What should we do if babies only drink breast milk

Although breast milk is the most natural food for your baby, as the baby grew older, the milk nutritional content of breast milk can not meet the needs of baby growth and development. Therefore, the baby can usually stop drinking breast milk at 9 to 12 months. What if the baby does not drink the milk which brews from the milk powder and only eats breast milk? I will teach you some tips.


What should I do if my baby does not drink milk powder and only eats breast milk?

1. Choose the right milk bottle nipple: Although the feeling of the best bottle’s nipple and the feeling of eating breast milk for babies will still be different, you can choose a bottle’s nipple close to the real one. Another way is to cook the nipple more and make it softer. Maybe the baby will accept it.

2. If you want to know the baby does not like the bottle’s nipple or do not like the taste of milk powder: try to squeeze out the breast milk in the bottle to feed the baby, if he accepts, maybe he does not like the taste of milk powder. You can change the milk company which closes to the taste of breast milk. Besides, you can lighten the milk powder a little or cooler or hotter.

3. Add food supplements: 2 months, babies can drink juice, and after 4 months, they can eat complimentary food, rice noodles, egg yolk, liver powder fish powder, fruit puree and gradually can eat the meat porridge, rotten noodles, etc. It is much better for the baby to eat supplement foods because they can not only absorb milk nutrition but also absorb nutrition from other aspects by doing so. However, eating more food supplements will affect the drinking of milk, so please pay attention to it.  

4. Add milk powder in other things: Add milk powder in rice flour and porridge. To protect excessive water temperature from damaging to the milk nutrients in the milk powder, the rice flour should be brewed with hot water first, wait for a little cold and then add milk powder.

5. Stop feeding breast milk: It is said that most of the babies can naturally eat milk powder when stop feeding them breast milk. But this method mothers have to think twice.

6. Eat less food, take more turn: if you eat a little you should eat more turn. Mothers can cultivate the baby's interest in eating milk powder in daily life, and feed the baby when there is a chance. Even if the baby does not eat it. Before the baby eats rice noodles, you can also feed the milk powder for babies first. Let the baby slowly eliminate the rejection of the milk powder.

7. Other methods: feeding the baby when he is sleeping, or when he's eating breast milk than suddenly changed it into a milk bottle. You can quickly exchange it back when the baby recognized it. This method was suitable for most babies. It is said to be more delicious brew the milk powder with rice soup, and the baby may love it. Calcium and zinc supplementation zinc, the baby will also have anorexia when it lacks trace elements. Distract your baby's attention.


The reason why the baby does not drink milk powder’s milk.

1. The breast milk-drinking-baby does not like the bottle’s nipple. This is the most common cause, and most breastfeeding babies will encounter this problem. While we are feeding the baby satisfactorily, it is often not expected that it is so difficult for him to accept the bottle’s nipple.

2. Do not like the taste of dairy products. Although the baby is small, he also has his ideas and has his taste. He may not like the taste of this milk powder.

3. Aversion to the milk period. By about 4 months, the baby has been maturing. On the one hand, he may have added complementary foods, prefer new flavors of food that have added complementary foods, and temporarily lost interest in milk powder. When the baby reaches 4-6 months, the lactase in the body begins to decrease, the taste of the tongue begins to change, and the appetite begins to change. On the other hand, his auditory vision has made breakthroughs, making him more interested in the outside world. He often goes to the "nosy" when something happened, and his mind is not on the milk.

4. The feeding method is wrong. Because the angle of the bottle is not right so that it pressing on the tongue, so that the baby can not drink milk, it is best to put the bottle into the baby's mouth at a 45-degree angle.

5. Have an oral disease or other problems. Occasionally, when the baby does not eat milk powder for a long time or crying, lack of energy, etc., may have physical problems.