November 29, 2019
CIP Cleaning Procedure of Milking Equipment in Ranch

1. Cleaning process:End of Milking→Rinse with clean water at 40 ℃→Cyclic cleanings with washing fluid (alkali) at 85℃→Rinse with clean water at 40 ℃→Cyclic cleanings with washing fluid (alkali) at 85℃→Rinse with clean water. The specific temperature is according to the recommended temperature of the cleaner manufacturer. Generally, the temperature of each part required by the cleaner manufacturer […]

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November 29, 2019
Milking SOP in ranch

I. Basic Principles of Dairy Staff1. The milking of wet and dirty breasts should not be performed. Dirty breasts are breasts covered with water, feces or mud. A wet breast is the accumulation of water on the nipples after drying. Keep breasts clean and dry during milking. 2. Do not milk any cows with abnormal […]

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November 28, 2019
Detailed Management of Operation Procedures of Milking Parlour

1. The cows enter the milking parlor slowly. In the dairy parlor, cattle driving is not operated according to the rules of the cow, and the operation is more casual, which results in the slow speed of the cow entering the parlor. Because the cattle driving operation is not standardized, the waiting time for cows […]

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