Zearalenone Rapid Test Kit


For food, grain, feed to detect mycotoxins

Specs:96T / box
Testing Time:7-10 mins
Regulation: CN / EU / RU / US

What is zearalenone test?

Zearalenone test uses the colloidal gold competition method to quickly detect the residues of zearalenone in grain feed through the specific antigen-antibody reaction. It is suitable for on-site rapid detection of various enterprises, testing institutions and supervision departments.
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What is zearalenone?

1. Definition

Zearalenone is an estrogen-like mycotoxin produced by Fusarium graminearum and other Fusarium species. It is widely found in corn, wheat, sorghum and other grains and their products. It has strong reproductive and developmental toxicity and teratogenicity. It can cause slow growth and immunosuppression of poultry and livestock, and can enter the human body through the food chain, causing blood and immunotoxicity, and its carcinogenic activity can cause tumors and bring great harm to human health.

2. Zearalenone Characteristics

Zearalenone has good thermal stability and low solubility in water, but it is very soluble in organic solvents. This type of mold can grow on a variety of grains, especially in environments with moderate temperature and high humidity. Temperature fluctuations in low-temperature environments can lead to large amounts of toxins. The optimal growth temperature for this type of mold is about 25 °C. When the ambient temperature drops to about 10 °C and the humidity is greater than 14%, it will trigger a secondary metabolic reaction of the mold. This secondary metabolic reaction will cause the production of zearalenone, which is naturally occurring.

3. Zearalenone Effects

Zearalenone has an estrogenic effect, which mainly acts on the reproductive system and can cause hyperestrogen in livestock, poultry and experimental mice. Zearalenone also exists in many higher plants, and is used as a hormone in plants to regulate plant growth. Studies have shown that exogenous zearalenone can partially replace the sunshine conditions required for flowering of winter wheat, and zearalenone can also accelerate the development of tobacco flower buds and winter wheat ears.

The use of zearalenone can improve the drought and cold resistance of corn seedlings. Corn seedlings soaked with zearalenone have slow water drop under drought conditions, low relative conductivity, high superoxide dismutase activity, and increased free proline content. At the same time, the method of soaking seeds can also obtain corn seedlings with strong cold resistance, and the study concluded that the effect of soaking seeds in 1mg/L zearalenone solution is better. In the continuous research and development, more crops have the advantageous direction of breeding through the action of zearalenone.

Hazards of Zearalenone

Zearalenone (ZEN), as a representative of fusarium toxin, can not only directly contaminate crops such as cereals, and then enter humans or animals, but also enter the human body through contaminated meat, milk and other animal foods, and damage humans’ and animal’ health, and cause huge economic losses.

Pregnant animals (including humans) eating food containing zearalenone can have miscarriage, stillbirth and teratogenesis. Eating various pasta made from wheat flour containing head blight can also cause central nervous system poisoning symptoms, such as nausea, chills, headache, mental depression and ataxia.

A large number of studies have found that ZEN has reproductive and teratogenic toxicity, apoptosis toxicity, DNA damage toxicity, and oxidative damage toxicity. Zearalenone has an estrogenic effect, which mainly acts on the reproductive system and can cause hyperestrogen in livestock, poultry and experimental mice. Eating various pasta made from wheat flour containing head blight can also cause central nervous system poisoning symptoms, such as nausea, chills, headache, mental depression and ataxia.

ZEN itself also has problems such as wide distribution, fast reproduction, high heat resistance, many metabolites, high toxicity, long residual time, and difficult handling. ZEN has attracted the attention of the whole world, and all countries have established strict limit standards for the content of zearalenone in grains or grain products.

Even if the contaminated feed is replaced, the clinical manifestations usually last a long time. Female animals cannot resume their normal estrus cycle. Although the appearance of uterine and rectal prolapse due to sphincter relaxation is not common, this is the most obvious typical symptom of zearalenone. In this case, if the mucosal surface is damaged or contaminated, it is likely to induce secondary infection. 

Mammary gland edema in sows is usually used as a sign to determine the stage of pregnancy and farrowing. Poisoned animals usually begin to show the increase in the volume of the vulva and mammary glands in the last 3 weeks of pregnancy, and have already begun to produce milk 2 weeks before delivery. 

Common symptoms of porcine zearalenone poisoning are: infertility, pseudopregnancy, persistent estrus, and reduced litter size (generally due to a reduction in the number of developing follicles). Embryos are absorbed, embryo malformation, and piglet hyperestrogenism (usually occurs in piglets within a week of poisoned sows). 

Hyperestrogen syndrome is characterized by redness and swelling of the vulva and premature breast development. The most critical period affecting embryo survival is the 7th and 10th day of pregnancy. It is almost impossible for pigs to abort during the last 2 months of pregnancy because estrogen has a luteinizing effect in pigs. 

Zearalenone poisoning also often leads to refusal to or reduced feed intake. This is due to the growth of numerous molds leading to a decrease in the palatability of the feed and the damage caused by zearalenone to the liver. The growth of molds can also lead to the loss of nutrients, especially the energy in the feed will be used in large quantities by molds. 

One of the biggest consequences of porcine zearalenone poisoning is abnormal estrus cycle. Normally, sows show all the typical estrus symptoms, but do not show the willingness to accept mating and refuse to climb across. The conception rate of the herd may be reduced by 70%, and the number of litters of pregnant sows is reduced. The survival rate of piglets within 24 hours after birth is also seriously affected. The number of dead piglets has also increased, and breastfeeding will also encounter great problems, such as a significant increase in the number of piglets that die from crushing and starvation. The survival rate of piglets within 1 week will also be affected. Many piglets show the symptoms of splayed legs, and some have uncoordinated limbs.

Features of Zearalenone Test

1. Easy to use for feed factory and farmers

2. Results visible within 8 minutes

3. High sensitivity

4. No special training required

Zearalenone Test Specimen

Animal feed, cereals (wheat, wheat bran, corn, coconut, millet, flour, corn, rice, paprika)

Detection Limit of Zearalenone Test

The LOD maybe change according to requirement or specimen's difference, please refer to zearalenone test kit instruction.

The significance of detecting zearalenone

The temperature drop will stimulate the growth of zearalenone. Humidity is the catalyst for growth, but if the moisture content drops to below 15%, zearalenone will stop growing. However, if the moisture content of the storage facility cannot be maintained well, even if the corn contaminated with zearalenone in the corn kernel is dried to less than 15%, they will continue to grow.

Early detection of zearalenone in the field and in storage is important because it remains stable at high temperatures and can survive in food processing. In productive animals, zearalenone contamination in grains in animal feed can lead to reduced food intake, leading to weight gain and reduced productivity.

In addition, testing for zearalenone helps to protect crop quality.

What does the zearalenone test contain?

1. Micro-Well Reagent: 8 tests/tube, 12 tubes/box

2. Test Strip: 8pcs/tube, 96pcs/box

3. Manual Instruction: 1pc

Materials Required for Zearalenone Test, But Not Provided

Micropipette 10-200ul

Tips for mini pipette, 96pcs



How to use the zearalenone test strip?

1. Add 200ul test sample into micro well reagent

2. Incubate for 2 minutes.

3. After 8 minutes, read the results

4. Refer to the manual instruction for further details.

Interpretation of zearalenone test


Zearalenone is widely present in corn, wheat and other grains, and its toxicity can cause serious damage to the reproductivity of productive animals, thereby also severely reducing yield. And the toxicity of zearalenone will be transmitted to the human body through the food chain, so the detection of zearalenone is particularly important.

The zearalenone test provided by BALLYA can solve your problems, and timely and accurately detect whether food and beverage contain zearalenone.

How to order zearalenone Test?

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