Strip Cutter For Lateral Flow Assay Develop And Manufacturing

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Strip Cutter

Also name as rapid test strip cutter, the device for strip cutting from uncut sheet to strips. Automatic cutting a sheet into a certain width, it’s suitable for development or manufacturing of various in vitro diagnostics rapid test. The biggest feature is that can cut the strips one by one, it can be terminated or changed cutting width at any time. Also, you can change the speed slow down or raise upward rapidly at any time.
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Generally, the width of the finished test strip is between 3-6mm. If you do not use machine cutting but manual cutting, it will consume a lot of time, and the cutting angle and the sharpness of the blade will also have a greater impact on the product yield of strips. Using the strip cutter machine to cut will not cause edge squeezing effect, chromatographic film dislocation effect, adhesion effect and incomplete cutting and separation, thus effectively reducing the rate of waste test strips.
The high-speed strip cutter is one of the professional production equipment for rapid diagnostic test of colloidal gold and fluorescence. It is used in the production process to quickly cut the larger immunochromatographic lateral flow uncut sheets into test strips with specified width, which is suitable for larger and medium-sized IVD device manufacturers.

The features of Strip Cutter

-The cutting speed and the width of the test strip can be arbitrarily changed through parameter settings

-Counting, inspection and other processes can be completed during the cutting process

-Through the limit adjustment device, sheet materials of different widths can be easily imported

-The blade zero-clearance structure can effectively extend the blade life and cutting noise while ensuring the cutting quality.

-The blade can be easily removed, adjusted and installed

-Reasonable design effectively solves the problems of rough edges, sticky test strips and high rejection rate.

-The device has a counting function, such as decrement and reset can be easily realized by button operation.

-With automatic feeding function

-With continuous cutting and single cutting function

-Easy to operate, practical and stable

The parameter of Strip Cutter


220VAC 50/60HZ 3A

Gross Weight




Cutting Accuracy


Strip Width



470-500 strips/min

Width of sheet


Before use Strip Cutter

Preparation as below:
-the uncut sheets
-box or bag to contain test strips
-1 operator standby

Strip Cutter’s Operation Process

1. Turn on the device and check the all working conditions of the Strip Cutter if it’s abnormal.
2. Adjust the guide rail and put the material to be sliced
3. Press the feed button to stop the front end of the sheet under the upper knife
4. Press the cutting button to cut continuously
5. The operator completes inspection and splicing operations during the cutting process

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