What are the ingredients in baby formula?

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After the baby is born, the whole family is full of joy, and as a new mother, there will be many troubles come with joy, for example, how to feed the baby at the beginning, especially in the case of a mother have insufficient breast milk for babies. The milk powder’s selection also becomes a problem. In the face of the many kinds of brands milk powder and formula in the milk powder, it is so confusing. So, what are the most important points in the baby milk powder list? Let's see.

1. Lutein

It has the function of protecting eyesight and anti-oxidation and can inhibit the formation of harmful free radicals. At the same time protect the body from harm and enhance the body's immune systems.


2. DHA + ARA

The scientifically matched DHA+ARA not only promotes the baby's development but also improves the baby's intelligence and vision.
DHA is an important substance for the development and growth of human brains - highly unsaturated fatty acids. It not only has an important impact on the baby's brain development but also plays an important role in the maturity of the baby's retinal photoreceptor cells. 
ARA is also known as AA and is an essential fatty acid in early childhood. The lack of ARA has serious adverse effects on the development of human tissues and organs, especially the brain and nervous system function development.

egg nutrition
egg nutrition

3. Lactalbumin

α-lactalbumin is a high-quality protein containing numerous essential amino acids and having high nutritional value. Among them, α-lactalbumin is the highest quality protein in α-lactalbumin. α-lactalbumin contains a large amount of tryptophan to help your baby improve his memory and make his baby's mood more stable and sleep sweeter. Feeding experiments show that α-α-lactalbumin is similar to breast milk protein and is more easily digested and absorbed by the baby so that the baby can maintain a good appetite and promote healthy growth. 

China's good milk powder ranking, Synutra Youboruimu is based on high-oil whey powder (there is no whole cream powder, skim cream powder, raw milk and other ingredients containing a high content of casein). Synutra Youboruimu colostrum protein ratio formula is very conducive to the baby's absorption and digestion of protein. To some extent, the probability of protein indigestion is reduced.

In terms of fortified formula, Shengyuan YouboRuimu in China's good milk powder ranking added choline, inositol, taurine, L-carnitine, 5 nucleotides, DHA, ARA, poly fructose, and leaves. Milk nutrients such as flavin and probiotics. Shengyuan Youbo Ruimu which in China's good milk powder ranking also contains natural milk fat, which is not only rich in unsaturated fatty acids, easy to absorb. It can also reduce calcium soap and reduce the chance of constipation.


The healthy growth of a child is not only the responsibility of the parents but also the hope of the family. If Bao Ma can learn more about the formula of a formula for infant formula when choosing milk powder, I believe that you will be able to choose a milk powder that is most suitable for their healthy growth!

Besides, the milk source of Shengyuan Youbo Ruimu which in China's good milk powder ranking is from the largest natural pasture in the Brittany Peninsula in northwestern France, which is known as the “end of the earth”. It is known that all the cow adopts the EU standard stocking method, the air is fresh, and the pasture is flourishing. It is an internationally recognized “golden milk source belt”. China's good milk powder ranking, Shengyuan Yobo Ruimu's dairy production factory has world-class technology and perfect zero manual intervention automatic control system, automated production eliminates the product failure caused by manual factors, production control strictly follows the dual security of China and the EU standard.

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