Lateral Flow Strip Cutter For Rapid Test Manufacturing

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Lateral Flow Strip Cutter

Lateral Flow Strip Cutter
Lateral flow strip cutter is used to cut laminated uncut sheet into final strips.With cutting speed 450-500pcs/min, it is suitable for medium and large immune immunity test factory.
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Parameters of Lateral Flow Strip Cutter

Power90-250VAC 50/60HZ
Cit ting size0.5-99.9mm
Speed470-500 strips/min
Width of uncut sheet0-100mm

Characteristic of Lateral Flow Strip Cutter

Speed and width can be arbitrarily changed by setting.

Counting and inspection can be completed during the cutting.

The blade zero-gap structure can effectively extend the blade.

life and lower cutting noise.

Blade can be easily removed, adjusted and installed.

Self degumming device.

Counting function.

Automatic feeding function.
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