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Milk testing kit for checking milk safety: Why we need to use it?

Dairy milk is very important role to human being, cant leave it a day.   

Is it harmful for dairy cows to implement artificial insemination?
Is it harmful for dairy cows to implement artificial insemination?

Milk contain rich nutrients such as protein, fat, vitamins and minerals, those very good for human being. Milk protein contains amino acids necessary for the human body; milk fat is mostly short-chain and medium-chain fatty acids, which are easily absorbed by the body; potassium, phosphorus, calcium The ratio of minerals is reasonable and easy for human body to absorb. Milk and its products are one of the important sources of protein, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin A, vitamin D and vitamin B2 in the diet.

Fresh milk is mainly a complex latex composed of water, fat, protein, lactose, minerals, vitamins, etc., where the moisture content is 86% to 90%, so its nutrient content is relatively low compared with other foods. The specific gravity of cow milk is 1.032 on average, and the specific gravity is related to the solid content in milk. In addition to the relatively large changes in fat content, the other ingredients of milk are basically stable, so the specific gravity can be used as a simple indicator for evaluating the quality of fresh milk.

Two types dairy milk: Cow Milk or Goat/Sheep milk are popular in the market. The another types milk, like: camel milk, horse milk, reindeer milk, etc.  

Why we need to detect the milk? 

The milk is safe to drink?

The end product dairy and brand milk are safe to drink. It be strict disinfection and sterilization treatment in the dairy processing plant.

Is raw milk safe?

Milk that is squeezed out of a cow ’s breast without any processing is called ‘raw milk’. Such milk contains a certain amount of microorganisms, even pathogenic bacteria, antibiotics in milk and cannot be directly consumed. It can not be sold to market. Dairy processing enterprises pasteurize 'raw milk' that has passed the inspection, kill most of the microorganisms and pathogenic bacteria, and can drink it directly.

Milk powder
Milk powder

Milk powder is safe to drink?

Milk powder come from raw milk. The raw milk quality will be important, if it was contaminated, then the milk powder also is contaminated. The raw milk will be detect to ensure that comply with regulation to meet the national standards, and unqualified milk cannot enter into the production line, processing and marketing. The contamination problem is aflatoxin m1 residues in the powdered milk.

How to detect the milk?


It’s a system detection to ensure the milk quality.

  1. On farm checking, the sanitation condition analysis. The milking place, milking system, milk tank, milk transportation truck, etc.
  2. The dairy cows health problem are significant detection. It can not be milked while in sick, such as, mastitis, ketosis, brucellosis, tuberculosis, etc. BALLYA animal test easy to perform the detection for dairy cow brucellosis disease, tuberculosis diseases, etc.
  3. Pathogenic bacteria contaminated problem. There are lots of bacteria survive in the raw milk easily, such as, Salmonella, Staphylococcus aureus, Shigella, Listeria monocytogenes, Coli O157, etc. The counter plate wide used in dairy sectors to detection for pathogenic, such as, 3M,  Hygiena, etc.
  4. Antibiotics in milk. This is the big problem in the dairy industry. A lot of antibiotics are used to treat while dairy cattle in sick, but the antibiotics will be residues in the raw milk. There are some rapid test for easy detection: CHARM ROSA TEST, NEOGEN BETASTAR, UNISENSOR RAPID TEST, BALLYA MILK TEST, snap antibiotic milk test , betastar 4d, portable milk test, delvo milk test kits, IDEXX, etc.
  5. Milk adulteration, some milk maybe added water, Melamine, urea, soda, etc.
  6. Feed test. Some feeds are not safe, it’s contaminated by aflatoxin, Ochratoxin A, trichothecenes, zearalenone, etc. Some rapid tests from raw milk testing companies: CHARM, NEOGEN, UNISENSOR, BALLYA, easy to detect mycotoxins in feed, grain, corn, peanut, edible oil, etc.
  7. Milk testing machine, easy to detection milk ingredients in short time. The are lot of brands from India, China, USA, Bulgaria, etc.


Milk test kit is an important role in the milk processing plant and food safety field. BALLYA provide various types milk testing kit for detection antibiotics residues in raw milk on farm.

BALLYA Milk Test Kit
β-lactam rapid test
Melamine rapid test
Chloramphenicol test (high sensitivity 0.02ppb quantitative)
Sulfonamides rapid test
Lincomycin rapid test
Aflatoxin M1 rapid test (high sensitivity 0.02ppb quantitative)
Neomycin rapid test
Erythromycin rapid test
Spectinomycin rapid test
Tetracyclines rapid test
Gentamicin rapid test
Macrolides rapid test
Kanamycin rapid test
Trimethoprim rapid test

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