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Best Laminating Machine For NC Membrane

Automated NC Membrane Laminating System

Best Laminating Machine For NC Membrane 

Best Laminating Machine For NC Membrane
Best Laminating Machine is used to laminate membrane roll to plastic backing card and automatically cut the NC membrane required length. It's widely used in lateral flow test manufacturing with larger scale production line. 

It can be used for automated laminating:
1. NC Membrane
2. Absorbent pad
3. Lateral flow backing card
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Parameter of Best Laminating Machine

Power90-250VAC 50/60HZ
Size850*600*600 mm
Precision±0.2 mm
Speed600-1200 times/h
Product sizeLength: 300 mm;
Width: 50mm100mm
Thickness 0.2mm2mm

Characteristic of Best Laminating Machine

Design contributes to less contamination process.

Design has lower loss of raw materials.

Design gives air bubble free process and gives higher yield.

Adjustable for various membrane roll thicknesses and widths.

Adjustable card length via programmable control.

Efficient production, low costs.

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