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What is BALLYA Iprodione Test?

BALLYA Iprodione Test is manufactured by BALLYA, it’s rapid test for detection iprodione residues in feed, grain, food, medicine and tobacco, especially in feed and grain. Lateral flow assay test base on the gold immunochromatography assay technology.
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What is Iprodione and how does it work?

Mechanism of action of iprodione

Iprodione can inhibit protein kinases and control intracellular signals of many cell functions, including the interference of carbohydrate binding into fungal cell components.

Therefore, it can inhibit the germination and production of fungal spores, as well as the growth of hyphae. That is to say, it has an impact on all developmental stages in the life history of pathogens.

Iprodione product characteristics

1. Suitable for a variety of vegetables and ornamental plants such as melons, tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, garden flowers, lawns, etc. The main targets for prevention and control are diseases caused by Botrytis, Pearl fungus, Alternaria alternata, Sclerotinia sclerotiorum, etc. Such as gray mold, early blight, black spot, sclerotinia and so on.

2. Iprodione is a broad-spectrum contact-killing protective fungicide. It also has a certain therapeutic effect. It can also be absorbed through the roots to act as a systemic effect. It can effectively control fungi that are resistant to benzimidazole systemic fungicides.

What is Iprodione used for?

Iprodicarb is a broad-spectrum contact fungicide. It acts on spores, mycelium and sclerotium at the same time, and inhibits germination and growth of spores of pathogenic bacteria. It is almost impermeable in plants and is a protective fungicide.

This agent has a good bactericidal effect on Botrytis cinerea, Sclerotinia, Alternaria, Sclerotium, and Clariasporium. To prevent tomato early blight, start spraying about 10 days after tomato transplantation, use 50% wettable powder 11.3-22.5g/100m2, spray once every 2 weeks, a total of 3 to 4 times; control gray mold before the disease occurs Start medication, use 50% wettable powder 5g/100m2, spray once every 10-14 days (best flowering and fruiting period), a total of 3 to 4 times, can improve the yield and quality of tomatoes.

For example, 100-200g of original medicine is used for seed treatment per hundred kilograms of seeds, which can prevent smut caused by Helminthosporium graminearum and Tilletia vulgaris.

Soaking potato seed potatoes with a 50% wettable powder to a concentration of 4g/L is effective in preventing moles caused by Rhizoctonia solani. Scallion and garlic bulb treatment can prevent black rot sclerotinia.

Using 50% wettable powder 11.3~15g/100m2, spray the medicine once at the initial flowering stage and the blooming stage of rape, which can prevent and cure rape sclerotia.

Application This agent should be used alternately or mixed with other agents to avoid drug resistance.

What are the side effects of Iprodione?

Precautions for the use of iprodione

1. It cannot be mixed or rotated with procymidone, vinclozolin and other fungicides with the same mode of action.

2. Can’t be mixed with strong alkaline or strong acid agents.

3. In order to prevent the emergence of resistant strains, the number of applications of iprodione during the entire growth period of the crop should be controlled within 3 times. Use it at the beginning and before the peak of the disease to obtain the best effect.
Note: Please strictly follow the instructions for use, don’t abuse, don’t misuse!

What specimen can be detected by BALLYA Iprodione Test?

Specimen include: all kinds of feed, grain, food, medicine and Chinese herbal medicine. Widely used in feed industry and food processing industry.
You can choose the right products according to your needs.

Significance of testing Iprodione

To protect the animal have health feed, grain, food, medicine and tobacco, avoid contaminated food. The iprodione is harmful for animal being, can not take too much in the body.

Component of BALLYA Iprodione Test?

BALLYA Iprodione Test, 25 cassettes
Sample Buffer, 1 vial
Mini Pipette (optional)
Disposable micropipette tips (optional)
Kit Instruction, 1pcs
Iprodione Test

How to use BALLYA Iprodione Test?

1. Take some specimen
2. Add the supernatant to cassette
3. Wait for 15 minutes to result
4. The details of operation, refer to the kit instruction

Limitations of BALLYA Iprodione Test?

BALLYA Iprodione Test is a qualitative test kit. It’s only for screening purpose. If have positive cases or suspected case, maybe use other detection method to make a further detection, such as, ELISA, PCR, qPCR, etc.


In recent years, with the prohibition of a number of highly toxic pesticides, the use of iprodione pesticides in China has increased, and their residues in agricultural products have also attracted more and more attention. Among them, the iprodione pesticides are particularly widely used in vegetable and fruit planting. The food safety problems caused by their residues have attracted increasing attention.

The BALLYA Iprodione Test provided by BALLYA can effectively detect the iprodione in the samples. Simple operation, short detection time and high accuracy are the characteristics of this product.

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