T2 Test Kit


For food, grain, feed to detect mycotoxins

Specs:96T / box
Testing Time:7-10 mins
Regulation: CN / EU / RU / US

What is a T2 test?

T2 Rapid Test Kit is a rapid, one step test for the qualitative (or quantitative) detection of T2 in animal feed and grains (wheat, wheat bran, corns, coconut, millet, flour). The total assay time takes 8 min.
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What is T2 toxin?

1. Definition

T-2 toxin is one of the trichothecenes (TS) compounds produced by a variety of fungi, mainly Fusarium trichocarpa. It is widely distributed in nature. It is a common toxin that pollutes field crops and stockpiled grains, harmful to humans and livestock.

In a joint meeting of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAQ) and the World Health Organization (WHO) in Geneva in 973, this type of toxin, like aflatoxin, was regarded as the most dangerous source of food contamination in nature. After Vietnam used the "yellow rain" toxin (which contains T-2 toxin) in Southeast Asia, the harm of T-2 toxin to human health has aroused great concern of scientists from all over the world. More research has been carried out on the toxicology of toxins.

2. T2 Characteristics

3. T2 Toxicological effects

T-2 toxin mainly acts on tissues and organs with vigorous cell division, such as thymus, bone marrow, liver, spleen, lymph nodes, gonads and gastrointestinal mucosa, and inhibits the synthesis of protein and DNA in these organs. In addition, it was also found that the toxin can cause DNA single strand breaks in lymphocytes. T-2 toxin can also act on multiple sites of oxidative phosphorylation and cause mitochondrial respiratory depression.

T2 toxin hazards

Trichothecenes, a highly toxic mycotoxin produced by Trichothecium spp or Fusarium spp. It can cause various symptoms of poisoning in humans or livestock, mainly vomiting, refusal to eat, gastrointestinal mucosal ulcers, inflammation, hemorrhagic lesions, and neurological symptoms. T-2 toxin is teratogenic and weakly carcinogenic. It mainly damages the animal's hematopoietic organs (inhibits the regenerative hematopoietic function of bone marrow and spleen), immune organs (reduces immune function), digestive system (causes hemorrhage and necrosis of the digestive tract), and nerves system and reproductive system, etc.

It is an epithelial necrosis factor that can cause necrosis and ulceration of the epithelium of the skin, oral cavity and upper digestive tract. It has an immunosuppressive effect on pigs, causing lymphopenia, decreased serum total protein levels, gastrointestinal bleeding, and degenerative changes in liver and kidneys. In addition, it can cause cell mutation and distortion.

1. T2 toxin in swine

The clinical symptoms of porcine T-2 toxin poisoning are mainly indigestion, loss of appetite, slow growth, lesions in the mouth and skin, vomiting, and immunosuppression.

2. T2 toxin in poultry

Poultry T-2 toxin poisoning showed decreased egg production rate, thin-shelled eggs, uneven feather production, oral ulcers, decreased appetite or even annihilation, dyskinesia, and decreased immunity. Studies have found that gavage of 10-20μg/chicks for a long period of time can show significant atrophy of immune organs such as spleen, thymus and bursa of Fabricius. Broilers after T-2 toxin poisoning are more susceptible to infection by Salmonella and Newcastle disease virus.

Studies have shown that when the T-2 toxin content in the feed reaches 8 mg/kg, the egg production of laying hens is significantly reduced. When the T-2 toxin content reaches 20 mg/kg and fed for 2 weeks, the egg production rate decreases by 20%, and thin-shelled eggs have increased significantly.

The features of T2 test

1. 8min reading results

2. Detection limits respond to EU and US FDA norms

3. Single test for every target sample

4. Neither professionals nor equipment required

5. Eyes interpretation or quantitative measurement, suitable for lab and field use

6. Room temperature storage

7. Non-toxic and harmless

Detection method of T2 test

The T2 Rapid Test Kit is a colloidal gold immunochromatography assay that detects t2 residue in grain, feed and meets EU MRL. BALLYA colloidal gold detection kit can meet the rapid requirements of the field, and result within 5-10 minutes, and can be qualitative or quantitative with high sensitivity.

This product uses the colloidal gold competition method to quickly detect the residues of T2 toxin in cereals and feeds through specific antigen-antibody reactions. It is suitable for on-site rapid detection of various enterprises, testing institutions and supervision departments.

Samples for T2 test

Crops that are susceptible to T-2 contamination include corn, wheat, barley, oats, rice and rye.

Detection of limit for T2 test

The LOD may change according to requirement or specimen's difference, please refer to kit instruction for further details.

The importance of T2 test

T2 test can help manufacturers, regulatory agencies, and the general public monitor product quality and help humans protect their health.

Component of T2 test

1. Micro-Well Reagent: 8 tests/tube, 12 tubes/box

2. Test Strip: 8pcs/tube, 96pcs/box

3. Manual Instruction: 1pc

Materials Required for T2 Test, But Not Provided

1. Micropipette 10-200ul

2. Tips for mini pipette, 96pcs

3. Microwells

4. Timer

How to use T2 Test?

1. Add 200ul test sample into micro well reagent.

2. Incubate for 2 minutes.

3. After 8 minutes, read the results.

4. Refer to the kit instruction for further details.

Interpretation of T2 Test


T2 toxin is widely present in nature and pollutes our food, feed, oil and all the resources on which we depend for survival. Therefore, timely detection of the presence of T2 is particularly important.

The T2 test kit provided by BALLYA can remove your doubts, and timely and accurately detect whether food and beverage contain T2.

How to order T2 Test?

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