Conveyor Dispensing System - Continuous Reagent Dispenser

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What is Conveyor Dispensing System?

Conveyor Dispensing System
Conveyor Dispensing System is the Continuous Reagent Dispenser can dispense reagents, spray Gold- reagents or make dots on to the glass fiber, polyester membrane or NC membrane surface. This is a high precious machine and widely used in larger scale lateral flow test manufacturing.

Conveyor Dispensing System is a table-top manufacturing machine especially designed for only dispensing C/T lines on NC membrane that has actually laminated on the sheet layout backing card. 

The convey belt is driven by a servo electric motor to smoothly communicate the uncut sheet, A knowledgeable driver can pass 2 uncut sheet without gap, thus significantly conserving using giving reagent.

The dispensing module supplies the low cost remedy for reagent application onto lateral circulation test strip items. Giving tip uses PEEK products to dispense reagent onto NC membrane layer by soft touching. Dispensing suggestion line spacing change and also substitute can be achieved without tools, enabling quick change-over between products.
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Features of Conveyor Dispensing System

1. Fit for continuous high volume dispensing production on sheet by sheet

2. Much reduced defective price, high regular, match for making measurable test

3. Repaired giving pointer component, very easy to set up and change

4. Micrometer heads control the Z axis lifting.

5. High precision quantitative pump format, extendable.

6. Easy set-up and also touchscreen driver user interface.

7. Micro-volume giving readily available

8. Easy to clean and maintain

9. Several nozzles can be customized

Parameters of Conveyor Dispensing System

Power90-230VAC 50/60HZ
Line space1-80mm
Dispenser speed1-8m/min
Line number2(Max:4)
Position precision±0.1mm
CapacityAround 1200 pieces

Characteristic of Conveyor Dispensing System

High efficiency: Comparing desktop dispenser, The efficiency will be more higer than desktop dispenser.

Low reject rat,: Because of Continous process.

Precision Pump (XL P6000,48000 microsteps) make sure the volume preciseness.

Specific dispense tip design, PEEK tube in touch, suitable to dispense line on membrane.

Use the Arm micro-chip controller and uc/os operating system to make sure system stable.

Programmable parameters for dispensing volume, speed and spacing.

Easy to operate little reagent to dispense line, spray line.

Micrometer adjuster controls tip height and Air pen hole size.

Easy operation and Durable and maintenance free design.

With a one -button emptying function, it is easy to recycle the remaining solution.

The device parameters can be saved to ensure that the parameters remain unchanged after power-on and restart.

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