BALLYA MedroxyProgesterone Test

Ballya-antibiotic-testBALLYA MedroxyProgesterone Test

What is BALLYA MedroxyProgesterone Test?

BALLYA MedroxyProgesterone Test is manufactured by BALLYA, it’s rapid test for detection MedroxyProgesterone residues in feed, food and medicine, especially in feed and food. Lateral flow assay test base on the gold immunochromatography assay technology
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What is MedroxyProgesterone?

Pharmacological effects of medroxyprogesterone

The main function is to promote the proliferation and secretion of the endometrium, complete the preparation for pregnancy, and protect the safe growth of the fetus; it also has the functions of changing the menstrual cycle, enhancing the consistency of cervical mucus and inhibiting ovulation. Large doses of medroxyprogesterone have anti-tumor effects, and also significantly increase the appetite of patients and relieve pain.

Medroxyprogesterone has the effect of antagonizing estrogen, but it does not antagonize the benign effect of estrogen on lipoproteins and has no obvious androgenic effect. It is the closest to natural progesterone. Mainly can increase the viscosity of cervical mucus, large doses can inhibit pituitary gonadotropin and inhibit ovulation, have long-term anti-fertility effect.

What is MedroxyProgesterone used for?

Medroxyprogesterone indications

1. Large doses can be used as long-term contraception. It is often used clinically for dysmenorrhea, functional amenorrhea, dysfunctional uterine bleeding, threatened abortion or habitual abortion, endometriosis, etc.

2. Large doses can also be used to treat renal cell carcinoma, breast cancer, endometrial cancer, prostate cancer and increase appetite in patients with advanced cancer, improve general conditions and gain weight.

Clinical condition of medroxyprogesterone

It is mainly used to treat kidney cancer, breast cancer, endometrial cancer, prostate cancer and increase appetite of patients with advanced cancer, improve general conditions and gain weight. Clinically used for dysmenorrhea, functional amenorrhea, functional uterine bleeding, threatened or habitual abortion, endometriosis, etc.

What are the side effects of MedroxyProgesterone?

Medroxyprogesterone adverse reactions

1. Breakthrough bleeding, spotting, change in menstrual flow, amenorrhea, edema, weight change (increased or decreased), cholestatic jaundice, allergic reactions, rash, depression, insomnia, nausea may occur. If breakthrough bleeding occurs, detailed examinations should be conducted to rule out organic diseases. Add ethinyl estradiol 0.05 to 0.1 mg according to the amount of bleeding for 3 days to stop the bleeding.

2. Large doses used for tumors can cause progesterone reactions such as breast pain, galactorrhea, vaginal bleeding, amenorrhea, irregular menstruation, abnormal cervical secretion, uterine erosion, etc.; long-term application also has the manifestations of adrenal hyperfunction such as full moon face, library Hin syndrome, weight gain, etc. It can also produce effects similar to corticosteroids, such as weight gain, abdominal pain, headache, mood changes, hand tremors, sweating, and night calf cramps and other adrenaline-like reactions.

3. Medroxyprogesterone can cause abnormal blood coagulation

Medroxyprogesterone contraindications

Thrombotic venous thrombophlebitis, thromboembolism, stroke, severe liver and kidney dysfunction, known or suspected breast or genital malignancies, hypercalcemia, prolonged abortion, uterine bleeding, pregnancy, coagulation dysfunction, or paramethoxone Patients with progesterone allergy are contraindicated.

Precautions for the use of medroxyprogesterone

1. Use with caution for those with mental depression.

2. A comprehensive physical examination (especially breast and pelvic examination) should be done before treatment. Long-term medication should pay attention to checking liver function, especially breast examination.

3. Progesterone can cause a certain degree of fluid retention, epilepsy, migraine, asthma and other conditions should be closely observed.

4. There are signs of thrombosis during application, such as sudden visual disturbance, diplopia, migraine, should be checked immediately. If there is optic disc edema or retinal vascular disease, the drug should be stopped immediately.

5. Long-term administration of medroxyprogesterone should be based on the 28-day cycle to calculate the medication date of medroxyprogesterone.

6. Women who use medroxyprogesterone for a long time should not smoke.

7. When taking large doses (above 500mg), take a sitting or standing position and drink plenty of water. If necessary, the tablet can be divided into two halves.

8. The injection should not be mixed with other drugs, shake well before use.

9. For those who use estrogen replacement therapy after menopause, adding progesterone for more than 7 days can reduce the incidence of intimal hyperplasia. Using progestin for 12 to 14 days can provide the best endometrial maturation and eliminate proliferative changes.

10. Store at room temperature.

11. For intramuscular injection, use a long thick needle for deep injection, which can reduce local aseptic abscess or inflammatory infiltration.
Note: Please strictly follow the instructions for use, don’t abuse, don’t misuse!

What specimen can be detected by BALLYA MedroxyProgesterone Test?

Specimen include: all kinds of feed, food and medicine. Widely used in feed industry and food processing industry.
You can choose the right products according to your needs.

Significance of testing MedroxyProgesterone

To protect the animal have health feed, food and medicine, avoid contaminated food. The MedroxyProgesterone is harmful for animal being, can’t take too much in the body.

Component of BALLYA MedroxyProgesterone Test?

BALLYA MedroxyProgesterone Test, 25 cassettes
Sample Buffer, 1 vial
Mini Pipette (optional)
Disposable micropipette tips (optional)
Kit Instruction, 1pcs
MedroxyProgesterone Test

How to use BALLYA MedroxyProgesterone Test?

1. Take some feed or food specimen
2. Add the supernatant to cassette
3. Wait for 15 minutes to result
4. The details of operation, refer to the kit instruction

Limitations of BALLYA MedroxyProgesterone Test?

BALLYA MedroxyProgesterone Test is a qualitative test kit. It’s only for screening purpose. If have positive cases or suspected case, maybe use other detection method to make a further detection, such as, ELISA, PCR, qPCR, etc.


With the continuous emergence of meat poisoning incidents, the issue of meat safety has attracted more and more attention. As a prohibited drug, the illegal use of MedroxyProgesterone in animal husbandry will cause serious consequences and even lead to personnel casualties.

Therefore, it is of great practical significance to strengthen the monitoring of the illegal use of the illegal drug MedroxyProgesterone in the meat production process.

BALLYA MedroxyProgesterone Test is suitable for the detection of hormone residues, toxic and harmful substances and antibiotic residues in feed, food and medicine.
It can be widely used in food and drug administration, health departments, higher education institutions, scientific research institutes, agricultural departments, animal husbandry and veterinarians, breeding farms, slaughterhouses, food and meat products deep processing enterprises, inspection and quarantine departments and other units.

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