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Ballya-antibiotic-testBALLYA Animal Healthcare Test

What is BALLYA Animal Healthcare Test?

The BALLYA Animal Healthcare Test includes 3 types of detection methods: colloidal gold immunochromatography, immunofluorescence chromatography and ELISA. There are quantitative and qualitative rapid detection, simple operation, shorten detection time, and reliable detection results. The BALLYA Animal Healthcare Test is often used in animal disease surveillance center, pig farms, cattle farms, sheep farms, poultry farms and pet health monitoring.
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BALLYA Animal Healthcare Test for pig disease:

Pig disease Series include:

BALLYA Animal Healthcare Test for ruminant disease:

Ruminant disease Series include:

BALLYA Animal Healthcare Test for poultry disease:

Poultry disease Series include:

Why need BALLYA Animal Healthcare Test?

What is a veterinary drug?

Veterinary Drugs: refers to substances (including medicated feed additives) used to prevent, treat, and diagnose animal diseases or to purposely regulate the physiological functions of animals.
Veterinary drugs mainly include: serum products, vaccines, diagnostic products, microecological products, Chinese herbal medicine, Chinese patent medicines, chemicals, antibiotics, biochemical drugs, radioactive drugs, external pesticides, disinfectants, etc.

What are the types of veterinary drugs?

Effects of veterinary drug abuse

Adding a certain amount of drugs (such as antibiotics, etc.) to the feed has a positive effect on enhancing animal disease resistance and improving production performance. However, blindly adding or even abusing veterinary drugs will not only fail to achieve the effect of animal health, but also affect human health and
The ecological environment is extremely harmful. There are mainly the following aspects:
① "Three causes" effects and acute poisoning, such as adding Clenbuterol and other illegal drugs in livestock and poultry feeds, causing drugs in animal products.
The residual amount is seriously exceeding the standard. After people eat the meat that exceeds the standard, it will cause poisoning, and pregnant women will experience teratogenesis and stillbirth after eating.

② Allergic reactions, some antibacterial drugs such as penicillin, sulfa drugs, tetracycline and certain aminoglycoside antibiotics can cause allergic reactions in some people. Therefore, when these antibacterial drugs remain in animal products and enter the human body, they sensitize some people and produce antibodies. When these sensitized individuals are exposed to or treated with these antibiotics again, these antibiotics will interact with
The antibody binds to form an antigen-antibody complex and an allergic reaction occurs.

③ Drug resistance. Compared with the therapeutic dosage, the amount of health antibiotics added to the feed is less, causing the pathogenic bacteria in the animal body to be exposed to low-concentration drugs for a long time.
This promotes the continuous increase of drug-resistant strains (that is, resistance to drugs). Once the disease develops, the effect of antibiotics is greatly reduced, causing losses.

④ Promoting precocious puberty, high-concentration hormone residues in animal products, especially sex hormones, are extremely unfavorable to the growth and development of children and adolescents, and accelerate the sexual maturity of children.
BALLYA Animal Healthcare Test can effectively detect the above animal diseases or Pet detection indicators.

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    Significance of BALLYA Animal Healthcare Test

    With the economic trends in recent years, the breeding industry has achieved significant development, and the traditional small retail form has gradually formed large-scale. However, large-scale breeding has its own limitations and may have a negative impact on the benefits of farmers. Animal diseases are one of the thorny issues. One. For animal diseases, epidemic prevention and disease detection are the most effective and critical actions. Generally speaking, it has the characteristics of short cycle, fast development, and infectiousness. The symptoms, existing data, and treatment plans of different diseases are different. Therefore, the early stage of immune detection is particularly important, which requires us to pay attention to animal disease monitoring in the current era.
    The BALLYA Animal Healthcare Test disease detection kit provided by BALLYA has a diverse series, which can detect different diseases for different animals. The detection time is short, the accuracy is high, and the operation is convenient, allowing the user to complete all the operating procedures alone.


    Animal diseases pose a huge threat to milk production, the growth of pigs, cattle, and sheep, and the health of household pets. Timely treatment and effective prevention of animal diseases is one of the important means to solve the problem.
    BALLYA Animal Healthcare Test provides rapid detection kits for many common animal diseases. It can be processed before the animal becomes ill or suspected animal cases to minimize economic losses. Ballya will continue to research more rapid animal disease detection reagents.

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