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We are looking for creative writers who can produce high quality content, the unique content, please keep in mind “unique content without any Copyright dispute” ! Professional writers and editors should familar with food safety, agriculture, farming, biology or related sectors.

What content we will accept?

We only accept the original content. Please keep in mind, it must be original and unique content, it can not be pusblished anywhere (including your blog)! We accept some various topics as below:
Animal healthcare
Biological technology
Dairy technology
Dairy farming
ELISA technology
Food science
Food safety
Lateral flow technolgy
PCR technology

Content and image requirement

Content: grammatically correct, proofreading, well researched, 100% original, engaging for readers, plagiarism free
Image: Free for commercial use; No attribution required

Do not submit press releases or sales pitches!

We refuse any contents related sales or press releases!

What we publish?

We will publish articles/posts with 1000 - 3000 words, 1,500 words is about average. They will be published on our blog:

How to submit?

What happens after submission?

1. The editor will review your article and determine if it can be published
2. If the article approved, the editor will publish it on blog in a week
3. We'll post it as soon as we can, but can't tell you which date it will be live. After publish, the editor will send you a notice by email.
4. If we do not accept your submission, it will not publish on our website.

Submission guidelines

Title: Provide three eye-catch titles for selection
Article length: 3000 words maximum. Articles below 1000 words will not be considered. Include hyperlinks when referring to other sources.
Required Photo: image should be 700 x 400 px under 200 kb
Two Teasers: Long (under 20 words) teaser and short (under 160 characters) teaser that describe the content of the article
Include potential sources: relevant reports, links, datas, infographics, essays, publish, articles that you’ll use as sources for the article.

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