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Previously, according to the "3-step milk selection method", the comprehensive quality list of milk powder has won the approval of many mons and dads. Many parents who have consulted with the cages said that after reading, they can give the baby more generous milk powder and know how to according to the raw material table to select good milk powder for babies, I got great encouragement, and thank you for your trust and support to me all the way.

After the implementation of the new milk powder policy in the country last year, each milk powder manufacturer began to introduce a new version of milk powder. This new policy has greatly regulated the domestic milk markets, making it impossible for many small brands that have OEMs in the past to come and fool us. This is a favorite. So how do you identify which milk powder is in line with the Milk Powder New Deal?

It is simple to identify by looking at the packaging. Because the New Deal has new regulations on milk powder packaging, so if you see the milk powder packaging has the following extremely uncoordinated huge font to indicate the baby’s applicable age of the milk powder and marked with "national food note The registration number of the YP+4 epoch +4 serial number" is the milk powder that meets the New Deal.

Powder Milk Brand

The following 2018 latest powder milk brands list is aimed at the national brand dairy products in the market.
First of all, explain what is the state version milk powder to some new friends, the state version milk powder is not domestic milk powder, but refers to the Chinese version of the overseas imported brand launched in China, this milk powder, on the one hand, has a strict overseas regulatory system Under the dairy production, on the other hand, unlike the milk powder sold overseas which may have some nutrients that do not meet the Chinese national standard, which means that it is safer and more suitable for Chinese babies. It is also my most recommended type of milk powder.

Although some of the state version milk powder are also produced in China, because many times they are shipped to China in big bags for production, so in the rankings, I have compiled, these milk powders will be removed due to milk sources. Those milk power brands on the list were the product and filling in the source area. And this updated list, I will score by four sides, they are sources of milk, raw materials, milk nutrition, and brand, the brand's score will be on the brand's history, strength, security incidents, and whether it uses the OEM, the OEM’s strength Etc so that makes the list more informative.

Before you look at the rankings compiled by the cages, please pay attention to the following points:
A. The scoring standard is fully open, ensuring objective neutrality, and the public number is replied to the “ scoring standard ” in detail, so I don’t have to worry about me manipulating the score;
B. The six basic strengthening formulas mentioned in this article refer to DHA, ARA, choline, taurine, nucleotides, prebiotics;
C. Each milk powder has its advantages and disadvantages. The first one does not mean that it is the best, but it does not mean that it is suitable for your baby. So everyone should look at the specific analysis of each milk powder and the score of each grade. Specific scores, choose according to your situation.

Let me began to interpret this ranking officially.

1. Abbott
Abbott is a brand that everyone is very familiar with. It is a pharmaceutical company with a history of more than one hundred years. Later, it developed the milk powder business and entered China for many years. The attention toward it has been very high. In recent years, in addition to some "impurities" news, Abbott has also been involved in the incident of botulinum contamination of Fonterra, food and drug supervision and management defects, so the brand rating is slightly lower than other brands.

Abbott’s baby formula has obvious features, one of which is that all products do not add palm oil that has the opportunity to cause constipation, which can be praised. But another point is that many Abbott products have added flavor and sucrose from the second stage. Although some products have improved after the New Deal, these two ingredients still need to pay more attention.

After the New Deal, the Abbott Eleva series was renamed “Eleva”, and Abbott Eleva Organic milk is the earlier launched organic milk powder in the domestic milk powder market. Although there was an event in 2014 that “ product’s organic certification had expired but the milk company continued to publicize its product as organic milk powder”, Eleva has regained organic certification and re-launched the market.
Eleva organic uses Danish organic milk for the product. Although it is produced overseas, it is produced differently with the Eleva pure which produced from Abbott's own factory in Ireland. It is commissioned produced by Arla in Denmark.

In terms of nutrition, according to relevant regulations, organic milk is not allowed to add too many synthetic nutrients. Therefore,

Eleva milk powder

 original does not add the special strengthening formula and even does not add the taurine and nucleotides of the six basic reinforcement formula. choline is less in the second and third stages, so it is not in the list of milk nutritional facts is emphasized.

In terms of raw materials, phthalocyanine is more common. In the second stage, maltodextrin is added. The three segments are the same as the Abbott products such as pure and similar. They are all added with sucrose. Compared with Wyeth Kaifu Organic, which is now in full swing. Although Abbott’s fresh milk production is better than Wyeth's raw milk, Abbott's sucrose is not that organic to position itself. Therefore, Wyeth's organic series’s the 2nd and 3rd stage are on the list and Abbott’s organic just rushed to the bottom of the list of 2 stages.


2. Mead Johnson
Mead Johnson is a veteran pharmaceutical company in the United States. The brand history lasts for a hundred years, and the baby milk powder ranks first in the US domestic milk markets. However, although it is a dairy company with a long history, it has been exposed to media news many times. Events such as impurities, bugs, and employee prosecutions have appeared one after another.

On the state version milk powder list last year, Mead Johnson was listed on the list of Blue Dragonfly and A+ Dutch original version (renamed Enfamil after the New Deal). This year, because other brands have launched a lot of products with better milk sources and formulas, A+Enfamil, which is not very prominent in these two aspects, has been brushed down. This time, Mead Johnson’s Encinitas is only listed on the list.

The National version of Encinitas is a new series of Mead Johnson in 2016 to seize the domestic high-end milk powder market. But to tell the truth, the high-end milk powder is expensive, the Encinitas is available, and the formula is worthy of the high-end level. However, the milk source and raw materials of the National version Encinitas do not see that high-end.

First of all, in terms of milk source, the state version Encinitas is not using fresh milk or reducing milk. There are palm oil and corn syrup in the 1, 2, and 3 stages of the raw material, and there are also the fragrances and white sugar that mothers dislike. These two ingredients may increase the baby's taste, increase the dependence on sweetness, easily develop the baby's picky eating habits, and increase the risk of baby's obesity and dental caries.

In terms of nutrition, Efinitas is still OK. It adds lactoferrin and MFGM cream globules, lactoferrin is an immune protein in breast milk for babies, and the MFGM milk globule membrane is an important component of nerve fibers. However, the amount of lactoferrin added more than 10 times more than the market milk powder has been controversial. Many people question whether it is safe and reasonable to add such high-level lactoferrin. Regarding this, I have written a special article before. On the whole, if the amount of addition is within the standard range, security is not a problem. The details can be viewed in my public number reply "LZ ".

Mead johnson
Mead johnson

3. Bimbosan 
Bimbosan had a good result in my rankings last year, but soon after, many mothers told me that Bimbosan could not buy in everywhere. what is the reason behind the scene? Because it spreads things up.

In June last year, both Bimbosan and Ruileen milk powder OME by Hildafu in Switzerland was found to have “exceeded the total number of bacteria”, and the China Certification and Accreditation Administration suspended the registration of the dairy companies in China. This means that it will not be sold in China, so Bimbosan has disappeared for a while. Until January of this year, Herdaf’s registration in China was resumed and Bimbosansan was re-listed. However, it was less than two months after the return of the wave. In March, it was listed on the national "blacklist" because of "choline does not meet the standard".

The overall score is not too bad, so It can enter the list, but everyone who cares about safety is still paying attention to it. Bimbos Super Gold has new packaging this year, and some raw materials and nutrient content have also been adjusted.

The raw material is the biggest change in the super gold. The 2017 version is that the vegetable oil of the three segments is free of palm oil, but this time the 1 and 3 stages of the super gold have palm oil. Palm oil tends to make the stool harder, so if your baby is prone to constipation symptoms, you need to pay attention. Also, we must pay attention to the addition of maltodextrin in the 2 and 3 stages of the super gold.

In terms of milk source, the production of fresh milk in super-gold is better than the milk powder produced by using large-sized powder to reduce milk. In the case of nutritional formulas, six basic strengthening formulas were added, and a combination of prebiotics was added. Prebiotics are foods for probiotics in the intestines that help to increase the activity of probiotics, maintain intestinal health, and reduce the effects of palm oil to a certain extent.


4. Eleva purity
It is also a high-end product of Abbott. This time, its ranking has improved a lot compared with last year. It is mainly because, after the New Deal, it added OPO, which helped improve constipation and optimize calcium absorption, which makes it more nutritious, but like the old version. Nucleotides are absent in several basic enhancement formulations for several segments.

The raw materials are as depressing as many Abbott products. Both the 2 and 3 segments have added flavor and sucrose. These two ingredients may cause baby tooth decay and partial eclipse. It is not recommended for long-term excessive intake.

5. Wyeth (Illuma Milk Powder Review)
It was founded in 1860. Like Mead Johnson and Abbott, it is a US pharmaceutical company. But now Wyeth milk powder has withdrawn from the US market and has not been sold in the United States. In 2012, it was acquired by Nestlé. Wyeth's milk powder is prominent in its scientific research strength. The wide range of baby formulas on the market is developed or introduced first by Wyeth, such as β-carotene, α-lactalbumin, and lutein. For example, OPO is the success of Wyeth's addition in the market after Illuma, which has led to a major upgrade in the formulation of the entire domestic dairy industry in recent years.

However, in terms of quality and safety management, Wyeth seems to have done insufficiently. In addition to various "foreign objects" incidents, there have been incidents in which the Food and Drug Administration notified the production management of defects, so the brand deduction is relatively more.

Wyeth Illuma Ireland has been listed in the domestic market for a long time. In the beginning, there was only one product in the “Illuma” trademark. In the past two years, the Illuma organic and the Illuma A two have been added. Developed into a product line of Wyeth. Wyeth's A two Illuma (hereinafter referred to as Illuma) is currently the latest product of Wyeth. Due to its short time to market, the brand score is lower than other Wyeth products.

In fact, it can be said that it is an upgrade of the classic version of Illuma (hereinafter referred to as Illuma), and the packaging is very similar. In terms of the characteristic strengthening formula, it is added to the A2-β casein-based on the Illuma. This A2-beta casein is a casein type in breast milk, first added from New Zealand's A2 milk powder, and parents who are concerned about Australian and New Zealand milk powder may know a bit about it. Studies have shown that this A2 casein is more affinitive to the human body than the A1 casein of normal milk powder and is easier to absorb.

In other respects, the DHA content of Illuma is even higher than that of Illuma. But in a few stages, the taurine and nucleotides are not added, and the nutritional scores of the final down are still lower than the Illuma. The raw material, the classic version of the Illuma is to add flavor from the beginning of the 2nd stage, the 2nd stage of Illuma is not used, but the 3rd stage can not escape the setting of the flavor. You need to pay attention to it.
In terms of price, after all, it has added a relatively high-end component than Illuma. The price of each segment is about 20 yuan higher than that of the classic version of Illuma. Parents choose according to the baby's situation.


6. Abbott’s Similac Platinum
When Abbott’s Similac Platinum version was first launched, it was named the original European import Similac version. Last year, it was renamed the Platinum Similac version. After the implementation of the New Deal, it was renamed Similac Enmeili.

The rankings I can buy for the time being is also the 2017 Similac Platinum version. The latest new Similac Platinum version is not yet complete, so the version of this analysis is also the 2017 Similac Platinum version. After the completion of the platinum excellent beauty data, the corresponding analysis will be updated in the milk powder library of my "milk powder 123".

Back to the analysis of the milk powder itself, the formulation of the Similac Platinum version was upgraded in 2016. The first-stage specialty nutritional formula added more probiotics to help prevent constipation than the old one. It is also continuously added the lutein and beta-carotene, which are helpful for vision development. In the first stage, a small amount of hydrolyzed protein is added to promote the absorption of protein by the baby.

The improvement of the formula is delightful, but it is disappointing that the raw material in the 2nd and 3rd stages still contain flavor and sucrose. If these ingredients are used for a long time, it will easily cause the baby to rely on the sweetness and cause a partial eclipse and difficult to adapt to the light diet. Also will increase the chances of obesity and dental caries, this stage makes its score lower, parents should also pay attention to it.

The Similac has another relatively low-profile product, the classic Similac, which is the original parent. The main difference is that the Similac is made with imported Irish milk and original imported, while the classic version is produced domestically using raw milk. In contrast, the platinum version is more fresh and safer than the classic version, but of course, the pricing of milk is relatively higher.

7. Arla
It is also known as Allah by many mothers. It is from Denmark. It has been established for more than 150 years and is one of the largest organic dairy suppliers in the world. In addition to producing its products, it also manufactures for other brands. For example, Abbott’s Eleva organics. From the aspects of milk source, raw materials, and nutrition, Arla Organic is typical organic milk. In addition to the prebiotics combination, there are no additional special enhancement formulas; in the six conventional fortification formulas, one stage lacks taurine and nucleotides, and the second and third stage even has no choline.

Because of the low nutritional score, the 1st stage is ranked lower, but as the raw materials and milk sources in the second and third stages increase, the Arla’s advantage as organic milk gradually shows up. Due to the use of fresh milk production, there is no addition of flavor or maltodextrin, so the overall score is higher than the Abbott Green on the same list. Arla's organic series is also sold in Denmark, and the price is much cheaper. However, the Danish version has only a first or second stage for the time being. If you want it, pay attention to it.


8. Friso
It is a baby milk powder brand owned by Royal Dutch Friesland. Up to now, its company has a history of 146 years. It is one of the old brands in the milk powder industry, although it is a big brand with good sales. It has not been involved in security incidents for many years, so the brand score of Friso is also relatively high. The milk source of the Friso is good, produced by the Dutch fresh milk source. When I wrote the rankings last year, Friso used the method of producing large quantities of milk powder with water to produce milk.

Now that the new version is changed to the production method of fresh milk, the state version has finally been treated with the Dutch version and the Hong Kong version. Therefore, the current Gold Friso milk powder is fresher than the old one, and the nutritional value is more guaranteed.

In addition to raw materials, Mesin has a good score in all other aspects, because Friso has maltodextrin and palm oil added in 1, 2 and 3stage. Maltodextrin has no other nutritional value other than providing calories, and because it is more preferentially digested and absorbed, it may affect the absorption of other more nutritious ingredients. As for palm oil, the baby's stool will be hardened and thus increased. The odds of constipation, and it does not add natural cream to help improve like Royal Mesin below. Therefore, the raw materials of the Friso are not high, especially in the 3rd stage. Due to the addition of flavor and sucrose, the scores are even more deducted. The original Friso rankings are ranked in the first and second paragraphs. In the middle position, the 3 stages fell to the low position.


9. Wyeth SMA Ultima
It is a new product by Wyeth. Compared with the popular Wyeth Starter Classic and Wyeth Gold S26, SMA Ultima is located between the formula and the milk source. SMA Ultima is imported from Switzerland and uses local fresh milk as the milk-based raw material. It is the only product used fresh milk produced by Wyeth in the domestic market.

In terms of nutritional formula, SMA Ultima adds a combination of prebiotics that can prevent and alleviate constipation to a certain extent, as well as lutein and beta carotene, which are helpful for vision development. Most of its milk powder will add lutein and beta carotene, but Wyeth's classic version will replace the SMA Ultima probiotic combination with the better OPO structural fat, while the gold S26 prebiotic combination and OPO are not added. Therefore, SMA Ultima positioning is a product between Illuma and Gold s26.

In terms of raw materials, I can buy 1-3 pieces of SMA Ultima when I am writing the analysis. I don’t specify the specific ingredients of vegetable oil for the time being, but the 4th stage is noted that with palm oil, so I guess there is a great possibility that 1-3 stages containing palm oil.  However, due to the addition of the prebiotic combination, the effect of palm oil on the hardening of the stool can be slightly reduced. It is important to note that after the 2nd stage, the SMA Ultima adds flavor and maltodextrin. 
Maltodextrin is easily absorbed but has low nutritional value. The addition of flavor in the 2nd stage can also be said to be the "perversion" of Wyeth's milk powder. The products after Illuma and S26 have added that flavor. The long-term consumption of the fragrance may cause the baby to have a partial eclipse. These are not recommended for excessive consumption.


10. Illuma
We had already introduced the newly launched A two Illuma of the Wyeth's before and now introduces another product on the list, Wyeth Start Classic (hereinafter referred to as "Illuma").

Illuma is the resident of our rankings. It is a product of the early addition of OPO structural grease in the domestic market. After its launch, the addition of OPO to the formula has also become a trend in the domestic milk powder market. In addition to OPO, Illuma also added two components which are helpful for visual development, such as lutein and beta carotene. The addition of DHA is also quite satisfactory. The DHA content of both 1 and 2 segments is 4mg/100kj or more. It is also relatively high on the milk powder market.

But unfortunately, milk-based raw materials are produced by using raw milk, which has a decrease in freshness and nutrient retention compared to products made by fresh milk. It should be noted that the 2nd stage of Illuma began to add flavor. The 3rd stage added the maltodextrin in addition to the flavor. These are not essential ingredients for simulating breast milk, and there is no special benefit to the health of the baby, so for this Several items have deduction points, and the rankings of the 2nd and 3rd stages are also much lower than the 1st paragraph.

Let's remind some moms. Although Wyeth Illuma is made in Ireland, there are no sales in Ireland, there is no need to find any European purchasing, but this is not to say that it is fake foreign milk powder, it is just a product launched in Asia.


11. Aptamil
Everyone is very familiar with Aptamil. It comes from Germany and is currently a brand owned by Nutricia under DANONE. The same company is also familiar with the Dutch Nutrilon, the British Cow&gate, and other brands, which are the hot products of domestic moms to buy aboard. Due to the long history, high production strength and the excellent control of the brand with such large scales in the safety incident, the products such as Aptamil and Nutrilon which under the Nutricia have higher scores in the aspect of a brand.

After the implementation of the New Deal, the special version of Aptamil replaced the new packaging. The state version Aptamil’s source milk is from Ireland, filling in Germany. The first stage was produced by using fresh milk, but the raw milk was added from the beginning of the second stage and The freshness decreased. The milk source has slightly deducted the score.

In terms of raw materials, in stage 1 I can buy, there is no clear indication of whether it contains palm oil, and the two stages are marked. Palm oil is easy to saponify with calcium, making the stool hard, and often constipated baby needs special attention.

In terms of nutrition, in addition to the prebiotic combination of Nutricia's “standard equipment”, Aptamil did not include other special enhancement formulas. For the 6 basic strengthening formulas, all of the 1st and 2nd stages were added, and the DHA content was above the average level of the market products, but the ARA was cut in the 3rd stage.

In addition to this regular version, Nutricia also sells a Platinum version in China. After the New Deal, the Platinum version was renamed as “Aptaopo”. The main reason is that the natural cream is added to the normal version, and the DHA content is slightly increased compared with the normal version. But of course the price is also higher, and interested moms can find out. Let's take a look at Nutrilon that is highly similar to the Aptamil in terms of the formula.

illuma vs aptamil

12. Nutrilon
It is a very popular brand in the Netherlands. Before the Chinese named it officially as Nutrilon, most mothers called it the Dutch bullpen. After this year's milk powder New Deal, the national version Nutrilon also replace the new packaging.

The place of production and the source of milk are all the Netherlands. This is different from the German version nutrition, but the production method is the same as the 1st stage of fresh milk from cow, and the 2nd stage begins to incorporate raw milk.

In terms of raw materials and formulations, it is the palm oil that also needs attention in the raw materials. The formula is the same as the customary mode of Nutricia's regular milk powder: six basic intensive formula + prebiotic combination, the three segments are the same as cheap Tamil, reducing the addition of ARA.

Although Nutrilon has a strengthening formula that has no so-called high-end formula on the market such as OPO and lactoferrin. However, due to the good performance of its brand in safety incidents for many years, and the fact that there are no messy ingredients in the raw materials, such as maltodextrin, sucrose, flavor, etc., the number of segments of Nutrilon is on the list, and the number of segments is It is less than two hundred prices, and the price is really higher.

Last year, I compared the national version Nutrilon and Aptamil, except for the milk source, the raw material table, and the nutritional formula is almost the same. After the National version, Aptamil and Nutrilon changed the new packaging, I deliberately compared it and found that there are subtle differences between the two, the order of the individual parts of the raw materials has changed, and the amount of some nutrients is slightly different, but the whole Still basically the same.


After reading the difficulty of both of them, I have to say, the milk powder is about the same, why the price difference is so big. For example, 1st stage Nutrilon is priced at 188 yuan, but it is 220 yuan in Aptamil, and it is tens of blocks in the middle. So if you need to buy the state version Aptamil, recommend you to buy Nutrilon, so you don't need to spend more.

Mothers who have seen my "3-step milk selection method" know that the most important thing in choosing milk powder is to look at the milk source, raw materials, nutrition and brand of milk powder, not the reputation. Milk Source, which milk source’s milk is good, I have also said in detail in the article, but it does not mean that the imported milk source can be high scores. If the milk powder source is imported to domestic to produce, the freshness is bound to be reduced. The chance of contamination of milk powder will also increase.

Raw materials mainly depend on whether some raw materials may have adverse effects on the baby. In addition to the flavors, sucrose and palm oil that everyone cares about, ingredients such as maltodextrin, corn syrup, and starch, which are suspected of cutting corners, will also be deducted.

Milk nutrition, on the one hand, depends on whether the basic nutrients content meets the national standard, and secondly depends on how the basic strengthening formula is added, such as DHA, ARA, taurine, nucleotides, prebiotics, and, if added OPO, natural cream. These new generations of formulas have a significant improvement in baby absorption.

The brand is based on the research strength of the brand, the size of the brand, safety events, security incidents and so on.  or the product brand scores of other factories are lower. There are a lot of milk powder scores on the list that are good, but because the second or third paragraph has added various additives, or reduced the addition of enhanced formula, the overall rating is not high.

Finally, this ranking is just a reference for everyone based on the comprehensive quality of each milk powder. When choosing, you should choose the milk powder that suits you according to your baby's specific situation, because the first one does not mean the best. Selling the most expensive does not mean that it is the best, only the right one is the best. If you have any questions during the process of choosing milk powder, welcome to the public to communicate with me.

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