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BALLYA was founded in 2007, located in Guangzhou. We develop & research, provide rapid test for antibiotics residues in raw milk over 11 years. Nowadays, more and more people pay attention to the health and safety of food. However, starting to control safety issues at the source of food production will be more effective in screening food safety, reducing the pressure on food manufacturers, it is one of the best way to control the quality.

BALLYA’s products are widely used in dairy plants, farms and food processing plants all over the world.
Fast and accurate is the most indispensable focus in the food safety diagnosis industry to guarantee high-quality products and services is the biggest support for customers. In the future, BALLYA will always keep "We are not leaders, but innovators" as enterprise spirit, adhere to vision” Innovate”, keep pursuit of perfection, providing more and more new technology in this industry.

We started from the initial private laboratory, now we have a strong, responsible and innovative R&D team through unremitting efforts and persistence. BALLYA's R&D team has developed a variety of antibiotic test to provide customers with multiple application. According to the customer's requirements, we can manufacture products with different sensitivity to meet the local demand. Develop corresponding products according to different customer needs, optimize and provide customers with safe, stable and sustainable high-quality food safety diagnostic testing kit and solutions.

Since 2007, we not only supply high-quality products, also committed to providing dedicated training, help customer analyze and solve problems; providing professional solutions. We keep listening to the market, and supply accurate, stable and competitive products. We always respond quickly while customer’s needs.

Milk Testing:
Milk is an important nutriment for human and an essential food for life, but the safety of milk has always been concerned by people. A variety of processed food made by milk, which is widely valued in the food market. However, food safety problems occur frequently, which leads to more concerns about the safety of milk.

BALLYA has 11 years of experience in this industry, focusing on providing all kinds of milk detection reagents and providing fast detection solutions to the world. With the development of technology in the new era, people are not limited to the original level of thinking and technology. People begin to seek high-tech products to detect the safety of milk. In the farms, milk collection stations and processing plants, we can quickly and accurately detect whether the antibiotic residues exceed the standard.

When the content of antibiotics in milk exceeds the range specified by each country, BALLYA's milk test can be identified by simple operation. No need any assistance of other equipment and instruments, it only takes 10 minutes to read the color results on the test strip by eye. It can be operated directly in trucks, milk collection stations, food suppliers and even by consumers.

Food safety:
Improper storage of grain and feed will cause mildew in a certain period of time. If there is no treatment and detection of the toxin in it, it will finally enter the body of consumers through food intake.
BALLYA's mycotoxin detection can be widely used in cereals, grain and feed. It can quickly and accurately detect whether the mycotoxin in cereals, grain or feed exceeds the standard. Through the color contrast displayed, the results can be quickly obtained.

BALLYA is still active in the biotechnology industry. Every technological breakthrough and every customer's praise are the footprints of our growth. In the future, BALLYA's goal is to gradually approach the veterinary, aquatic and medical fields, bringing more and more institutions or consumers in need with more convenient detection methods to solve the food safety problem of "From Farm To Table".

New comming products:
High sensitivity 0.02ppb Aflatoxin M1 Quantitative Rapid Test
High sensitivity 0.02ppb Chloramphenicol Quantitative Rapid Test

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