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Product Description

Pipette tip factory equipment is a fully automatic pipette tip factory equipment developed by our company for industrial customers in the life science field and pipette tip manufacturers. It is a new type of non-standard customized equipment. The equipment belongs to intelligent biomedical consumables.

In response to a series of problems such as the difficulty of traditional manual filtration, the difficulty of size control, the difficulty of manpower, etc., you can now use our machine to feed the vibrating plate manually, the machine automatically discharges, automatically sucks, and automatically wicks, A series of difficult actions such as automatic air extraction, automatic detection, automatic rejection of defective products, automatic packing, etc. solve the problem of high labor intensity in the production of biomedical consumables. Using microcomputer control core, touch screen operation interface, simple and easy to understand, combined with gas and electricity, easy to use.

Application field

Develop a high-speed automation for the medical industry, simple operation, high efficiency, high quality, few failures, strong versatility, simple debugging, can realize automatic assembly of a variety of tips and filter elements; good stability is the ideal lock core process Special equipment; it can improve your production efficiency, improve quality, and reduce labor costs.

Instructions for use

The equipment can realize a variety of functions. Unmanned operation can replace 3-5 people. Only one person is required to put the corresponding accessories in the right position. Using mechatronics technology, it can be customized according to customer needs. It can bring huge profits to the enterprise.


Equipment characteristics

1. Suitable for secondary processing production equipment of laboratory tips

2. The working precision is high, and the efficiency can reach 2 boxes per minute.

3. Touch screen operating system and PLC controlled programmable controller

4. All parts adopt surface treatment, exquisite and generous;

5. The precision imported pneumatic components adopt West German FESTO and Japanese SMC, which are durable.

6. Indexing plate disc structure, multi-station, high efficiency and stability.

7. The machine has a high degree of automation, automatic feeding, automatic installation of filter elements, automatic detection, and automatic removal of defective products;

8. The equipment can be-sorting-visual inspection-boxing-plugging-refilling-packaging

9. Suitable for assembling and boxing the filter element of 10ul, 100ul, 200ul, 300ul, 1000ul universal pipette tips.

10. The equipment has the function of abnormal alarm and information prompt guidance, incoming material detection and lack of material prompt function, preset number production, and counting function

11. Equipped with safety protection cover and power emergency stop system, in line with international industrial safety standards.

Technical Parameters

Total massAbout 2t

Working principle

1. The equipment is equipped with working layer, auxiliary layer and storage from top to bottom;

2. The working layer is equipped with a bottom plate and a vibration plate;

3. There is a loading device on the bottom plate;

4. The vibrating plate is connected with the charging device through the linear feeding device;

5. Loading device, including loading components, X-axis feed components and Y-axis feed components that cooperate with each other;

6. The loading component is fixed to the X-axis feed component on the machine through the moving plate, so as to realize rapid assembly.


★ Efficient: This equipment can improve the boxing efficiency of tip manufacturers, reduce the repetitive labor of production personnel, reduce enterprise management and operation costs, increase enterprise core competitiveness, accelerate the industrialization process of the industry, and promote the development of the entire industry!

★ Intelligent:With intelligent control, automatic photoelectric tracking, automatic feeding, precise arrangement, isometric control, automatic feeding without material, stepless speed regulation and other functions, it can greatly improve the efficiency of arrangement and boxing, reduce human error, and avoid cross-contamination. The boxing speed of the filter element and gun head integrated machine can reach 50-100 seconds/box.

 Material: The machine is made of stainless steel and high-grade aluminum alloy, seamless welding, and surface coating.

Hygiene: It can be equipped with a sterilization lamp, and the whole machine is suitable for ultraviolet and alcohol sterilization. The processed equipment can be used in a clean room, with less pollution sources and a long service life of the machine, which can meet the relevant environmental requirements of the biological industry.

★ Non-standard customization: It can be customized and personalized according to the customer's pipette tip specifications and filter element size specifications.
★  Pipette tip type: Adapt to 10/100/200/500/1000ul tip.
★  Tip boxing & filter element filling are optional: gun tip boxing & filter element filling, real-time filling to form an integrated machine; separate filling to form a separate assembly line.

Product picture


Brand introduction

BALLYA is a professional non-standard automation equipment manufacturer integrating R&D, design, production and sales. It has focused on non-standard automation for many years. It has a professional non-standard automation design engineering team, experienced assembly engineers and a complete after-sales service system. The company focuses on Automated research, good equipment with heart, good service with heart, professionally provide customers with non-standard automation equipment system solutions!

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