Lungene Rapid Tests

Lateral Flow Test Kit

Lungene Rapid Tests

What Is Lungene Rapid Tests?

Lungene is one of ivd diagnostic test factory in China. Lungene rapid tests made by Lungene, products include: food safety rapid test kit, infectious diseases test kit, drug test kit, tumor test kit, animal disease test kit, pet disease test kit, etc.

Types of Lungene Rapid Tests

1. Colloidal gold
2. Fluorescence quantitative
3. ELISA kit
4. PCR kit
5. Biochemical reagent

Lungene Rapid Tests


Lungene Rapid Test Antigen


Lungene Rapid Test Review


Lungene Rapid Test Instructions


Lungene Rapid Test Manual


Lungene Rapid Test Results


Lungene Rapid Test Accuracy


Lungene Rapid Test Sensitivity

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