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What is BALLYA Testosterone Test?

BALLYA Testosterone Test is manufactured by BALLYA, it’s rapid test for detection testosterone residues in feed, food and medicine, especially in feed and food. Lateral flow assay test base on the gold immunochromatography assay technology.
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What is Testosterone?

The discovery of testosterone

Testosterone is a secreted glycoprotein originally identified from the growth medium of mouse Sertoli cells. It is a small molecular weight cytoskeletal associated protein that can bind tightly to the cell surface through receptor associated proteins.

What is Testosterone used for?

Testosterone uses

1. For biochemical research. Used for alternative treatment of anorchidism; androgenetic syndrome; impotence, etc.

2. Medical use: For the replacement therapy of anorchidism, the treatment of androgenetic syndrome, impotence and other diseases.

3. Sports use: increase the number of muscles. Some people who exercise to increase muscle mass use doses that can even reach 250 times the therapeutic dose.

4. Other uses: biochemical research; natural male hormones to control the development and growth of male sexual organs and male side characteristics.

Testosterone indications

1. Used for many male sex hormone deficiency conditions, cryptorchidism, hypogonadism, impotence and male menopause.

2. 1 to 5 years after menopause, breast cancer patients who are not suitable for surgery but have an effect on male hormones should be used as conservative treatment.

3. Aplastic anemia and osteoporosis in elderly men.

4. For women with menopausal syndrome, menorrhagia and functional uterine bleeding.

5. To correct debilitating diseases caused by burns, extensive surgery and protein loss caused by long-term inactivity, and prolong the stable period of such patients.

What are the side effects of Testosterone?

Testosterone adverse reactions

1. Men may have hypersexuality, skin rash, acne, leukopenia, water and sodium retention, nausea, vomiting, anorexia, diarrhea, high blood calcium with kidney stones (especially inactive patients) and jaundice.

2. After adolescence, men who use it for a long time may experience testicular swelling, decreased semen flow, lack of sperm, impotence, epididymitis and priapism.

3. Women may experience ovulation, lactation or menstrual suppression, virilization (low voice and hoarseness), hirsutism, enlarged clitoris, breast degeneration and male baldness.

4. Using oral and sublingual tablets can cause inflammation or ulcers.

5. The use of transdermal preparations may cause local irritation, erythema, allergic contact dermatitis, and sometimes burning-like skin lesions; skin reactions will be more common if plasters containing penetration enhancers are used.

Testosterone contraindications

1. Women who plan to become pregnant and women who are breastfeeding should not use this product.

2. Men with prostate cancer or breast cancer and men with benign prostatic hyperplasia are contraindicated.

3. Patients with heart, kidney and liver system damage or hypercalcemia are contraindicated. If necessary, natriuretics can be added.

Corresponding effects of testosterone drugs

1. The effects of thyroxine, cyclosporine, antidiabetic drugs and anticoagulants can be enhanced, and the dose of anticoagulants must be reduced.

2. Combined use with the drug enzyme inducer phenobarbital can accelerate its metabolism and reduce the efficacy.

3. The assimilation of testosterone requires the assistance of insulin. If the pancreas has been removed, the assimilation is impossible.

4. For long-term use of corticosteroids, nandrolone phenylpropionate should be used together with a high-calorie and high-protein diet.

5. Dehydromethyltestosterone can increase the blood concentration of oxybutazone by 40%, but it has no such effect on phenylbutazone.
Note: Please strictly follow the instructions for use, don’t abuse, don’t misuse!

What specimen can be detected by BALLYA Testosterone Test?

Specimen include: all kinds of feed, food and medicine. Widely used in feed industry and food processing industry.
You can choose the right products according to your needs.

Significance of testing Testosterone

To protect the animal have health feed, food and medicine, avoid contaminated food. The testosterone is harmful for animal being, can’t take too much in the body.

Component of BALLYA Testosterone Test?

BALLYA Testosterone Test, 25 cassettes
Sample Buffer, 1 vial
Mini Pipette (optional)
Disposable micropipette tips (optional)
Kit Instruction, 1pcs
Testosterone Test

How to use BALLYA Testosterone Test?

1. Take some feed or food specimen
2. Add the supernatant to cassette
3. Wait for 15 minutes to result
4. The details of operation, refer to the kit instruction

Limitations of BALLYA Testosterone Test?

BALLYA Testosterone Test is a qualitative test kit. It’s only for screening purpose. If have positive cases or suspected case, maybe use other detection method to make a further detection, such as, ELISA, PCR, qPCR, etc.


With the continuous emergence of meat poisoning incidents, the issue of meat safety has attracted more and more attention. As a prohibited drug, the illegal use of testosterone in animal husbandry will cause serious consequences and even lead to personnel casualties.

Therefore, it is of great practical significance to strengthen the monitoring of the illegal use of the illegal drug testosterone in the meat production process.

BALLYA Testosterone Test is suitable for the detection of hormone residues, toxic and harmful substances and antibiotic residues in feed, food and medicine.
It can be widely used in food and drug administration, health departments, higher education institutions, scientific research institutes, agricultural departments, animal husbandry and veterinarians, breeding farms, slaughterhouses, food and meat products deep processing enterprises, inspection and quarantine departments and other units.

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