How to make milk pudding with milk powder?

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Baby milk powder can not finish, it is better to make a milk pudding, it is simple and fast, delicious and healthy, adults and babies love to eat, let me tell you the milk pudding recipe.

2 eggs,
Milk 250ML,
White granulated sugar,
Mango, dragon fruit, etc.

Prepare 250ML of milk, you can buy pure milk or other dairy products. On the milk markets, the pricing of milk is not expensive. My baby milk powder can not be used, the baby milk powder used is sweeter, brew it into milk.

Add the suitable amount of white sugar to the milk (be sure to control the taste, add sugar according to your own and the child's acceptance of sweetness), stir until fully melted.


Make the egg liquid. Egg liquid is stir with chopsticks or egg beater. (stir with chopsticks, I stir it for 5 minutes, ensure to have the smooth egg liquid) I always like to use chopsticks to stir.

Filter the egg liquid. The crucial part is that the egg liquid needs to filter out all the foam. If there is a filter at home, you can use the filter. If not, it is ok to gently remove the foam with a spoon. To ensure the smooth and pleasant taste of the pudding and the good selling phase, the foam must be completely filtered out or the taste is not good and you may vomit after eating.

Blend milk and egg liquid. Pour the milk and egg mixture together and gently stir. If there is still foam at this time, filter it off and make sure the milk is good for you.

Steam on the pan. Pour the liquid into the bowl, cover with a layer of plastic wrap, use a toothpick on the cling film to make some small holes, put it in the steamer, steam it for about 10 minutes to get out of the pan.


Add fruit. In the summer, putting the cold pudding into the refrigerator for a little while, when you eat it, it will be cool. If you like to eat fruit, you can cut some mango diced, dragon fruit diced, etc., put it on the pudding, eat together, the taste is even better.

When adding white sugar to pure milk, remember to control the amount of sugar. After you finish the sugar, remember to taste it. The foam in the egg liquid must be filtered and the steamed pudding looks good and delicious. Milk pudding can retain all milk nutrients and taste more delicious.

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