Liquid Handler

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What is Liquid Handler?

It’s automated liquid handling system, also name as, microplate dispenser. While in large production line, the automated liquid handler is a necessary equipment, especially in ELISA test manufacturing.

The applications of Liquid Handler

Assay Development and Design of Experiment (DoE)
Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) - Library Preparation
Polymerase Chain-reaction (PCR) Workflows - Real-time and Digital
Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assays (ELISA)
Cell Culture and Bead-Based Assays

Why need to use liquid handler?

Labeled immunological tests are often used to detect various trace amounts of antigens and antibodies in human body fluids. The labelled immunodiagnostic reagents used generally use enzyme-labeled plates as solid-phase carriers to make in vitro diagnostic test reagents. In the production process of in vitro diagnostic reagents, coating is the first and most important link.

At present, lots of coating machines are semi-automatic equipment. It is necessary to manually open the lid of the enzyme label plate, transfer to the operator, then manually put the plate into machine. The coated plate needs to be visually observed by the inspector or use a pipette to measure the loading amount of antigen or antibody, which is very low efficient and labor cost high.

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Types of liquid handler

There are many types of liquid handling system with different brands. Single channel, 8 channel, 48 channel, 96 channel, 384 channel, even more. Single reagent or multiple reagents dispensing system.

Features of liquid handler

Well plate format: 8x12 (96 well plate), 4x12 (48 well plate)(optional)
Dispensing dosage: 30-500ul
Dispensing speed: 300-3000/hour
Regulation: 9 speed adjustment
Well plates’ consistency: ±2%
Wells consistency: ±2%
Working mode: 48 well plate, 96 well plate, cleaning mode

Model of liquid handler

8 channel liquid handler (1 reagent)

Dispensing speed: 300 plates/hour
Dimension of body: 1120 x 188 x 147 mm
Dimension of controller: 487 x 302 x 285 mm
Powder: 120W, 50Hz

channel liquid handler with multiple reagents (8 reagent)

Dispensing speed: 300 plates/hour
Dimension of body: 1120 x 188 x 147 mm
Dimension of controller: 487 x 302 x 285 mm
Powder: 120W, 50Hz

96 channel liquid handler (1 reagent)

Dispensing speed: >2500 plates/hour
Dimension of body: 1120 x 188 x 147mm
Dimension of controller: 487 x 302 x 285mm
Powder: 120W, 50Hz

Vertical 96 channel liquid handler (1 reagent)

Dispensing speed: >1800 plates/hour
Dimension of body: 753 x 260 x 482 mm
Dimension of controller: 700 x 230 x 257 mm
Powder: 200W, 50Hz

How to use liquid handler?

It’s simple control system, just only few buttons. Check the video’s instruction.
Instruction for use of 96 Well Liquid Hander 

How to order liquid handler?

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