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What is ELISA Plate Washer?

The automatic ELISA Plate Washer, also called microplate washer. While in large production line of elisa test kit manufacturing, it's a necessary equipment, especially in ELISA plates washing procedure. It's high efficient way for the factory.


The applications of ELISA Plate Washer

Assay Development and Design of Experiment (DoE)
Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) - Library Preparation
Polymerase Chain-reaction (PCR) Workflows - Real-time and Digital
Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assays (ELISA)
Cell Culture and Bead-Based Assays

Covid 19 Antibody Tapid Test ELISA kit 
Covid 19 Neutralization Antibody ELISA Test

Why need to use ELISA Plate Washer?

Although washing is not a reaction step in the ELISA process, it determines the success or failure of the experiment. ELSIA relies on washing to achieve the purpose of separating free and bound enzyme markers. Washing is used to remove substances remaining in the wells that cannot bind to the solid-phase antigen or antibody, and interfering substances that are non-specifically adsorbed to the solid-phase carrier during the reaction. The adsorption of proteins by plastics such as polystyrene is universal, and such non-specifically adsorbed interference substances should be washed off during washing. It can be said that in the ELISA operation, washing is the most important key technology, which should arouse the attention of the operator, and the operator should wash strictly according to the requirements and not be sloppy.

The ELISA washing method has the following two ways:

1. Manual washing method: 
suck up (do not touch the plate wall) or shake off the liquid in the enzyme label plate; lay several layers of absorbent paper on the experimental table, and pat the plate down several times; put the recommended washing buffer Pour at least 0.3ml into the hole and soak for 1-2 minutes. Repeat this process several times as needed.

2. Automatic ELISA plate washer: 
If there is an automatic plate washer, it should be used in the formal experiment after proficient use. Samples to be tested: body fluids, serum, plasma, cell culture supernatant, urine, tissue homogenate, atrial water samples, etc.

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Types of ELISA Plate Washer

1. Full Plate Washer (96 well)
2. Strips Washer (8 well)

Features of ELISA Plate Washer

Well plate format: 8x12 (96 well plate)
Dispensing dosage: 50 - 500ul
Washing speed:  1200 plates/hour
Coating Speed:  1500 plates/hour
Regulation: 1ul adjustment
Well plates’ consistency:  ±2%
Wells consistency:  ±2%
Residues:   ≤3ul
Working mode:    96 well plate

How to use ELISA Plate Washer?

It’s simple control system, just only few buttons. Check the video’s instruction.

How to order ELISA Plate Washer?

Please contact our sale representative via email: info@ballyabio.com or fill out the below contact form, we will respond within 24 hours.

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