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What is BALLYA AnesFast Test?

The sedative test provided by BALLYA AnesFast Test can detect many plasticizers. Include 3 types of detection methods: Colloidal gold immunochromatography, Immunofluorescence chromatography and ELISA. There are quantitative and qualitative format rapid test, easy to operate, shortern assay time, reliable detection result. The test is done using competitive ELISA (competitive ELISA). Competitive ELISA is a very sensitive detection method that uses antibodies prepared against plasticizers. The BALLYA AnesFast Test frequently use in grain, foods and seafoods, etc.
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BALLYA AnesFast Test Series include:

Anesthetics commonly used in animal experiments are

1. Volatile anesthetics
Volatile anesthetics include ether, chloroform, etc. Ether inhalation anesthesia is suitable for all kinds of animals. The difference between the amount of anesthesia and the lethal dose is large, and the safety is also large. The depth of anesthesia is easy to master, and the awakening is faster after anesthesia. Its disadvantage is that it has a great local irritation effect, which can cause the secretion of upper respiratory tract mucosal fluid to increase, and then it can affect breathing, blood pressure and heartbeat through neural reflexes, and it is easy to cause suffocation. Therefore, someone must be looked after when inhaling ephedrine to prevent anesthesia too deep and the above situation occurs.

2. Non-volatile anesthetics
There are many types of non-volatile anesthetics, including phenobarbital sodium, pentobarbital sodium, thiopental sodium and other barbiturate derivatives, ethyl carbamate and chloral hydrate. These anesthetics are convenient to use, one administration can maintain a longer anesthesia time, the anesthesia process is relatively balanced, and the animal has no obvious struggle. But the disadvantage is slower recovery.

3. Traditional Chinese Medicine Anesthetics
In animal experiments, traditional Chinese medicine anesthetics such as datura flower and scopolamine hydrobromide are sometimes used, but because their effects are not stable enough and adjuvants are often needed to achieve ideal anesthetic effects, they cannot be popularized during use. Therefore, most experiments in the room does not use such anesthetics for anesthesia.

Why need BALLYA AnesFast Test?

What is an anesthetic?

Anesthetics refer to drugs or non-drug methods that can temporarily reversibly lose consciousness and pain in the body or part of the body, and are mostly used in surgery or the treatment of certain diseases.

Mechanism of action of anesthetics

Different anesthetics have different principles of action. For example, general anesthetics, whether inhaled anesthetics or intravenous anesthetics, act on the brain and center of the human body, causing central depression, making the center and brain unconscious and unable to feel pain to achieve The purpose of analgesia.

Through local application, local anesthetics mainly act on nerve conduction, block local nerves and block nerve conduction pathways, so that pain cannot be transmitted to the center ascendingly, and achieve the effect of local anesthesia.

Anesthetics as veterinary drugs

In order to minimize the toxicity and side effects of anesthetics (vomiting, tongue retraction, respiratory depression, cardiac arrest), and expand its safety and scope of use, people rarely use a single anesthetic, and generally use animal compound anesthetics or inhalation combined application of anesthetics, intravenous anesthetics, physical anesthetics, etc., to perform compound anesthesia on animals.

The development prospect of anesthetics

The new generation of narcotic drugs will replace the existing narcotic drugs, which are updated frequently, and the cycle from development to application of new drugs is shortened.

A new generation of anesthetic drugs with reliable anesthetic effect, low toxic and side effects, and less interference with normal physiological functions, including the powerful analgesic fentanyl and its analogs, etorphine and its analogs, and the α2 receptor agonist medetomil Pyridine, strong sedative droperidol, etonamidine ester, inhalation anesthetic enflurane and its analogues, muscle relaxant vecuronium bromide and its analogues.

These drugs have achieved satisfactory results in clinical applications. Through the unremitting efforts of scientific and technological workers, ideal anesthetics will surely replace existing anesthetics.
Note: Be extra careful when using anesthetics, listen to expert guidance, and do not use them indiscriminately.

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    Significance of BALLYA AnesFast Test

    Anesthesia is a reversible and temporary functional inhibition of the central nervous system and/or peripheral nervous system produced by drugs or other methods, so that the patient has no pain or other discomfort during the operation.

    General anesthetics have side effects such as respiratory suppression and cardiovascular system, which may cause unstable circulation, weakened breathing, and even stop breathing. During local anesthesia, it is the goal of the anesthesiologist to non-selectively inhibit the nerves according to the different dose and concentration, create the best surgical conditions for the operator, and ensure the safety and painless comfort of the patient's operation.


    In recent years, anesthetics have been widely used in fish production and scientific research. Anesthetics can reduce the damage to the fish during human operations and long-distance transportation, and effectively reduce the casualty rate. Therefore, the possibility of residual anesthetics in the seafood is very high. It is very important to detect the anesthetic residue in seafood!

    The BALLYA AnesFast Test provided by BALLYA can effectively detect anesthetics residues in feed, food, seafood. Its simple operation, short detection time and high accuracy are major features of this product.

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