How to brew milk powder in a perfect way?

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It is a science of learning to brew milk powder for babies. Many new parents will make the same mistakes, but they don't care. It is very important to master the correct method of brewing milk powder. Here is how to brew milk powder into milk to babies is the best!

milk powder
milk powder

1. False of use of mineral water
Some mothers think that mineral water is full of minerals. In fact, the more minerals are absorbed not better the baby. For babies whose stomach function digestive system is not perfect, long-term consumption of milk powder brew with mineral water can cause dyspepsia functional and constipation symptoms in the baby.

2. False of water is hotter and better
Water can be sterilized. This is known to many people. Some mothers feel that using high-temperature water to brew milk powder can kill bacteria in the bottle. In fact, this is not advocated, because the high water temperature will cause the milk’s protein to clot, thus affecting the child's digestion and absorption. In addition, some heat-labile vitamins are also destroyed, especially the immune active substances added to some milk powder. In this way, the milk powder loses its original milk nutrients.

How to brew milk powder in a perfect way?
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3. False of milk powder boiled and re-food
The remaining milk is boiled and re-salted, thus eliminating the time to re-brew the milk, but the research shows that if dairy products that have been prepared are boiled again, the structure of nutrients such as protein and vitamins will occur.

4. False of more nutritious higher
" Less is more" This sentence is used in the milk powder, that is to say, milk powder is too thick or too thin both are not good. The milk powder contains sodium ions and other milk nutritional facts that need to be diluted with warm water. If the milk powder concentration is too high, the baby's vessel wall pressure will increase after drinking. Originally, the baby's capillary tube has been very weak, and then toss it up, it is easy to cause the baby's brain’s capillary tube rupture, resulting in bleeding, intelligence will also be affected.

5. False of first add milk powder and then add water
Add water first or add milk powder first? There is a difference between the two. A certain amount of water should be placed in the bottle, and then the corresponding proportion of milk powder should be added to make the concentration suitable.

How to brew milk powder in a perfect way?

6. False of  exchange brands frequently 
Some mothers heard that some kind of milk powder is good, they quickly bought back from milk markets to the baby to try, after eating new milk powder, the baby is a little uncomfortable or vomit after drinking, and the mother immediately changed back to the original milk powder. In fact, it is far from convenient to change the milk powder for your baby. “Trans the milk” is a relatively complicated process so that your child’s stomach should be re-adapted. You can't add other new complementary foods in those days, you can't get sick and get vaccinated.

Some tips:
After soaking up the milk powder, many mothers will shake the bottle up and down or directly with chopsticks blend. This is the wrong way, which will cause a lot of bubbles in the milk powder, and the baby will continue to snoring after drinking. The correct way is to rely on the strength of the wrist, hold the upper part of the bottle, shake the bottom of the bottle in the same direction, and rotate it on the horizontal surface.

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