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BALLYA Pet Healthcare Test

Ballya-antibiotic-testBALLYA Pet Healthcare Test

What is BALLYA Pet Healthcare Test?

The BALLYA Pet Healthcare Test includes 3 types of detection methods: colloidal gold immunochromatography, immunofluorescence chromatography and ELISA. There are quantitative and qualitative rapid detection, simple operation, shorten detection time, and reliable detection results. The BALLYA Pet Healthcare Test is often used in family, pet hospital, pet adoption center, pet health center, etc.
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BALLYA Pet Healthcare Test for pet diseases:

Pet diseases Series include:

Why need BALLYA Pet Healthcare Test?

It is used to detect the health of pets to ensure that pets can grow up healthily.

What pet should I get?

When you are preparing to keep a pet, you should consider the following questions for certification!

How long will this animal live?
What do pets eat?
How much exercise does a pet need?
How big will it become?
How much does the veterinarian cost?
Do I have enough time to properly care and clean up my pet?
What type of habitat does this pet need to be healthy?
What kind of exercise does this pet need?
Are pets allowed in my house, apartment or apartment?
Will there be young children, older people or people with weakened immune systems who will take care of or accompany pets?

In addition, keeping a pet needs to consider the situation of the family.

1. It should be noted whether family members are allergic to cats or dogs. If this happens, it is best not to keep pets.
2. Health problems of the elderly, children and pregnant women, children 5 years and younger, people with weakened immune systems, and people 65 years and older are more likely to spread diseases between animals and humans (also called zoonotic diseases). Pregnant women are also at higher risk of certain animal-related diseases.
3. People with weakened immune systems should take extra precautions when selecting and handling pets. Contact your veterinarian to help pick the best pet.
4. Because puppies are prone to bacteria, pay attention to the sanitary condition of the home.
5. Consider the situation of the surrounding neighbors. If there are many children and elderly people in the surrounding neighbors, it is recommended to raise some small dogs, such as Teddy and Pekingese, so as to prevent the puppy from harming the elderly and children. There will be conflicts.

The food a pet eats has a great impact on the health of the pet.

Can dogs eat cucumbers?
Dogs are omnivores and can eat cucumbers. However, because of their different physiques, dogs with sensitive gastrointestinal tracts may experience symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhea after eating cucumbers. At this time, they need to stop feeding immediately. It will usually recover after stopping. If you still have vomiting and diarrhea after stopping, you need to take it to the hospital for examination and treatment. It may be an illness and not simply caused by cucumber.
Can dogs eat cinnamon?
The answer is the obvious "yes." However, it should be noted that whether it is a nutritionist or a doctor, whether cinnamon can produce the same effect on dogs as humans is still unconfirmed. But what we can know is that the dogs did not have any adverse reactions after taking cinnamon powder.
Can dogs eat potatoes?
Dogs can eat potatoes, but potatoes cannot be eaten if they sprout or change color, which may cause food poisoning. Dogs usually can’t eat many things, such as onions, chocolate, macadamia nuts, and many fruit cores can cause dog poisoning. Avoid these foods in daily life, try to use dog food as the main food, and occasionally boil meat with white water. Give it a snack, but not too much to avoid pancreatitis.
Can dogs eat peaches?
Dogs can feed peaches in moderation. Peaches are full of moisture, sweet and sour, and rich in vitamins and minerals. Many dogs love to eat them. To feed peaches, you need to remove the core, and it is best to chop the pulp, because some dogs eat more rudely, and the peach pulp is easy to get stuck in the throat. Puppies are not recommended to feed food other than dog food, including peaches, to avoid gastrointestinal discomfort.
Can dogs eat nuts?
It is best not to eat nuts, especially macadamia nuts. Dogs eating too much macadamia nuts can cause weakness in limbs and limp body, which can lead to death. In daily feeding, it is best to use dog food as the mainstay. Occasionally, you can boil white meat in water for additional meals.
Can dogs eat bread?
It is best for dogs not to eat bread. There are several reasons:
1. Bread is too high in salt and sugar for dogs, and eating too much is bad for dogs.
2. Preservatives, alum and other substances may be added to the bread, which will affect the health of the dog.
3. The bread is made of fermentation, and the dog may cause bloating and vomiting after eating it.
Can dogs eat beans?
The first point: If it is cooked beans, you can eat it, but try to eat less, because eating too many beans can easily cause flatulence and also cause some obstacles to the dog's digestive function.
The second point: if it is uncooked beans, it is not recommended for dogs to eat, because they are poisonous, and raw beans can easily block the dog’s esophagus or trachea, because the dog will not chew slowly, and will just eat it. Still don't give it to dogs.
There are also many foods that pets cannot eat, and you need to pay more attention to it in your daily life.

Where to buy BALLYA Pet Healthcare Test?

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    Significance of BALLYA Pet Healthcare Test

    Keeping a pet can make a person more self-disciplined, because the owner needs to feed it regularly and quantitatively every day, and also accompany it for walks. Keeping a pet will not feel lonely, because it is a kind of spiritual sustenance and can always be with the owner. Keeping pets can also reduce stress, and even make the owner happier. Therefore, the health of pets becomes very important.

    Research shows that the bond between people and pets can increase health, reduce stress and bring happiness to the host. The health benefits of keeping pets include:
    1. Reduce the risk of allergies
    2. Reduce anxiety and stress
    3. Better heart health
    4. Strengthen interpersonal relationships and social skills
    5. Improve mental health


    BALLYA Pet Healthcare Test provides rapid detection kits for many common pet diseases. It can be processed before the pets becomes ill or suspected pets cases to minimize economic losses. BALLYA will continue to research more rapid animal disease detection reagents.

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