Furaltadone Test For Aquatic Products (0.5PPB)


For Aquatic Products

Specs:10T / box
Testing Time:15 mins
Regulation: CN / EU / RU / US

What is Furaltadone test?

The Furaltadone Test is used for testing Furaltadone residues in livestock, poultry and aquatic products, suitable for site rapid testing of all kinds of enterprises, testing agencies and supervision departments. The whole test procedure only takes 35min, easy to operate and read.
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What is Furaltadone?

1. Definition

Furaltadone belongs to the broad-spectrum antibiotics of the nitrofuran class, and mainly appears in animal foods. It has been widely used as a growth-promoting additive for poultry, aquatic products and pigs. 

However, during a long period of experimental research, it was found that nitrofuran drugs and metabolites can cause experimental animals to become cancerous and genetic mutations, which is why this kind of drugs are prohibited from being used in treatment and feed, furaltadone was banned in 1995.

Levofuraltadone is the L enantiomer of furaltadone, a nitrofuran antibiotic, which is effective against bacterial infection in birds when added to feed or drinking water. Levofuranodone has been used to treat Trypanosoma cruzi infection in Chagas disease.

2. Uses

An antibacterial drug that was previously taken orally but withdrawn due to toxicity and is used topically (as hydrochloride) to treat ear diseases. It has antibacterial effect.

Drugs used to treat urinary tract infections and other diseases.

Furanone is a veterinary product used to treat and control salmonella infections in poultry.

HPLC separation of common antibiotics in fish farming.

Fish antibiotics are used in the fish industry to treat bacterial diseases of fish. In the fish industry, especially in developing countries, it is common practice to use large amounts of antibiotics to prevent infections. 

The antibiotics used are usually non-biodegradable and will remain in the environment for long periods of time, contaminating soil and groundwater. In agriculture, antibiotics are mixed with food, and residual drugs eventually remain in fish products and poultry, which causes humans to consume antibiotics and metabolites.

Five common antibiotics were separated on a Primesep C column under LC / MS compatible conditions. This method can be used for the quantitative determination of nitrofurantoin, nitrofuranone, furazolidone, furanone, chloramphenicol, and nitrofuranone in fish products and the environment.

The hazards of Furaltadone

It has a harmful effect on human health and is carcinogenic. Many countries, including the United States, Canada and the European Union, have their bans on the use of food. These countries have bans on all imported foods containing nitrofuran residues.

Features of Furaltadone Test

1. 15min reading results

2. Detection limits respond to EU and US FDA norms

3. Neither professionals nor equipment required

4. Easy to operate and read

Detection Method of Furaltadone Test

AMOZ Test is based on the competitive inhibition immune Furaltadone Metabolite assay. During the lateral flow procedure, AMOZ residues in extracted samples will bind to the colloidal gold-labeled specific monoclonal antibodies, inhibit the combination of antibodies. 

Then the AMOZ-BSA conjugates on the NC membrane, leading to color changes of the test line (line T).

Furaltadone drugs are rapidly metabolized in the body and cannot be detected. But due to binding to proteins, their metabolites are guaranteed to exist for a long time. Therefore, the detection of furaltadone metabolites as target analytes is often used to detect the residual amount of furaltadone drugs.

The detection of furaltadone is difficult because the metabolism occurs quickly after ingestion of these drugs. Metabolites of these drugs exist in tissues for a long time. 

AMOZ is a metabolite of furaltadone, which is not easily broken down in general cooking, and can be released from tissues under mild acidic conditions. Therefore, the detection of metabolites is often used to reflect the residual status of nitrofuran drugs.

Samples of Furaltadone Test

Samples include: pork, chicken, fish, shrimp and other aquatic products.

Detection Limit of Furaltadone Test

The LOD may change according to requirement or specimen's difference, please refer to kit instruction for further details.

Importance of Furaltadone Test

Furaltadone Test can help manufacturers, regulatory agencies, and the public monitor product quality and help humans protect their health.

Components of Furaltadone Test

1. Test Cards: 10 pcs

2. Extracting Reagent(6ml):10 bottle

3. Reagent A(55ml):1 bottle

4. Reagent B(6ml):1 bottle

5. Reagent C(12ml):1 bottle

6. Purifying Reagent(5ml):2 bottles

7. Derivatization Reagent(2ml):1 bottle

8. Re-hydration fluid(12ml):1 bottle

9. Centrifuge Tubes(15ml):20pcs

10. Product Instruction:1

How to use Furaltadone Test?

1. Prepare the sample. (Refer to the instruction.)

2. All reagents and Test Cards should be at room temperature before using. Please use the Test Cards within 1 hour.

3. Using a micropipette, inject 75ml of the sample into the sample hole (S hole).

4. Start the timer when the sample solution flows. After 10mins, interpret the test results according to the sketch picture. The result in other time period is invalid.


In order to improve the quality of aquatic products, ensure the safety of consumers, enhance the international competitiveness of China's aquatic products, and promote the smooth development of international trade in aquatic products, on December 27, 2019, furanone was included in the ban on the use of food animals. 

List of medicines and other compounds. However, there are still many unscrupulous merchants who take risks and use furanone in violation of regulations. This is a huge threat to consumer health.

The Furaltadone Test for Aquatic Products kit provided by BALLYA can effectively detect whether aquatic species still have furanodone, ensuring the quality and safety of aquatic products. The test results comply with EU standards.

How to order Furaltadone Test?

Please check the online catalog and contact our sale representative via email: info@ballyabio.com or fill out contact form below:

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