Nasopharyngeal Swab, Throat Swab and Covid Nasal Swab

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Nasopharyngeal Swab and Throat Swab

ProductMaterialSpecificationOrder No.ApplicationRemark
Nasopharyngeal Swab and Throat Swabnylon3x150mmBSWNP80Nasopharyngeal SwabFor influenza test, covid testing, hand-foot and mouth test, etc.
4x150mmBSWOP30Throat Swab
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Nasopharyngeal Swab: use to collect samples from deep nose


Throat Swab: use to collect samples from deep throat


Parameters for Nasopharyngeal Swab and Throat Swab

Flock Tip Material


Shaft Material

ABS (medical grade)

Tip Length


Tip Width

3mm and 4mm

Shaft Diameter

2.0mm or 2.5mm


30mm or 80mm





Nasopharyngeal Swab


Throat Swab


What’s Nasopharyngeal Swab or Throat Swab?

The flock sample swab is composed of nylon short fiber pile head and medical grade ABS plastic shaft. The role of nylon short fiber (furry) is like a soft brush, which can effectively improve the collection of cell material; the capillary movement between the fibers forms a strong hydraulic pressure, thereby taking in the liquid sample; at the same time, the sample is enclose to the surface of the swab and it is easy to wash.

Technology for Nasopharyngeal Swab

The tip of the flock swab is covered with nylon staple fibers that are fixed in a vertical manner. This vertical fixation method originated from the flocking process, where the swab is placed in an electrostatic field and the fiber is sprayed on the tip of the swab. This process can realize a thin layer with an open structure and ultra-high water absorption. Unlike traditional wrap swabs similar to mattresses or soft cushions in the past, nylon flocked swabs do not disperse and trap the internal adsorption core of the sample, but make the sample close to the surface, which can be quickly and completely eluted. Strict production process ensure no DNA, RNA, endotoxin and other toxin residues.

What does Nasopharyngeal Swab used for?

Nylon flock swabs are widely used in bacteriological sample processing, virological cell culture, DFA testing, rapid and direct testing, enzyme immunoassay testing, polymerase chain reaction and molecular diagnostic-based testing, as well as forensic identification. Very ideal. It can also be used for nasal sampling of respiratory viruses such as influenza, swine influenza, avian influenza, hand-foot and mouth, Covid-19, etc.

Nasopharyngeal Swab and Throat Swab in Covid Testing

The new coronavirus enters the human body from the eyes, nose, and skin wounds. It mainly infects the epithelial cells of the human lungs. It will not transfer to other organs until later. If the blood is checked, it is possible that the virus is still developing in the lungs in the early stage, and the blood check may delay the disgnosis. Check the secretions of the throat and nose to find the traces of the virus more easy. Help fast screen the suspicious case in 15 minutes.

What are benefits using Nasopharyngeal Swab and Throat Swab to collect samples?

1. Very easy to use
2. Disposable
3. Avoid virus infection
4. Sterile and non-sterile available
5. Multiple applications: IVD diagnostic, microbiology, Scientific research, etc.
6. Cost effective

How to use Nasopharyngeal Swab or Throat Swab?

1. Open the package, take out the nasopharyngeal swab or throat swab

2. After collecting samples, put nasopharyngeal swab or throat swab into viral transport tube
3. Break off nasopharyngeal swab or throat swab from deep score mark on the shaft
4. Screw the lid, make sure the swab in viral transport medium and mark down the ID and date

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