Rapid Test Assembly Machine

Rapid Test Manufacturing Machine
For Lateral Flow Test Manufacturing
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Rapid Test Assembly Machine

What is rapid test assembly machine?

Rapid test assembly machine specially designed for rapid test kit manufacturing to save manpower, also in order to increase production capacity and the production yield. It’s semi-automated rapid test assembly machine. There are two parts as below:
1. Rapid Test Assembly Machine
2. Rapid Test Packaging Machine

Models of rapid test assembly machine

Two models: TKAM-200 and TKAM201

Benefits of rapid test assembly machine

1. Save manpower (only 2-4 workers)
2. Save time
3. High production capacity (3000 cassettes per hour)
4. Easy to install
5. Easy to maintain
6. Long running time daily
7. Small place requirement to install
8. Easy to run

Parameters of rapid test assembly machine


Manufacturing process of rapid test assembly machine

Total 12 process as below:
1. Feed cover and bottom of cassette (manual)
2. Cassette direction adjustment
3. Feed strip (manual)
4. Strip feed into cassette
5. Inspect strip’s direction
6. Press cover and bottom of cassette
7. Cassette feeding (a finish cassette with strip inside)
8. Feed desiccant bag (manual)
9. Foil bag open
10. Feed desiccant bag and cassette into foil bag
11. Seal foil bag
12. Finish product output

Automated Rapid Test Assembly Machine VS Semi-automated Rapid Test Assembly Machine

Advantages of Semi-automated
1. Price save up to 50% - 60%
2. Production capacity increase 50% - 60%
3. Training is easy
4. Installation is easy
5. Maintenance is easy
6. Operation is easy
7. Small dimension
8. Lighter weight
9. Faster delivery
Disadvantages of Full Automated
1. High cost per machine
2. Low production capacity
3. Training is complex
4. Installation is complex, need support
5. Maintenance is complex
6. Operation is complex
7. Big dimension
8. Big weight per machine
9. Long lead time for delivery

How to operate the rapid test assembly machine?

Rapid test kit on-site manufacturing

The applications of rapid test assembly machine

Suitable for all types lateral flow rapid test kit, such as below Rapid Test Kit:
SARS-CoV-2 Rapid Test
Malaria Test
HIV Rapid Test
MYO Rapid Test
HBsAg Rapid Test
Aflatoxin M1 Test
Milk Test
Honey Test

Why need to use rapid test assembly machine

1. Save manpower, save big money
2. Increase efficiency of manufacturing

Please order for rapid test assembly machine

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