Ultra-low freezer

What is ultra-low freezer?

Ultra-low freezer (-40c freezer, -80c freezer, -150c freezer and others ) is often referred to as biomedical freezer, vaccine freezer, laboratory freezer etc. It is suitable for freezing COVID-19 vaccines, biological samples, biological materials, biochemical reagents, etc. in relevant scientific research institutes and laboratories such as life sciences, bioengineering, agriculture and animal husbandry.

It can also be used for low temperature testing or cold treatment of chemical, electronic, mechanical manufacturing, shipbuilding, military industry, aerospace and other fields of chemical materials, electronic devices, metal parts and special materials.

Types of Ultra-flow Freezers

-25c freezer
-30c freezer
-40c freezer
-60c freezer
-65c freezer
-70c freezer
-86c freezer
-105c freezer
-130c freezer
-150c freezer

Models of Ultra low Freezers

CategoryModelEx. Dimension(mm)Capacity(L)Temp(°C)
-25C freezerBYULT-25H226870*660*880226-10 ~ -25
BYULT-25H3581120*750*880358-10 ~ -25
BYULT-25V270680*680*1580270-10 ~ -25
BYULT-25V350680*680*1850350-10 ~ -25
-40C freezerBYULT-40H100570*580*880100-30 ~ -40
BYULT-40H2001160*750*860200-30 ~ -40
BYULT-40H3001530*750*860300-30 ~ -40
BYULT-40H4851660*760*920485-30 ~ -40
BYULT-40V90540*620*112090-30 ~ -40
BYULT-40V208700*700*1580208-30 ~ -40
BYULT-40V268680*680*1640268-30 ~ -40
BYULT-40V362680*680*1890362-30 ~ -40
-60C freezerBYULT-60H58620*710*104058-25 ~ -60
BYULT-60H1181270*780*965112-25 ~ -60
BYULT-60H2181140*750*850218-25 ~ -60
BYULT-60H3181530*760*850318-25 ~ -60
BYULT-60H2581510*885*1095258-25 ~ -60
BYULT-60H4582110*885*1095455-25 ~ -60
BYULT-60V30470*490*112030-25 ~ -60
BYULT-60V50540*620*112050-25 ~ -60
BYULT-60V158700*700*1580158-25 ~ -60
BYULT-60V398850*930*1950398-25 ~ -60
BYULT-60V598940*950*1920598-25 ~ -60
BYULT-60V9381240*1000*2000938-25 ~ -60
-86C freezerBYULT-86H50670*775*102050-40 ~ -86
BYULT-86H1181270*780*960118-40 ~ -86
BYULT-86H2581510*885*1100258-40 ~ -86
BYULT-86H3281918*855*1006328-40 ~ -86
BYULT-86H4582110*885*1100458-40 ~ -86
BYULT-86V30470*490*112030-40 ~ -86
BYULT-86V50540*620*112058-40 ~ -86
BYULT-86V158540*620*1120158-40 ~ -86
BYULT-86V218830*810*1600218-40 ~ -86
BYULT-86V348855*1110*1900348-40 ~ -86
BYULT-86V398850*950*1950398-40 ~ -86
BYULT-86V598940*950*1920598-40 ~ -86
BYULT-86V9381240*990*2000938-40 ~ -86

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ultra flow freezer

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Ultra-low Freezer Parameters

Product Category: Science Equipment
Electrical Rating/Full Load Amps: 220V/50Hz
Power: 100W ~ 1780W
Temperature Controller: digital display, adjust temperature at any time
Temperature Accuracy: 0.1C
Ultra flow Freezer Temperature Range: -25C ~ -150C
Temperature Heat Speed: As fast as 2.5 hours
Alarm System: high and low temperature alarm, sensor troubleshooting alarm, power off alarm, door open alarm, etc. Multiple alarm setting.
Security System: Boot delay, password protection, locker, etc.
Refrigerator Compressor: Danfoss Compressor, CFC-free refrigerant, environmentally friendly refrigerator
Oil and Gas Separator: Temprite Oil Separator
Insulation thickness: 125 mm
Condensing Fan Motor: EBM
ultra flow temp freezer

Ultra-low Freezer Performance

1. It generally adopts double machine cascade form

2. Two compressors, cascade work

3. The thermal insulation material is generally polyurethane material, and the thermal insulation coefficient of different processes varies greatly.
ultra flow temperature freezer

Ultra-low Freezer Features

1. It adopts the patented technology of self-cascade ultra-low temperature refrigeration with sufficient cooling capacity, fast cooling, and power saving;

2. It has internationally renowned brand compressors, condensing fan motors, thermostats, copper tube evaporators, stainless steel inner tanks, high and low temperature alarms (other alarms can be configured according to user requirements) to ensure reliable operation and safe storage of samples and materials;

3. Using Italian elf electronic temperature controller with temperature digital display, accurate temperature control and convenient operation;

4. Fuma wheels with brakes, load-bearing and easy to move;

5. Fluorine-free refrigerant and foaming agent, green and environmental protection.

How Do Ultra-low Freezer Work?

The cascade refrigeration cycle divides the large total temperature difference into two or several sections, selects the appropriate refrigerant cycle according to the temperature zone of each section, and then superimposes them, and uses the high-temperature refrigeration capacity to bear the condensing load of low-temperature level to obtain a lower cooling temperature.

The medium-temperature refrigerant vapor from the condensing evaporator takes away the condensation heat of the low-temperature refrigerant, and transfers the heat to the environmental medium through the high-temperature refrigeration cycle. The low-temperature refrigerant liquid from the condensing evaporator, after being pressure-reduced by the low-temperature throttle valve, enters the evaporator to absorb the heat of the cooled object to evaporate and cool to obtain the required low temperature.

How To Maintain The Ultra-low Freezer?

The maintenance of ultra flow temp freezer refrigerators is particularly important for prolonging its life and normal use. Inaccurate temperature control often results in damage to the stored objects, which greatly affects the results of the experiment, thereby affecting the normal progress of research work. Clean once a month to keep it clean.

Use a dry cloth to remove dust on the refrigerator and accessories. If the refrigerator is too dirty, use a neutral detergent and rinse thoroughly with pure water after cleaning. But do not flush the inside and the upper part of the refrigerator, otherwise it will damage the insulation material and cause malfunction.

Ultra Low Freezer Troubleshooting

1. Insufficient cooling of the refrigerator

Check whether there is frost on the surface of the evaporator; whether the refrigerator door is opened and closed frequently; whether the back of the refrigerator touches the wall; whether there are too many objects inside.

2. Too noisy

Check whether the bottom plate is firm; whether the refrigerator is stable; if it is not stable, adjust the movable screws so that the four corners are firmly supported on the bottom plate; whether any objects touch the back of the refrigerator.

If the refrigeration effect is poor, the refrigerator does not stop, the radiator pipe is not hot, and the evaporator has an airflow noise. Then it may be due to the slow leakage of the refrigerant.

The Working Conditions of Ultra-low Freezer

1. The distance from the ground is >10 cm. The altitude is below 2000 m. 
2. It takes 2.5 hours to decrease from +20C to -40C ~ -150C.
3. Strong acid and corrosive samples should not be frozen.
4. Frequently check the sealing strip of the outer door.
5. Land on all four feet smoothly.
6. The power supply voltage of 220v (AC) must be stable, and the power supply current must be at least 15A (AC).
7. In a power failure, the power switch and battery switch at the back of the refrigerator must be turned off. When the power supply is normal, the power switch must be turned on first, and then the battery switch.
8. Keep a good heat dissipation environment and ventilation, the ambient temperature cannot exceed 30C.
9. In summer, adjust the set temperature to -40C ~ -150C
10. Don't open the door too big when accessing the sample, and access the sample as fast as possible.

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