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ballya-pesticide-testBALLYA Isocarbophos Test

What is BALLYA Isocarbophos Test?

BALLYA Isocarbophos Test is manufactured by BALLYA, it’s rapid test for detection Isocarbophos residues in feed, grain, food, medicine and tobacco, especially in feed and grain. Lateral flow assay test base on the gold immunochromatography assay technology.
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What is Isocarbophos and how does it work?

Isocarbophos mechanism of action

In insects, it can be first oxidized to more toxic hydrophosate, which inhibits acetylcholinesterase in insects. Poor durability in the soil and easy to decompose.

What is Isocarbophos used for?

Isocarbophos belongs to the organophosphorus insecticide and acaricide. It has a fast effect and a wide insecticidal spectrum. The main action modes are stomach poisoning, contact killing and oviposition. It mainly controls mites in the arachnids and scales in the insects. Insects of the order Ptera and Homoptera.

Isocarbophos for different insects

1. Cotton spider mite and cotton aphid: Use 50-100ml 20% isocarbophos EC per mu of land with 50-75 kg water, mix well and spray.
2. Cotton bollworm and red bollworm: During the hatching of the eggs, use 100-200ml of 20% isocarbophos emulsifiable concentrate per mu of land with 50-100 kg of water, mix well and spray.
3. Rice leaf roller, rice thrips: Use 150ml of 20% isocarbophos EC per mu of land with 50 kg of water, mix well and spray.
4. Rice gall midge: Use 100ml of 20% isocarbophos EC to 60 kg of water per mu of land, mix well and spray.
5. Pear worms, leaf rollers, and bag moths on fruit trees without fruit: spray with 40% isocarbophos EC 1000-1500 times.

What are the side effects of Isocarbophos?

Isocarbophos is highly toxic to humans and animals, and can enter the human body through the esophagus, skin and respiratory tract, causing human body poisoning. After being poisoned, the human body will feel weakness in the limbs, and as the condition worsens, spastic paralysis will occur.

After using Isocarbophos, you should immediately use atropine to clean the skin that has been in contact with Isocarbophos; if poisoning is found, you can use cholinesterase reenergizer for treatment and go to the hospital immediately.

Precautions for using Isocarbophos

1. Isocarbophos cannot be mixed with alkaline pesticides.
2. Isocarbophos is a highly toxic pesticide and it is forbidden to be used on fruits, tea, tobacco, vegetables, and Chinese herbal plants.
3. Isocarbophos can cause poisoning through the esophagus, skin and respiratory tract. In case of poisoning, please seek medical treatment immediately. Avoid using potassium permanganate solution when cleaning, and can be treated with atropine drugs.
Note: Please strictly follow the instructions for use, don’t abuse, don’t misuse!

What specimen can be detected by BALLYA Isocarbophos Test?

Specimen include: all kinds of feed, grain, food, medicine and tobacco. Widely used in feed industry and food processing industry.
You can choose the right products according to your needs.

Significance of testing Isocarbophos

To protect the animal have health feed, grain, food, medicine and tobacco, avoid contaminated food. The isocarbophos is harmful for animal being, can not take too much in the body.

Component of BALLYA Isocarbophos Test?

BALLYA Isocarbophos Test, 25 cassettes
Sample Buffer, 1 vial
Mini Pipette (optional)
Disposable micropipette tips (optional)
Kit Instruction, 1pcs
Isocarbophos Test

How to use BALLYA Isocarbophos Test?

1. Take some specimen
2. Add the supernatant to cassette
3. Wait for 15 minutes to result
4. The details of operation, refer to the kit instruction

Limitations of BALLYA Isocarbophos Test?

BALLYA Isocarbophos Test is a qualitative test kit. It’s only for screening purpose. If have positive cases or suspected case, maybe use other detection method to make a further detection, such as, ELISA, PCR, qPCR, etc.


In recent years, with the prohibition of a number of highly toxic pesticides, the use of isocarbophos pesticides in China has increased, and their residues in agricultural products have also attracted more and more attention. Among them, the cyano-containing isocarbophos pesticides have many types and large amounts, and are particularly widely used in vegetable and fruit planting. The food safety problems caused by their residues have attracted increasing attention.

Currently, conventional detection methods include gas chromatography and high performance liquid chromatography. These methods have low detection limits and high sensitivity, and relevant technical standards can be referred to, but the sample preparation is complicated, the equipment is expensive, and the operation technology requirements are high, and they are basically incapable of rapid preliminary screening of large quantities of samples.

The BALLYA Isocarbophos Test provided by BALLYA can effectively detect the isocarbophos in the samples. Simple operation, short detection time and high accuracy are the characteristics of this product.

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