Lateral Flow Printer
Lateral Flow Assay Printer

The lateral flow manufacturing equipment
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Lateral Flow Printer

What’s lateral flow printer?

Lateral flow printer also name as lateral flow assay printer or rapid test printer, specially design for printing text, qr code or pattern on the surface of lateral flow cassette. In the lateral flow test manufacturing, popular to use ultraviolet printer.

Type of lateral flow printer

1. Fiber laser marking machine
2. Ultraviolet printer
3. CO2 printer

Principle of lateral flow printer

Lateral flow printer is one product of the laser marking machine. It is developed using a 355-nm ultraviolet laser. The machine uses a third-order cavity frequency multiplier technology compared with an infrared laser. The 355 ultraviolet light focusing light spot is extremely small. It can greatly reduce the mechanical deformation of the material and have a small impact on the processing heat, because it is mainly used for ultra-fine marking and sculpture. It is especially suitable for food and medical packaging materials, micro-holes, high-speed division of glass materials, and complex graphic cutting of Silicon wafer wafers. In combination with advanced International technology, high-energy ultraviolet photons directly destroy the molecular bonds on the surface of many non-metallic materials, leaving molecules. This method does not produce high heat, ultraviolet laser aggregation light spots are minimal, and the processing has almost no thermal effect. Therefore, it is called cold processing and is therefore suitable for Super fine marking and carving of special materials.

Parameter of lateral flow printer


Operation system of lateral flow printer

WINDOWS system, very easy to operate to print lateral flow cassette.

Perfomance of lateral flow printer

What type lateral flow cassette can use lateral flow printer?

The machine can print all type lateral flow cassette.

Why need to use lateral flow printer

1. Save manpower, save big money
2. Increase efficiency of manufacturing

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