece with a grinding tool coated or embedded in abrasives. It is mainly used to grind high-precision flat surfaces, inner and outer cylindrical surfaces, conical surfaces, spherical surfaces, threaded surfaces and other profiles in workpieces. The main types of Grinders are disc Grinders, rotary shaft Grinders and various special Grinders.
    Common grinders in daily life include cereal grinders, mini grinders, and various food grinders.

    Grinder for grains

    Grinder for wheat

    Wheat grinders usually undergo high-speed and high-temperature processes during flour processing, destroying some vitamins, minerals, activities and nutrients, and manufacturers need to add whitening agents, Slip agent and preservative, grooving mill flour mill using traditional method at low speed, low flour temperature, starch, protein, vitamins, trace elements have not been destroyed by high temperature, starch has not matured and gelatinized, vegetable protein (gluten) noodles There is no change in sex, vitamins and trace elements are not destroyed, the nutritional value is completely preserved, and the active substances and nutrients in wheat are completely preserved. The original taste is green and pollution-free. It has a rich wheat flavor and low noise. Green and environmentally friendly. Continuous feeding operation in production, simple and generous structure, low noise, easy operation, fine crushing, no dust, suitable for supermarkets and shopping malls counters, processing shops on-site processing of all kinds of grains.

    Grinder for rice

    It can crush all kinds of granular raw materials. It is an economical powder equipment widely used at present. It has many advantages such as small size, light weight, easy installation, operation and maintenance, and high production efficiency. The body and rotor assembly jointly form a crushing chamber. The main working part of the rotor assembly chamber, the crushing of materials is completed in the crushing chamber. After the material enters the crushing chamber, it is quickly broken into a fine powder under the action of the broken and flat teeth, and it is discharged through the outlet through the sieve hole under the action of centrifugal force and air flow. This machine has a wide processing range, it can not only crush corn, wheat, beans, miscellaneous grains, rice; also can crush a variety of Chinese medicinal materials. It is suitable for individual farmers, small farms, feed companies, grain and oil processing plants, chemical plants, pharmaceutical plants, etc.

    Food grinder

    Flour grinder

    The mating surfaces of the lower end of the inner and outer grinding heads of the surface grinding machine are conical, with oblique grinding teeth imitating stone grinding, and two radial ball bearings are used as the two main supporting points above the grinding head. The cylinder at the lower end of the head serves as an auxiliary support point for rotation, and the gap between the inner and outer grinding heads is adjusted by the axial movement of the inner grinding head. Using the relative movement of the movable tooth disc and the fixed tooth disc, the grains are crushed by the combined effects of the impact of the grinding teeth, the friction and the impact of the materials against each other, and the ground grain falls directly from the gap between the grinding heads to the bottom On the top, the flour and bran (seed coat) are separated by a brush with adjustable gap and a bottom.

    Coconut grinder machine

    Coconut grinder is a kind of equipment for processing coconut juice. However, coconut grinders not only play a big role in the food industry, they are also widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries. Mainly used for ultra-fine crushing of wet materials, which can crush, emulsify, homogenize and mix various semi-fluid and milky materials.

    Spice grinder

    The material enters the crushing chamber through the hopper through the screw conveyor, and is sheared and crushed by the high-speed rotating blade. The powder passes through the guide ring and enters the classification chamber. Because the classification wheel rotates, the powder flowing into the blade path is simultaneously affected by aerodynamic force and centrifugal force. The particles larger than the critical diameter (graded particle size) in the powder are thrown back to the crushing room to continue crushing due to their large mass. The particles smaller than the critical diameter enter the cyclone separator and bag filter through the discharge pipe through the negative pressure air transport method. The discharged materials meet the requirements of the product.

    Chilli grinder

    It is mainly used for crushing operations such as peppers and vegetables, crushing operations for spices, and other small materials.
    Chili grinder features:
    1. The main part of the pepper machine is made of high-quality stainless steel, beautiful in appearance, easy to clean, and meets the requirements of food safety and hygiene;
    2. It adjusts the sieve of the outlet of the guillotine machine to control the speed of discharge and the degree of crushing;
    3. The belt can be adjusted through the motor thruster to ensure the output efficiency;
    4. Channel steel bracket to ensure the machine life and stable operation;
    5. The bell pepper machine has simple operation and long service life.

    Handheld tissue Grinder

    The hand-held tissue grinder is suitable for the separation of primitive cells from isolated tissues, as well as the separation of subcellular components from numerous obtained cell masses. The product can be used to extract DNA, RNA and protein, and is also used to enhance the recovery of other cellular products. The handheld tissue grinder is suitable for different tissue types. The hand-held tissue grinder is an ideal product for grinding and crushing, including the heart, muscles and lungs. The hand-held tissue grinder is characterized by a long conical design, which can greatly improve the grinding efficiency.

    Features of handheld tissue grinder

    1. Dry grinding, wet grinding and low temperature grinding.
    2. Grinding fast, 24, 56 or 192 samples can be ground quickly and effectively in 2-4 minutes.
    3. Closed sample tube to avoid cross contamination of samples.
    4. The protective cover has a transparent observation window, which stops when the cover is opened for protection.
    5. The shaking speed is adjustable, and the number of grinding times, grinding time and pause time can be programmed.
    6. Fastening device with automatic positioning.
    7. Crushing principle: impact force, friction force.
    8. The special freezing operation handle is convenient for liquid nitrogen freezing operation and avoids injury to hands.
    9. Wide applicability, can grind hard, neutral, soft, brittle, elastic, fiber-containing samples of various properties.
    10. Various grinding pots and fixtures are available to suit different purposes.
    11. The tightening and disassembly of the grinding pot is simple.

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