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Product Name: BALLYA Gold Nanoparticles (Ultra High Concentration Gold Nanoparticles)
Size: 20nm~160nm
Ingredient: Gold nanoparticles + purified water
Concentration: 100 OD (±5OD)
Customization: 100 OD or 200 OD

Consistency of Gold Nanoparticles Size

Use Particle Size Analyzer to analyze the consistency of gold nanoparticles size. If PDI value less than 0.2, then mean it has good a consistency of gold nanoparticles size. Here are three size of BALLYA Gold Nanoparticles size in the below figures with 40nm(PDI: 0.067), 50nm(PDI: 0.121) and 60nm(PDI: 0.094).

Malvern Particle Size Analyzer Analysis (PDI should be less than 0.2)

ItemParticle sizeSize average
60-0.1 (10x dilute)67.3166.8166.3866.83
60-0.05 (20x dilute)65.7365.1965.2465.39
60-0.02 (50x dilute)68.1968.0367.9068.04
50-0.1 (10x dilute)56.5956.2756.1756.34
50-0.05 (20x dilute)56.8156.9456.5856.78
50-0.02 (50x dilute)53.8653.3253.5453.57
ItemPDIPDI average
60-0.1 (10x dilute)0.1530.1560.1480.152
60-0.05 (20x dilute)0.1710.1650.1650.167
60-0.02 (50x dilute)0.1500.1640.1470.154
50-0.1 (10x dilute)0.1990.1980.1900.196
50-0.05 (20x dilute)0.1910.1850.1850.187
50-0.02 (50x dilute)0.1820.1870.2030.191

Gold Nanoparticles Shape

Normal Gold NanoparticlesBALLYA Gold Nanoparticles
Irregular shapedCircle shapedCircle shaped
The irregular shaped nanoparticles take too much in the colloidal gold liquid. That will cause:
1. Easy to be dead
2. Difficult to coated with antibody/antigen/protein
3. Take too much volume of antibody/antigen/protein while labeling
4. Take too much volume of nanoparticles while labeling
5. Sedimentation
6. Aggregation
Circle shaped more than 95%

CV less than 8%

Gold Nanoparticles Comparison

ItemsNormal Gold NanoparticlesBALLYA Gold Nanoparticles
Dead gold nanoparticlesYesNo
Increasing labeling materialsYesNo
Reducing labeling materialsNoYes (max save 80%)
High concentrationNo (1 OD - 20 OD)Yes (100 OD - 200 OD)
Usage volume of gold nanoparticlesLargerLess
SurfactantNot includeNot include
Labeling timeLongShort
Stability 1-6 months12 months
Manufacturing capacity1-30L100L at a time
Batch consistencyLowExtremely high
False postiveHighLow
Increase sensitivityNoYes
Storage temperature4-8 degreeRoom temperature shipment, storage 4-8 degree

Advantages of BALLYA Gold Nanoparticles

Monodisperse Gold Nanoparticles
New production technique: gold nanoparticles keep in circle shaped >95%; high monodisperse and keep ‘social distance’ between nanoparticles; Avoid aggregation & sedimentation
Consistency: Irregular shaped nanoparticles less than 5%, CV% less than 8%
Stability & Shelf Life: 12 months
Batch production technique: Max 100L manufacturing at a time, reduce coefficient of variation (CV) between batches

Benefits of BALLYA Gold Nanoparticles

1. No dead gold nanoparticles
2. No aggregation
3. No Sedimentation
4. >95% circle shaped gold nanoparticles
5. Low CV%: less than 8%
6. Increasing sensitivity
7. Increasing specificity
8. Increasing performance of finish product and keep in same consistency
9. Color band in high brightness and clear
10. No fracture in color band
11. 100L per batch manufacturing, help you reduce CV% between different batches of gold nanoparticles
12. Save up to 80% labeling materials (antigen, antibody, protein)

What happen after use BALLYA Gold Nanoparticles?

Ultra High Concentration Gold Nanoparticles

1. Maximum reduce up to 80% of labeling materials
Evaluation in manufacturing 10,000 colloidal gold rapid test for African Swine Fever
ItemNormal Gold NanoparticlesBALLYA Gold Nanoparticles
Labeling materials5mg2mg
Usage volume of gold nanoparticles1500ml (1 OD)37.5ml (40 OD)
Operation time1 day4h
Production period4 days3 days
Remark: above datas maybe changed according to production condition and technique, only for reference!
Evaluation in manufacturing colloidal gold rapid test for HIV
Labeling MaterialsLabeling volume (ug/ml)Save
1 OD gold nanoparticles40 OD gold nanoparticles
HIV Antigen
HIV Antigen 21.61.225%
HBsAg Antibody5.81.181.03%
Remark: above datas maybe changed according to production condition and technique, only for reference!
Evaluation in manufacturing colloidal gold covid 19 rapid test
Labeling MaterialsLabeling volume (ug/ml)Save
1 OD gold nanoparticles40 OD gold nanoparticles
SARS-CoV-2 antigen
SARS-CoV-2 antigen
Remark: above datas maybe changed according to production condition and technique, only for reference!
2. Save manpower and labeling materials
3. Improve productivity
4. Use Desktop centrifuge enough to do mass production
5. Reduce batch CV%, keep finish products in consistency
6. Short the development cycle at least 50%

Types of BALLYA gold nanoparticles

Cat. No.Size (nm)ConcentrationPackage
BGN0004040100 OD10ml - 1000ml

Order BALLYA Gold Nanoparticles

    Frequency Questions and Answers

    How to use BALLYA Gold Nanoparticles?

    1. Prepare the most suitable PH’s buffer solution
    2. Add buffer solution directly to 100 OD gold nanoparticles dilute till 40 OD
    3. Add protein into 40 OD gold nanoparticles liquid to label

    What’s recommended labeling concentration?

    40 OD. At this concentration, it help increase sensitivity, save labeling materials, enhance band color intensity.

    What’s the best labeling volume?

    It will depend on your production technique and product type, such as, hcg, hiv, covid 19...etc. All are different. Need to do some research.

    How to make buffer solution with the most suitable PH?

    Please check the formulas of buffer solution.

    How to find out the most suitable PH in your technique system?

    1. 100 OD concentration of colloidal gold, dilute to 40 OD with different pH buffer solution
    2. Add the same quality antibody (recommended 50 ug/ml), reaction 2 hours
    3. After the reaction is completed, take a small amount of labeled colloidal gold, and then dilute to 1 OD with the corresponding pH.
    4. In the 1 OD labeled-gold, add 10% NaCl to make 1% concentration, observe the color after mixing, the color is the best, the lowest or without aggregation & sedimentation, then, that is the most suitable pH

    What’s buffer formula suitable for BALLYA Gold Nanoparticles?

    There are 3 types common buffer solution as below:
    Acidity based buffer solution (0.01 mol/L)
    pH0.01M Citric Acid (ml)0.01M Trisodium citrate dihydrate(ml)
    Citric Acid: C6H8O7·H2O: 0.01 mol/L; Liquid: 2.101g/L
    Trisodium citrate dihydrate: Na3 C6H5O7·2H2O:0.01mol/L; Liquid: 2.941 g/L
    Alkaline based buffer solution (0.02 mol/L)
    pH0.02M borax (ml)0.02M boric acid (ml)
    Borax: Na2B4O7·10H2O,0.005M; Liquid: 1.907 g/L
    Boric acid: H2BO3, 0.02M; Liquid: 1.237 g/L
    Borax is easy to lose crystalline water, and must be stored in a bottle with a plug.
    Buffer solution (Citric Acid + borax) (0.01+0.05)
    pH0.01M Citric Acid (ml)0.05M borax (ml)
    Borax: Na2B4O7·10H2O,0.005M; Liquid: 1.907 g/L
    Citric Acid: C6H8O7·H2O: 0.01 mol/L; Liquid: 2.101g/L
    Borax is easy to lose crystalline water, and must be stored in a bottle with a plug.

    The recommended labeling technique for BALLYA Gold Nanoparticles
    Physical adsorption method:

    Procedures as below:
    1. Select the most suitable pH for the labeling protein
    2. Select the most suitable buffer solution
    Alkaline based buffer solution0.02M borax + boric acid
    Acidity based buffer solution0.01M Citric Acid + Trisodium citrate dihydrate
    Buffer solution (Citric Acid + borax)0.01M Citric Acid + 0.05M borax
    3. Directly dilute from 100 OD to 40 OD
    4. Add protein into 40 OD gold nanoparticles liquid, shock or stir till well-distributed and reaction 2hours
    5. Add blocking solution, such as, BSA, OVA, etc. Reaction 20 min
    6. Centrifuge, remove supernatant, dilute to proper pH

    Can we use other labeling technique for BALLYA Gold Nanoparticles?

    Yes, of course. Also can use chemical method to label.

    Ingredients of BALLYA Gold Nanoparticles

    Only two ingredients:
    1. Gold nanoparticles
    2. Purified Water

    Why can not detect PH in BALLYA Gold Nanoparticles?

    It’s ultra high concentration, 100 OD. It always be neutral, no need to waste a probes to detect it. It can easy to hurt a pH probes.

    What’s the PH of BALLYA Gold Nanoparticles?

    It’s always neutral. pH=7

    Why will occur dead gold nanoparticles while blocking?

    It’s a common question. The different brands’ BSA has their own technique that maybe influence the performance of gold nanoparticles, such as, blocking to dead, dead in drying procedure, reducing sensitivity, increasing false positive, etc. In that case, please change the different brand different batches blocking solution or use the non-protein polymer blocking agents, such as, Polyethylene glycol, etc.

    Why use ultra high concentration gold nanoparticles will reduce labeling effectiveness?

    I guess you are facing the HOOK EFFECT (overloading antibodies, antigen or proteins).
    For example, as usual, 1 OD should be labeled with 5ug/ml, so, while use 40 OD maybe you think it should be used 5ug/ml x 40 = 200ug/ml. But it’s not the truth. Over thousands times experimental, we found that only use 50ug/ml can feed it (40 OD) to be saturated! So, try 50ug/ml, maybe it’s surprise to you.


    Storage & shipment: room temperature shipping, storage at 2- 8°C, do not refrigerate
    Transfer: while transfer or distribute, use clean bottle to avoid dead gold nanoparticles
    Shelf life: 12 months

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