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For Agricultural Products

Specs:10 T / box
Testing Time:15 mins
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What is Carbaryl test?

Carbaryl Test is based on the Colloidal Gold Immunochromatography to detect the Carbaryl residues in agricultural products. This kit can be applied for on-site or lab testing by various departments.
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What is Carbaryl?

1. Definition

Although Carbaryl is a highly effective and low-toxic pesticide, it is contaminated by domestic water due to its water solubility, and it has a long residual period in the soil, which can lead to food contamination. 

Crops and fish and seafood products in contaminated soil or water are exposed, or human exposure is caused by drinking contaminated drinking water or contacting polluted air during production.

Carbaryl 4L is a suspension of ultra-fine carbaryl insecticide in an aqueous medium. It can be dispersed in water and can be applied through the ground or air. For agricultural and commercial use only.

2. Uses

Used to control rice planthoppers, leafhoppers, thrips, bean aphids, soybean heartworm, cotton bollworm and fruit tree pests, forestry pests, etc.

A. Carbaryl insecticide
Carbaryl is a broad-spectrum, medium-toxic insecticide with strong contact and stomach poisoning effects, and a certain systemic insecticidal effect, but relatively weak. Its insecticidal speed is slower.

B. Carbaryl pesticide
Silvain is an old variety of carbamate insecticides, also known as menacarb and fenapyr. It is a broad-spectrum insecticide with contact and stomach toxicity. 

It is of medium toxicity and is allowed to be used in vegetable fields. In the vegetable field, it is mainly used to treat the soil before or after sowing to control underground pests. Use 5% powder 1.5-2.5 kg dusting or 25% wettable powder 500 g mixed with fine soil and 10 kg per acre. 

Pupae, gold needles, ground tigers, root worms, earthworms, etc. all have a certain inhibitory effect, but the melon field must not be used, and the melon seedlings are sensitive to the vitamin. 

The agent has a strong lethality to beneficial insects such as natural enemy insects and bees. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid the use of spray to control foliar pests, especially in farming fields.

Products with carbaryl

1. Carbaryl granules

A type of agricultural medicine. Granular preparations processed from solid pharmaceuticals and certain adjuvants (such as clay, slag, brick residue, tobacco stem powder, etc.). 

The particle size is preferably 10 to 60 meshes, that is, 1680 to 297 microns. For granules with different morphologies, there are several processing methods to choose from. Such as extrusion granulation, coating granulation, adsorption granulation, fluidized bed granulation, rotary granulation, spray granulation and so on. 

Suitable for processing pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, soil fumigants, etc. It has a wide range of applications. Because of its large particles, it is easy to use and less affected by wind.

2. Carbaryl spray

This product is an urethane insecticide, which has contact and stomach toxicity, has a slight systemic property, and can control more than 100 pests of more than 150 crops. 

It can be processed into wettable powder or gel suspension for controlling rice planthopper, rice leafhopper, cotton bollworm, soybean heartworm and fruit tree pest.

3. Carbaryl liquid

A common type of menavir, which needs to be diluted with water, and sprayed with a suitable concentration is more effective.

The hazards of Carbaryl

1. Toxicity

Toxicity: It is a medium poison. This product can be absorbed through the skin, but has no obvious cumulative effect. Multiple exposures will inhibit the cholinesterase activity in animals.

2. Carbaryl poisoning

Acute toxicity: LD50590mg / kg (rat oral); 4000 mg / kg (rat percutaneous); LC50171-200 mg / kg (mouse oral)

Subacute and chronic toxicity: 0.12 mg / kg orally in humans for 6 weeks, the ratio of amino acid / heparin nitrogen in urine decreases; 0.7 ~ 70 mg / kg × 6 to 12 months in rats, pituitary, gonad, adrenal and thyroid damage.

3. Carbaryl poisoning symptoms

The main symptoms are drooling, nausea, tearing, dilated pupils, blurred vision, and spasms. Its inhibitory effect on cholinesterase is relatively short. 

After stopping contact, cholinesterase recovers quickly.

4. Carbaryl poisoning treatment

Quickly leave the poisoning site, remove contaminated clothing, and thoroughly wash contaminated skin, hair and nails with soap and warm water. Remove poison; gastric lavage with 2% sodium bicarbonate solution.

Special detoxification drugs: Mild poisoning relieves quickly after disengagement. You do not need special detoxification drugs. 

If necessary, you can take atropine orally or intramuscularly. Severe poisoning should be achieved atropine as soon as possible according to the condition, but generally the total dose required is smaller than that when organophosphorus poisoning occurs, the interval between medications can be appropriately extended and the maintenance time is relatively short. Pure urethane insecticide poisoning does not require an oxime reactivator.

5. Carbaryl poisoning prevention

A. Respiratory system protection: It is recommended to wear a self-priming filter-type gas mask when contacting farmland spraying operations.

B. Eye protection: It is recommended to wear safety goggles.

C. Skin protection: Wear protective clothing and chemical-resistant gloves.

D. Others: Smoking, eating and drinking are prohibited at the work site. After work, shower and change clothes. Maintain good hygiene.

Features of Carbaryl Test

1. 15min reading results

2. Detection limits respond to EU and US FDA norms

3. Neither professionals nor equipment required

4. Easy to operate and read

Detection Method of Carbaryl Test

Carbaryl Test For Agricultural Products is based on the Colloidal Gold Immunochromatography to detect the Carbaryl residues in agricultural products. This kit can be applied for on-site or lab rapid testing by various departments.

Samples of Carbaryl Test

Samples include: agricultural products

Detection Limit of Carbaryl Test

The LOD may change according to requirement or specimen's difference, please refer to kit instruction for further details.

Importance of Carbaryl Test

Carbaryl Test can help manufacturers, regulatory agencies, and the public monitor product quality and help humans protect their health.

Components of Carbaryl Test

1. Test Kit: 10 pcs

2. Pipette: 10 pcs

3. Buffer Solution: 1 bottle

4. PE Groves: 1 packet

5. Product Instruction: 1

How to use Carbaryl Test?

1. Prepare the buffer solution follow the product instruction.

2. Take 2g samples (tubers--4g, Strip shaped—2g), cut cabbage into pieces about 1 cm. Take the cross-section or epidermis of the tubers into the sample cup, add 10ml of buffer solution. Shake for 1 ~ 2mins, pour out the exact solution, and stand for 2mins as test sample. If the extract is turbid or too many impurities, it can be measured after filtering.

3. Prepare the test card and the sample stand at room temperature and use the test card within 1h if unsealed.

4. Take out and place the test card on the flat desk. Pipette 2-3drops of sample, (about 60-80µl), into the sample well plate(no bubble).

5. Reacting for 3-5mins, then read the result. Result after 30mins is invalid.


Workers who use menavir in production operations or agriculture need to undergo regular occupational health examinations. Once abnormalities are found, they must be removed from contact in time and receive necessary treatment.

The Carbaryl Test For Agricultural Products kit provided by BALLYA can effectively detect whether Carbaryl residues are contained in agricultural products.

This kit is not only simple to operate, but also has a short test time and high accuracy, and the test results comply with EU standards. Can effectively ensure the safety of agricultural products.

How to order Carbaryl Test?

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