Rapid Test Dispenser For IVD Test Manufacturing

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Rapid Test Dispenser For Lateral Flow Assay Test Manufacturing

Rapid Test Dispenser
The Rapid Test Dispenser can dispense reagents, spray colloidal gold- reagents or make dots on to the glassfibre, polye-ster membrane or NC membrane surface. This is a high precious machine and widely used in larger-scale lateral flow assay test manufacturing.
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Parameters of Rapid Test Dispenser

Power90-250VAC 50/60HZ
Air supply40-100psi
Volume accuracy±0.1%
Position precision土0.1mm
Working area100*350mm
Platform speed0-99.9mm/s
Min line space2mm
Spray range0.2-9.99ul/cm
Residual volume0

Characteristic of Rapid Test Dispenser 

Three functions: Dispense Lines, Spray lines, Make dots.

Precision Pump (XC3000,24000 microsteps) make sure the volume preciseness.

Unique dispense tip design, PEEK tube in touch,suitable to dispense line on membrane.Uniform lines, easy to operate, less waste of solution. Particularly suitable for fluorescence quantitative production.

Precious airbrush, excellent performance.

The platform is Gear-rack drive,which is stable, reliable, high precision and long life.

The frame is made of alloyed aluminum to ensure the stability of the machine.

Suitable for both production and R&D. Easy to continuous operation and micro- operation by setting.

Humanized software design Easy to switch between dispense,spray and dots. The line space,volume, length and repeat line can be set freely by setting.

One-button emptying function, easy to recycle the remaining solution.

Easy to retrofit, standard is 2 dispense lines and 1 spray pen can be extended to 16 lines if needed.
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