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Dog Heartworm Disease Test (Ag)


For pet disease diagnosis

Specs:25T / box
Testing Time:7-10 mins
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Dog Heartworm Disease Test (Ag) is based on the Colloidal gold immunochromatography to detect the CHW Ag in whole blood, blood plasma or serum of feline. 

Test Kit
20 pcs
20 pcs
PE Gloves
1 packet
Product Instruction
Storage & Shelf-Life
At 2~30℃, out of sun light & moisture, 24 months

Test Procedure
1. Collect the separated serum or blood plasma. The whole blood (without anticoagulant) collected within 4 hours can be used. The serum and plasma can be storage at 4℃ for 72 hours or frozen for long-term storage.
2. Take out and place the test card on the flat desk. Add 2 drop of sample into the sample well carefully.
3. Wait for 10-15 minutes at room temperature and read the result. The result after 15 minutes is invalid.

Interpretation of Results
Positive: line C&T appear
Negative: only line C appear
Invalid: line T&C does not appear or only the line T appear.

Results Illustration
Positive :
Refer to the instruction

Operation Guideline

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    Trivia questions : What is canine heartworm?

    What is dog heartworm?

    Canine heartworm is a parasitic disease that affects the upper body of domestic pet cats, dogs, and other livestock. The disease is mainly caused by the death of livestock due to hygienic breeding, and the grouping of livestock makes the disease easy to spread.

    Dog with heartworm symptoms

    Adults are parasitic in the heart, causing heart damage and gradually affecting the health of dogs, cats and humans. Therefore, cats and dogs have no noticeable discomfort at the beginning of the disease. After a period of infection, they gradually became impatient with exercise, coughing, and shortness of breath. Misdiagnosed as bronchitis or general heart disease. In the later stages, he died of cardiopulmonary failure, anemia, hydronephrosis, ascites, jaundice, and liver and kidney failure.
    Dogs can develop chronic endocarditis, cardiac hypertrophy, and right ventricle dilatation. In severe cases, venous congestion can cause ascites and liver enlargement. The affected dog exhibited cough, heart, weak pulse, heart murmur, increased abdominal circumference, and difficulty breathing. In the later stages, anemia improves and gradually becomes thinner and thinner until death.

    Dog heartworm diagnosis

    The diagnosis of canine heart filariasis is mainly based on the observation of clinical symptoms and combined with microfilaria aria disease in peripheral blood. If there is a characteristic skin lesion, blood is collected at the center of the lesion to check for worms. In addition, commercial reagents are available for antigen detection. In addition to the above two commonly used diagnostic methods, other diagnostic techniques (such as chest radiography and electrocardiogram) can be used to improve the diagnosis rate. It can also be used to assess the condition of sick dogs.

    Can dog heartworm be cured?

    Surgical treatment
    In Japan and Taiwan, heartworm surgery is used to temporarily reduce the number of parasitic filamentous worms, reduce the burden on the vena cava and right heart, and then perform deworming to reduce the risk of treatment.
    Medical treatment
    Extinction of adults:
    (1) Sodium thioarsenamide at a dose of 2.2 mg / kg body weight, slowly intravenously, twice a day for 2 consecutive days. Taking aspirin before, during and after treatment is good for dogs.
    (2) Dithiobenzene arsenic hydrochloride, the dosage is 2.5 mg / kg body weight, diluted with distilled water to a 1% solution, and slowly injected intravenously, once every 4 to 5 days, the drug has a strong deworming effect.


    Heartworm life cycle

    Heartworm flow to the skin with blood. When mosquito or flea bites suck blood, they enter the body and eventually reach the salivary glands and oral organs. When mosquitoes and fleas bite other dogs, the microfilaments will escape, penetrate into the human subcutaneous, intermuscular and adipose tissue, grow, then enter the right ventricle through the vein, waiting for 8-9 months to mature.

    Is heartworm contagious?

    It is a blood parasitic disease transmitted by mosquito bites. It can infect dogs of any age. It is also found in cats and humans.

    Heartworm prevention

    This includes preventing bites from blood-sucking insects (mosquitoes, fleas, etc.), extinguishing mosquitoes and fleas, and using medication to prevent them. Mazine (marine) is administered at an internal dose of 6.6 mg / kg body weight and should be administered continuously during the mosquito and fly season. For microfilaria aria-positive dogs, the use of thiazine is strictly forbidden. Adults and microfilaria must be killed with drugs before being used for prevention.

    Heartworm for cats

    Foreign research reports show that stray cats suffer from filariasis from 4% to 15%. Because cats have smaller hearts, they have a much higher mortality rate than dogs once they have the disease.

    Heartworm symptoms in cats

    Cats have cough, vomiting, weight loss, decreased energy, loss of appetite, difficulty breathing, respiratory failure or sudden death. ELISA can be used to test antigens in cats' genital tract (only for infected female cats). X-rays can show vasodilation and deformation around the lungs, right ventricular dilatation, and local diffuse lung disease.

    Heartworm prevention for cats

    It is necessary to prevent biting blood-sucking insects (mosquitoes, etc.), extinguish mosquitoes and fleas, and prevent them with drugs. Mazine is an internal preparation. The dose is 6.6 mg per 1 kg. It should be taken continuously during the mosquito and fly season. For larva-positive cats, the use of thiazines is strictly prohibited. After killing adults and larvae with drugs, Coco should use thiazide for prevention.

    Dog heartworm treatment

    Dog heartworm medications

    Expulsion of microfilament aria: Adults excrete microfilament aria and microfilament aria for 6 weeks. (1) Use ivermectin 0 05 ~ 0 1 mg / KG body weight, subcutaneous injection once. (2) Insecticide is the most effective drug to kill microfilariasis. A 7% dithion solution was injected subcutaneously at a dose of 0.2 ml / kg body weight and repeated every two weeks if necessary. Do not use any pesticides or drugs that inhibit cholinesterase activity before or after using fenthion.

    Dog heartworm medicine side effects

    The side effects of drug treatment are: dead worms and larvae may form emboli in blood vessels, and tissue and organ ischemia or embolism due to swelling of dead worms, causing dogs with asthma, abdominal breathing and even sudden death. Therefore, care must be taken to appropriately limit the activities of the sick dog during the treatment process.

    Dog heartworm prevention

    Grasping the environment and dog's health, preventing mosquitoes and mosquitoes is an important measure to prevent the disease. Mazine can be mixed with feed at a dose of 6 mg / kg body weight during the mosquito activity season for continuous administration. For microfilaria aria-positive dogs, pyrimethamine is strictly prohibited to avoid allergic reactions and death. It is necessary to prevent adults and microfilariasis with drugs.


    Canine heartworm disease is a disease with a higher infection rate in dogs. The disease is usually transmitted through mosquito bites. Adults of heartworm are parasitic on the right heart and pulmonary arteries. Adults can have larvae. Dogs and cats circulate in the bloodstream and can be repeatedly infected with the disease. Although the disease is harmful, cure rates remain high if treated early.
    The Dog Heartworm Disease Test (Ag) kit provided by BALLYA can effectively detect whether a dog has canine heartworm disease or carries canine heartworm. The kit is not only simple to operate, but also has short detection time and high accuracy, so that the veterinarian can understand the dog's physical condition and take appropriate treatment measures in time.
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