Lateral Flow Backing Card

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What is lateral flow backing card?

Lateral flow backing card is the basis material in lateral flow assay test kit. It is key component that fix sample pad, conjugate pad, NC membrane and absorbent pad on it.


Materials of lateral flow backing card

PVC base material
PET base material
PS base material
PVC backing card is most popular using in lateral flow assay test kit.

Thickness of lateral flow backing card

From 0.2mm to 0.6mm.

Structure of lateral flow backing card

Total 3 layers
1. Peeling
2. Adhesive
3. Backing card

Ingredient of lateral flow backing card

Unplasticized blend Overlay/PVC, stabilizing agent, modifier and pigment

Dimension of lateral flow backing card

The common dimension as below:
300 x 60mm
300 x 70mm
300 x 80mm
If you need other dimension, please contact our sale representative.

Die cut line of lateral flow backing card

Die cut line also called split line, it can be customized or use common split line.
Die cut line: 15+25+20
Die cut line: 15+25+6+14

Application of lateral flow backing card

It can be used in all kinds of lateral flow assay test kit (colloidal gold or fluorescence immunochromatography), such as:
1. Hcg test
2. Lh test
3. Hiv test
4. Covid 19 test
5. D-dimer test
6. FOB test
7. Drug residual test
8. Food safety test
9. Pet disease test

How to use lateral flow backing card?

It's easy to use backing card. 
Remove the peeling, stick the sample pad, conjugate pad, NC membrane and absorbent pad in right position according to the split line.
lateral flow immunoassay

How to order lateral flow backing card?

Please contact our sale representative via email: or fill out the below contact form, we will respond within 24 hours.

Catalog number, check here.


    How long to deliver backing card after make payment?
    Within 2 weeks

    Can it customize the split line?

    Can you supply lateral flow backing card in roll format?
    Yes, roll format in 100 meter length. Width from 30mm - 200mm.

    Can it customize the sheet dimension or roll dimension?
    Yes, we do customize sheet or roll, for more detail, contact our sale representative.

    Do you have representative in my country?
    Please contact with sale representative.

    Can you ship the lateral flow backing card to USA?
    Yes, we ship backing card worldwide.

    Do you have starter kit?
    Please contact our sale representative.

    Can your lateral flow backing card make quantitative test kit?
    Yes, it can make quantitative test.

    Do you have lateral flow backing card in black color?
    Yes, but contact our sale representative before order.

    Do you have MSDS for lateral flow backing card?
    Yes, please download MSDS Lateral Flow Backing Card.

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