Rapid Test Cassette Presser for Lateral Flow Cassette

For Lateral Flow Test Strip Manufacturing
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Lateral Flow Cassette Presser

Lateral Flow Cassette Presser

LFD00090(0.9 m) Lateral Flow Cassette Presser

Rapid Test Cassette Presser

LFD00050(0.5 m) Lateral Flow Cassette Presser

Lateral Flow Cassette Presser (also call Rapid Test Cassette Presser) is used to press lateral flow cassette and cover to make cassette combining tightly. This device widely used in larger scale production in IVD test industry. Suitable for lateral flow assay test manufacturing.

Parameter of Lateral Flow Cassette Presser 

Power250VAC 50/60HZ250VAC 50/60HZ
Size1000*470*420 mm600*470*330 mm
Speed0.5-10 m/min0.5-10 m/min
Thickness1.5-10 mm1.5-10 mm
Belt Width90 cm50 cm

Overview of Lateral Flow Cassette


Types of Lateral Flow Cassette

BALLYA manufacture various types of lateral flow cassette for lateral flow test strip manufacturing. For details, please contact with our sale representative or distributor in your local market.

Dimension of Lateral Flow Cassette

Single channel:
The normal size is 70mm * 20mm that carry strip size 3mm*60mm or 4mm*60mm.

Multiple channel:
It depens on how many strips in side, but the strip size is 3mm*60mm or 4mm*60mm.
Usually used to drug rapid test kit.

Midstream cassette:
This is special for HCG rapid test, single channel, long shape like a pen, 10mm*20mm, strip size, width is 3mm or 4mm; length will depens on the cassette design, from 6mm to 10mm.

What Type Rapid Test Strip Can Use Lateral Flow Cassette?

Lateral flow cassette can be used for all types lateral flow test. For example:
1. Food safety rapid test
2. Mycotoxin test kit
3. Antibiotic rapid test kit
4. Beta lactamase test
5. Drug rapid test kit
6. HCG rapid test
7. HIV rapid test
8. Malaria rapid test
... ... It can be used for more than hundreds type lateral flow test.

What Type Lateral Flow Cassette Can Use Lateral Flow Cassette Presser?

Usually, lateral flow cassette has many shapes of appearance, but all types lateral flow cassette can use lateral flow cassette presser for pressing and combining the cover and bottom.
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