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What is BALLYA HMQuick Test?

The sedative test provided by BALLYA HMQuick Test can detect many heavy metals. Include 3 types detection methods: Colloidal gold immunochromatography, Immunofluorescence chromatography and ELISA. There are quantitative and qualitative format rapid test, easy to operate, shortern assay time, reliable detection result. The test is done using competitive ELISA (competitive ELISA). Competitive ELISA is a very sensitive detection method that uses antibodies prepared against heavy metals. The BALLYA HMQuick Test frequently use in feeds, foods and Chinese herbal medicine, etc.
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BALLYA MicroRapid Test Series include:

BALLYA HMQuick Test object:

Cadmium is more toxic. The air and food contaminated by cadmium are harmful to the human body, and its metabolism in the human body is slow; it can cause high blood pressure and cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases; it can destroy bone calcium and cause renal dysfunction.

It is a kind of heavy metal pollution that is more toxic, and it is difficult to eliminate once it enters the human body. Direct damage to human brain cells, especially the neural plate of the fetus, can cause congenital brain sulcus shallow and mental retardation; it can cause dementia and brain death in the elderly.

It sinks directly into the liver after ingestion, causing great damage to the vision and nerve of the brain. Natural water contains 0.1 ml per liter of water, which is highly poisonous. Drinking water that contains trace amounts of mercury, long-term consumption can cause cumulative poisoning.

Copper ions denature proteins. It can cause severe kidney damage and hemolysis, jaundice, anemia, hepatomegaly, hemoglobinuria, acute renal failure and uremia.

Chromium is a silver-white shiny metal, pure chromium is ductile, and chromium containing impurities is hard and brittle. It can cause numbness of the limbs and mental disorders.

Why need BALLYA HMQuick Test?

What is heavy metal?

The original meaning of heavy metals refers to metals with a density greater than 4.5g/cm3, including gold, silver, copper, iron, mercury, lead, cadmium, etc. Heavy metals accumulate in the human body to a certain degree, which can cause chronic poisoning.

Whether it is air, soil, or even drinking water, all contain heavy metals, such as free radicals that cause aging, particles that are harmful to the skin, dust in the air, car exhaust, etc., even tap water brings heavy metals to the skin, and even some skin care products Some heavy metal raw materials such as moisturizers such as cadmium are also one of them. The accumulation of heavy metals is quite harmful to the human body.

What are the hazards of heavy metals?

Human beings who have lived in the natural environment for a long time have strong adaptability to natural substances. Someone analyzed the distribution of more than 60 common elements in the human body, and found that the percentage of most of these elements in human blood is very similar to their percentage in the earth's crust.

However, humans have much less tolerance for synthetic chemicals. Therefore, distinguishing the natural or artificial attributes of pollutants helps to estimate the extent of their harm to humans.

Lead, cadmium, mercury, arsenic and other heavy metals are enriched in the human environment due to the development of industrial activities. They enter the human body through the atmosphere, water, food, etc., and accumulate in certain organs of the human body, causing chronic poisoning and harm Human health.

Any of the heavy metals can cause headache, dizziness, insomnia, forgetfulness, neurological disorders, joint pain, stones, cancer (such as liver cancer, stomach cancer, bowel cancer, bladder cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, black feet and deformities Children) etc.; it is recommended to usually pay attention to diet, otherwise once it settles in the body, it will bring a lot of harm to the body.

The most serious harm caused by heavy metals is the pollution to the environment.

Water pollution by heavy metals

Pollutants in water are complex and diverse. There are about 1,200 toxic and hazardous substances in tap water, which can be roughly divided into five categories:
1. Rust, sand, floating objects;
2. Pesticides, fertilizers, detergents;
3. Viruses, bacteria, organic matter;
4. Different colors, odors, inorganic substances;
5. Radioactive viruses, bacteria, particles.

The sources of the above pollution are:
1. Industrial waste gas, waste water, waste residue, waste and automobile exhaust, etc.
2. Agricultural pesticides, fertilizers; chemical reagents, additives, etc.
3. Domestic garbage, wastewater, sewage, excrement, etc.
4. Medical waste, viruses, bacteria, spoilage, etc.
5. Scientific research radiation, damage, chemical radioactive pollution, etc.

Prevention of heavy metal poisoning

In the presence of acute or chronic poisoning of heavy metals, or just high levels of heavy metals in the body, in addition to taking detoxification drugs according to the doctor's requirements, many natural foods have natural functions of repelling lead and mercury.

1. The protein contained in milk can combine with lead and mercury to form insoluble substances, and the calcium contained can prevent the absorption of heavy metals. It has a certain rescue effect for acute lead and mercury poisoning.

2. The tannic acid in tea can form a soluble compound with lead and be excreted with urine.

3. The iodine in kelp and stellate acid can promote the discharge of lead.

4. The sulfide in garlic and shallots can resolve the toxic effects of lead.

5. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Fruits are rich in vitamin C, which can prevent lead absorption and reduce lead toxicity. The edible fruits of sea buckthorn and vine plants contain higher vitamin C. Some inorganic anions or acid radicals such as iodide ion, phosphate ion, molybdate ion, etc. can combine with lead to promote its excretion from the stool.

Detection of heavy metals

Generally recognized heavy metal analysis methods are: ultraviolet spectrophotometry (UV), atomic absorption method (AAS), atomic fluorescence method (AFS), inductively coupled plasma method (ICP), X fluorescence spectroscopy (XRF), inductively coupled plasma Mass spectrometry (ICP-MS). In addition to the above methods, spectroscopy is also introduced for detection, with higher precision and more accuracy!
Note: Use heavy metal carefully, listen to expert guidance, and do not use them indiscriminately.

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    Significance of BALLYA HMQuick Test

    Food safety issues are emerging one after another, and heavy metals exceeding the standard are the main culprit. When certain heavy metals enter the human body through the food chain, they will interfere with the normal physiological functions of the human body, endanger human health, and even cause death.

    In recent years, various media have reported on the phenomenon of heavy metal poisoning in schools and factories. Therefore, the toxicity of heavy metals cannot be underestimated. Food heavy metal detection has become a shield to prevent heavy metal poisoning.

    Heavy metals are persistent and bioaccumulative, and they are latent in the organism for a long time, forming chronic poisoning. At the same time, some elements are also necessary for the human body. However, exceeding the required range will cause harm to the human body. Therefore, carry out heavy metal detection on food to clearly understand the heavy metal and content contained in a certain food, and control the human body intake.

    Lead, cadmium, mercury and other heavy metals are enriched in the human environment due to the development of industrial activities, enter the human body through the atmosphere, water, food, etc., and accumulate in certain organs of the human body, causing chronic poisoning and endangering human health.


    Heavy metals are a common problem of "food poisoning" in food safety issues. Heavy metal detection has become an indispensable part of food safety protection, and heavy metal detection is also very urgent.

    Humans have much less tolerance for synthetic chemicals. Therefore, distinguishing the natural or artificial attributes of pollutants helps to estimate the extent of their harm to humans.

    The BALLYA MicroRapid Test provided by BALLYA can effectively detect heavy metals residues in feeds, grain, food, tobacco and Chinese herbal medicine. Its simple operation, short detection time and high accuracy are major features of this product.

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