Spectinomycin Test


For Milk, Milk Powder, Pasteurized Milk

Specs:96T / box
Testing Time:7-10 mins
Regulation: CN / EU / RU / US

What is Spectinomycin Test?

Single Test Kit, rapid to detect Spectinomycin residues in milk and dairy product by using colloidal gold immunochromatography technology. As soon as 7-10 minutes to results.
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What is spectinomycin?

1. Definition

Spectinomycin is an aminoglycoside antibiotic produced by the fermentation and extraction method of Streptomyces spectabilis. It has antibacterial activity against most gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. 

It is highly effective on the popular Neisseria gonorrhoeae isolates, and penicillin and tetracycline-resistant Neisseria gonorrhoeae are also highly sensitive to it. In the clinical treatment of infections caused by Neisseria gonorrhoeae, it has outstanding efficacy, few side effects and safety and other characteristics. It has become one of the preferred drugs for the treatment of gonorrhea in China.

In addition, spectinomycin's low toxicity and broad-spectrum antibacterial properties make it more and more widely used in agriculture and animal husbandry. Spectinomycin has no chromophore, and the maximum ultraviolet absorption wavelength is near 190 nm, which belongs to the terminal absorption region. 

In addition, the hemiketal in the structure is very unstable and easily degraded, making spectinomycin content analysis more difficult. In the past 20 years, researchers have continuously introduced and improved spectinomycin detection and analysis methods.

2. Pharmacological effects

This product has a certain antibacterial effect on gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, such as hemolytic streptococcus, pneumococcus and staphylococcus epidermidis, Escherichia coli, pneumonia bacillus, salmonella and dysentery, but the effect is weak. 

The most prominent feature is that it has a specific effect on the Neisseria gonorrhoeae that inhibits the production of penicillinase, so it is a new type of antibiotic for the treatment of gonorrhea. 

It can inhibit both enzyme-producing and non-enzyme-producing strains at 6.3-12 mg/L, and drug-resistant strains rarely appear, but it has no effect on Treponema pallidum and Chlamydia trachomatis.

3. Pharmacokinetics

It is not absorbed by mouth, but well absorbed by intramuscular injection. With a single injection of 2g, the highest blood concentration after 1 hour is 100μg/ml; a single dose of intramuscular injection, the effective rate can reach 90% to 96% within 1 week. 

The therapeutic effect of this medicine is the same as penicillin, but there are no penicillin allergy and drug resistance problems. t1/2 is 2.5h. Its protein binding rate is low. 100% of the drug is excreted in the urine.

4. Effects of Spectinomycin

It is mainly used to treat respiratory, urinary and biliary infections caused by sensitive bacteria. The antibacterial spectrum is basically the same as that of tetracycline and oxytetracycline, and the antibacterial power in vivo and in vitro is stronger than that of tetracycline. 

Microorganisms have close cross-resistance to this product, tetracycline and oxytetracycline. It is mainly used for upper respiratory tract infections, tonsillitis, biliary tract infections, lymphadenitis, cellulitis, chronic bronchitis, etc. caused by sensitive gram-positive bacteria and gram-negative bacilli. It is also used for the treatment of typhus, Qiangworm disease, mycoplasma pneumonia, etc.

It cannot only be used to treat cholera, but also to prevent falciparum malaria and Leptospira infection. It is mainly used for upper respiratory tract infections, tonsillitis, biliary tract infections, lymphadenitis, cellulitis, chronic bronchitis, etc. caused by sensitive gram-positive cocci and gram-negative bacilli. It is also used for typhus, tsutsugamushi, Mycoplasma pneumonia and so on. 

The antibacterial spectrum is basically the same as that of tetracycline and oxytetracycline, and the antibacterial power in vivo and in vitro is stronger than that of tetracycline.

In addition, spectinomycin has the advantages of low toxicity, so it has limited side effects to mammals' liver, lung, kidney, etc. within the effective dose range, and it is becoming one of the preferred choices of veterinary drugs. Studies have shown that spectinomycin can effectively treat and prevent livestock and poultry diseases caused by Streptococcus, Erysipelas filamentous bacteria, Staphylococcus aureus, Pasteurella, Escherichia coli, Salmonella and Mycoplasma, especially for mixed infections of Mycoplasma and Escherichia coli Significantly. 

Spectinomycin has strong penetrating power to tissues and cells, and can be used to treat domestic animal gram-negative bacteria (brucella, Klebsiella, Proteus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Salmonella, Pasteurella, etc.), leather Lan's positive bacteria (streptococcus, staphylococcus, etc.) infection also. It has the characteristics of strong antibacterial power, low toxic and side effects, and extremely low drug residues.

As a new type of veterinary antibiotic, spectinomycin has few resistant strains. The antibacterial test on 302 strains of pathogenic bacteria of bovine respiratory tract infection showed that the total effective rate of spectinomycin reached 93.5% to 98%. In addition, spectinomycin has the advantage of puny toxic and side effects. 

According to the "Technical Specification for Veterinary Drug Tests" of the Ministry of Agriculture, the mice dosing test did not find any toxicity. Spectinomycin is well absorbed by intramuscular injection, and the blood concentration can reach a peak in about 1 hour. About 80% of the spectinomycin is excreted in the urine after 6 hours. 

After 48 hours of administration, almost 100% is eliminated from the urine, and the residual amount is extremely low. In addition to the widely used spectinomycin hydrochloride, the US FDA also approved the application for spectinomycin sulfate as a veterinary drug and feed additive in 1998.

The harm of spectinomycin

Spectinomycin can only be injected intramuscularly, not by intravenous infusion, otherwise it will not only affect the effect of medication, but also cause serious discomfort to the body, which will cause serious harm to health. We must follow the doctor's instructions during the medication, so as to avoid any perilous impact on the body.

Spectinomycin may cause severe pain at the injection site, and may also induce the occurrence of urticaria, which will make the patient very uncomfortable. If it is not treated in time, it can even seriously endanger your health.

Moreover, spectinomycin may also cause dizziness, nausea, fever, chills, insomnia and other symptoms. This can be a great impact on daily life and work, so we must stop the drug immediately.

In addition, spectinomycin may also cause the decrease of hemoglobin and hematocrit, and even cause the height of base aminotransferase and alkaline phosphatase. Some patients will also experience reduced urine output, so we should use medicine with caution.

Lincomycin is eliminated quickly in pig tissues, and slowly for Spectinomycin. On the 6th day after administration, lincomycin and spectinomycin in all tested tissues should be below the maximum residue limit. The order of the residual concentration of spectinomycin in various organs in pigs is: kidney>liver>injection site>muscle>fat, indicating that the kidney is the target tissue of the two antibiotics.

Features of Spectinomycin Test

1. 7min reading results

2. Detection limits respond to EU and US FDA norms

3. Neither professionals nor equipment required

4. Easy to operate and read

Detection Method of Spectinomycin Test

Spectinomycin Test, based on colloidal gold competition method, is used for testing spectinomycin residues in milk sample and meets EU MRL. This kit can be applied for on-site rapid testing by various departments.

Samples of Spectinomycin Test

Samples include: raw milk, milk powder, pasteurized milk.

Detection Limit of Spectinomycin Test

The LOD may change according to requirement or specimen's difference, please refer to kit instruction for further details.

Importance of Spectinomycin Test

Spectinomycin Test can help manufacturers, regulatory agencies, and the general public monitor product quality and help humans protect their health.

Components of Spectinomycin Test

1. Micro-Well Reagent: 8 tests/tube, 12 tubes/box

2. Test Strip: 8pcs/tube, 96pcs/box

3. Manual Instruction: 1pc

Materials for Spectinomycin Test

1. Sample Tube

2. Pipette & Pipette Tip

3. Well-Tray

How to use Spectinomycin Test?

1. Add 200ul milk into a well, then pipet up and down for 10 times to completely mix the sample with the reagent in the well.

2. Then incubate for 5min.

3. Insert the test strip into the micro-well-plate with the sample pad fully dipped.

4. After 5 minutes, read the results.


When antibiotics were first used on humans, we regarded them as "magic drugs". As the problem of antibiotic abuse continues to worsen, their resistance has also brought huge harm to humans.

Therefore, in daily life, we should avoid food with antibiotic residues. The first step to self-help: we need to detect antibiotic residues.

How to order Spectinomycin Test?

Please check the online catalog and contact our sale representative via email: info@ballyabio.com or fill out contact form below:

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