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What is a well plate?

The Well Plate is a plate with multiple "wells" used as a small test tube that has become a standard tool in analytical research and clinical diagnostic testing laboratories.

The most common use is the enzyme-linked
immunosorbent assay (ELISA), which is the basis for most modern human and in vitro diagnostic test.


How to automatic fill and seal 96 deep well plate?

For PCR or Nucleic Acid Test kit large scale production, fully automatic filling and sealing 96 well plate, high throughput upto 900 well plate per hour

The applications of well plate

A well plate is a tray plate that looks like a plate with multiple wells used as small test tubes. well plate is usually manufactured in a 2:3 rectangular mix with 96, 384 or 1536 wells, 96 well plate is the most common of these because it can be used manually by a lab technician or researcher. One of the more common uses of 96-well microplates is for enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA).

What is the purpose of a well plate?

Well plates are convenient, high-throughput tools, and well plate typically hold tens of nanoliters to several milliliters of liquid per well. They can also be used to store dry powders or as a shelf to support glass tube inserts.

What is a well plate used for in chemistry?

Well plate can be used for almost all applications in life science research, involving filtration, separation, optical detection, storage, reaction mixing, cell culture and detection of antimicrobial activity.

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Types of well plate

There are many types of well plate with different brands. 6 well plate, 12 well plate, 24 well plate, 48 well plate, 96 well plate, 384 well plate, even more.
Different well plates are used for different purposes, the most widely used being the 96 well plate.

Features of well plate

Material: Made of high purity polypropylene, USPVI compliant, chemically stable, autoclavable, suitable for multi-channel pipettes, Liquid Handler and other automated equipment and.
Conical bottom hole design: ensures low sample residue
Number representation: prevents confusion between holes
SBS Compliance: Stable stacking
Reliable sealing: The upper part of the orifice plate is flat and uniform to ensure the effectiveness of the seal.

How much can a 96 well plate hold?

The 96 well volume is 360 μL, working volume is 0.1-0.2 mL.

How much can a 24 well plate hold?

The 24 well volume is 3.4 mL, working volume is 0.38-0.57 mL.

Model of well plate

384 well plate

384 well plate material: polypropylene;
384 well plate size: 384 wells;
384 well volume: 40 µL;
384 well plate working volume: 25µL;
384 well plate application(s): PCR, qPCR/Real-Time PCR

96 well plate

96 well plate material: polypropylene;
96 well plate size: 96 wells;
96 well volume: 360 μL;
96 well plate working volume: 0.1-0.2 mL;
96 well plate well diam.: 6.4 mm
96 well plate application(s): ELISA, PCR, qPCR/Real-Time PCR

48 well plate

48 well plate material: polystyrene;
48 well plate size: 48 wells;
48 well volume: 1.6 mL;
48 well plate working volume: 0.19-0.285 mL;
48 well plate well diam.: 11.0 mm
48 well plate application(s): ELISA, PCR, qPCR/Real-Time PCR

24 well plate

24 well plate material: polystyrene;
24 well plate size: 24 wells
24 well volume: 3.4 mL;
24 well plate working volume: 0.38-0.57 mL;
24 well plate well diam.: 15.6 mm;
24 well plate application(s): ELISA, PCR, qPCR/Real-Time PCR

12 well plate

12 well plate material: Polystyrene;
12 well plate size: 12 wells
12 well volume: 7.2 mL;
12 well plate working volume: 1-2 mL;
12 well plate well diam.: 18.9 mm;
12 well plate application(s): ELISA, PCR, qPCR/Real-Time PCR

6 well plate

6 well plate material: polystyrene;
6 well plate size: 6 wells
6 well volume: 16.8 mL;
6 well plate working volume: 1.9-2.9 mL;
6 well plate well diam.: 34.8 mm;
6 well plate application(s): ELISA, PCR, qPCR/Real-Time PCR

How to use well plate?

1. Place the well plate on a horizontal table.
2. Place the required reactants in a well plate and fix it before performing the relevant operations.
3. Clean and disinfect the well plate after the experiment and store it in a dry place.

How to order well plate?

Please contact our sale representative via email: info@ballyabio.com or fill out the below contact form, we will respond within 24 hours.

    The specification of well plate

    WPF00096ML96 well plate, 200ng lgG/cm296
    WPF00096M96 well plate, 200ng lgG/cm296
    WPF00096HL96 well plate, 400-500ng lgG/cm296
    WPF00096H96 well plate, 400-500ng lgG/cm296
    WPF00096MDL96 well plate, detachable, 200ng lgG/cm296
    WPF00096MN96 well plate, non-detachable, 200ng lgG/cm296
    WPF00096HDL96 well plate, detachable, 400-500ng lgG/cm296
    WPF00096HN96 well plate, non-detachablez 400-500ng lgG/cm296
    WPU00096ML96 well plate, 200ng lgG/cm296
    WPU00096M96 well plate, 200ng lgG/cm296
    WPU00096HL96 well plate, 400-500ng lgG/cm296
    WPU00096H96 well plate, 400-500ng lgG/cm296
    WPU00096MDL96 well plate, detachable, 200ng lgG/cm296
    WPU00096MN96 well plate, non-detachable, 200ng lgG/cm296
    WPU00096HDL96 well plate, detachable, 400-500ng lgG/cm296
    WPU00096HN96 well plate, non-detachablez 400-500ng lgG/cm296
    WPV00096ML96 well plate, 200ng lgG/cm296
    WPV00096M96 well plate, 200ng lgG/cm296
    WPV00096HL96 well plate, 400-500ng lgG/cm296
    WPV00096H96 well plate, 400-500ng lgG/cm296
    WPV00096MDL96 well plate, detachable, 200ng lgG/cm296
    WPV00096MN96 well plate, non-detachable, 200ng lgG/cm296
    WPV00096HDL96 well plate, detachable, 400-500ng lgG/cm296
    WPV00096HN96 well plate, non-detachablez 400-500ng lgG/cm296
    WP0006MWP6 well plate, 6 well breakable strip, 200ng lgG/cm26
    WP0006HWP6 well plate, 6 well breakable strip, 400-500ng lgG/cm26
    WP0008MWP8 well plate, 8 well breakable strip, 200ng lgG/cm28
    WP0008HWP8 well plate, 8 well breakable strip, 400-500ng lgG/cm28
    WP0012MWP12 well plate, 12 well breakable strip, 200ng lgG/cm212
    WP0012HWP12 well plate,12 well breakable strip, 400-500ng lgG/cm212
    WP0024MWP24 well plate, 24 well breakable strip, 200ng lgG/cm224
    WP0024HWP24 well plate,24 well breakable strip, 400-500ng lgG/cm224
    WP0048MWP48 well plate, 48 well breakable strip, 200ng lgG/cm248
    WP0048HWP48 well plate,48 well breakable strip, 400-500ng lgG/cm248
    WP0096MWP96 well plate, 96 well breakable strip, 200ng lgG/cm296
    WP0096HWP96 well plate,96 well breakable strip, 400-500ng lgG/cm296
    WP0384MWP384 well plate, 384 well breakable strip, 200ng lgG/cm2384
    WP0384HWP384 well plate,384 well breakable strip, 400-500ng lgG/cm2384
    WP0006L6 well plate, Lid for 6 well breakable strip6
    WP0008L8 well plate, Lid for 8 well breakable strip8
    WP0012L12 well plate, Lid for 12 well breakable strip12
    WP0024L24 well plate, Lid for 24 well breakable strip24
    WP0048L48 well plate, Lid for 48 well breakable strip48
    WP0096L96 well plate, Lid for 96 well breakable strip96
    WP0384L384 well plate, Lid for 384 well breakable strip384

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