Ractopamine Rapid Test (0.5ppb)


For meat products testing

Specs:25T / box
Testing Time:7-10 mins
Worldwide shipping, free sample
It is a colloidal gold immunochromatography assay that detects the Ractopamine in urine sample. This kit can be applied for on-site rapid testing by various departments.

Performance Information
LOD: Ractopamine 5 ng/ml

Test Kit
40 pcs
PE Groves
40 pcs
Product Instruction
Storage & Shelf-Life
At 4~30℃, out of sun light & moisture, 18months

Sample Preparing
Refer to the instruction

Test Procedure
1. Let the test card at room temperature when sealed.
2. Open the package and use it within 1h.
3. Take out and place the test card on the flat desk. Pipette 4-5 drop of sample (about 100μl, no bubble) into two sample well.
4. Incubate for 5-8mins and read the result. The result after 10 minutes is invalid.

Interpretation of results
Negative: line T is same or stronger than C
Positive: line T lighter than C or only C line appear
Invalid: line C does not appear or only line T appear

Results Illustration
Operation Guideline

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    Trivia questions : What is ractopamine?


    Ractopamine is a synthetic Clembaam beta adrenal receptor agonist that can be used to treat congestive heart failure, muscular dystrophy, grow muscle, reduce fat accumulation, and benefit the fetus and newborn. Ractopamine is being used by some pig farms as a new type of lean meat extract. The scope of application and safety of this drug in the aquaculture industry varies from country to country. The production and sale of ractopamine has been banned in China since December 5, 2011.

    Ractopamine pork

    Commercial pig producers efficiently produce lean pork with good quality and high quality to compete with other animal products. The pricing system for lean carcasses has led to further options for lean growth rate, carcass lean rate and feed compensation. Health, nutrition, and equipment management strategies are implemented to maximize lean meat growth efficiency. However, the use of clenbuterol in the pig industry worldwide is illegal. Recently, after the FDA approved ractopamine for use in pigs, the US pig farmers regarded the difference between night and day. It should be recognized that whether ractopamine can be approved for production and use in China requires numerous tests and considerable time.

    Ractopamine cattle

    On July 12, 2014, the Taipei City Environmental Protection Agency destroyed 7,490 kg of lean meat-containing imported beef in the Muzha Incineration Plant. In February and March of 2014, the Clenbuterol dispute broke out in Taiwan. This batch of animal drugs containing ractopamine (commonly known as lean meat) is imported from the United States beef from the warehouses of Kelon and Kaohsiung of Shusen Co., Ltd., which were returned for storage. The lean meat contains the highest amount of meat, reaching 2.9ppb. (Concentration unit).

    What is ractopamine hydrochloride

    Ractopamine hydrochloride is a medicinal material, a cardiotonic drug that can be used to treat congestive heart failure. It can also be used to treat muscular dystrophy, grow muscle, reduce fat accumulation, and be beneficial to fetal and newborn growth. Approved by the US FDA in 2000, it can be used for animal nutrition re-formulation and widely used in animal husbandry and aquaculture. It can simultaneously increase the daily weight gain of animals, increase feed utilization, and increase protein content of animals.

    Ractopamine testing

    Ractopamine test kit

    The indirect competition ELISA method is used to detect ractopamine in the sample. The antigen is precoated on the microwell strips. The ractopamine in the sample will compete with the precoated antigen on the microwell strips to compete against the ractopamine antibody. After labeling, the color was developed with TMB substrate, and the absorbance value of the sample was negatively correlated with the content of ractopamine in the sample. Compared with the standard curve, the residual amount of ractopamine in the sample could be obtained.

    Ractopamine side effects

    Ractopamine toxicity

    Ractopamine is far less toxic than other lean extracts with the same function. Regular doses of Clenbuterol can be metabolized and excreted in the body without causing harm to the body.

    Ractopamine poisoning

    However, excessive intake of ractopamine can cause different degrees of toxic reactions in the human body. The symptoms are similar to those of animal poisoning, and manifested as muscle tremor, limb paralysis, tachycardia, arrhythmia, abdominal pain, muscle pain, nausea and dizziness People can cause high blood pressure, heart disease and even death.

    Ractopamine poisoning symptoms

    Poisoning of meat or internal organs containing ractopamine residues may cause symptoms of poisoning such as dyspnea, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, headache, muscle tremors, palpitations, arrhythmia, increased blood pressure, promotion of cardiovascular disease, and reproductive system and many more.

    Ractopamine ban

    At present, the maximum residue levels (MRL) of ractopamine in pigs and cattle formulated by the Codex Alimentarius Commission (CAC) are: muscle 10μg / kg, fat 10μg / kg, liver 40μg / kg, kidney 90μg / kg, daily The allowable intake (ADI) is 0-1 μg / kg. Countries around the world have different regulations for the application of ractopamine in the aquaculture industry. In 24 countries and regions including the United States, Canada, Japan, Mexico, Brazil, and Australia, ractopamine can be used as a lean meat extract in livestock and poultry farming to increase the protein content and lean meat rate of animals; but in the EU, China, Russia and other countries, such drugs are completely banned in animal husbandry. The use of β-stimulant animal products is not allowed in Taiwan, China.


    Livestock farmers should strictly ban the use of ractopamine in farming at the source. Strengthen the monitoring of feed production and distribution processes, and management of pig, cattle, sheep and other farms, and promote simple, fast and accurate detection methods. In order to effectively avoid the food safety problems of ractopamine.
    The Ractopamine Rapid Test (0.5ppb) kit provided by BALLYA can effectively detect whether food contains ractopamine residue. This kit is not only simple to operate, but also has a short test time and high accuracy. Can ensure consumers food safety.
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